Microsoft Announces a New Cambridge Team Working on HoloLens Computer Vision Technology

Microsoft Announces a New Cambridge Team Working on HoloLens Computer Vision Technology

The tech giant Microsoft recently announced an exciting new venture in one of their recent blog posts. In this post, the Microsoft team said that they have formed a special team of researchers in Cambridge, UK, to work specifically on HoloLens computer vision technology.

This blog post was also attached to news that Microsoft will be one of the major sponsors of the 14th European Conference on Computer Vision. This year the conference is set to take place in the capital city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Some of the other big name sponsors for this event include Amazon, Baidu, Ebay, Amazon, and Google.
Microsoft said that this team of researchers is tasked with analyzing different challenges facing HoloLens technology from an engineering perspective. Executives at Microsoft hope that this Cambridge team will figure out how to resolve the problems with field of vision technology for the HoloLens.

The HoloLens technology of the future will hopefully be able to better perceive surfaces and objects. This will mainly be done through advancements in the HoloLens' depth sensors and camera. All of these new innovations will hopefully help people testing and using this technology has a more accurate interaction with the objects around them.

Although there are only 8 full-time members on the Cambridge team now, Microsoft is looking for highly qualified applicants to join them. Microsoft said that they would only hire people who demonstrate a great command of mathematics, research skills, and engineering. The current leader of this Cambridge division is Jamie Shotton. Shotton, who officially joined Microsoft in 2008, has extensive experience working in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning. Shotton received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University specializing in computer vision and learning.

Microsoft executives probably released this information early to get reporters and attendees of the European Conference on Computer Vision ready to ask questions about the latest developments in HoloLens technology. Microsoft had over one dozen talks scheduled for the event. The two main talks to be given by Zhengyou Zhang and Changhu Wang, both of which will concern computer vision and visual analysis.

The 14th European Conference on Computer Vision hosted workshops from October 8-10 and October 15-16. The main conference events took place from October 11-14.

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