UK Residents Are Getting Free Treats with Eye Care Lesson

UK Residents Are Getting Free Treats with Eye Care Lesson

Residents in the British towns of Sudbury and Haverhill have been getting spoiled lately. Many opticians in these towns were handing out free smoothies, juices, and fresh greens to many people passing by. What's the catch? All the folks that stopped for a treat just had to listen to a bit of research on how a healthy diet correlates to healthy eyes.

It was estimated that over 200 people in these towns enjoyed the various healthy snacks opticians handed out. Some of these treats included jelly cups, fruity smoothies, and bags of deep green veggies.

This fun giveaway was a part of National Eye Health Week (NEHW). This particular celebration was organized by the Wardale Williams: The Opticians, which has offices in Haverhill, Sudbury, Ipswich, and Halstead. The main goal of this weeklong event is to spread great information on eye health to the British public.

Workers who participated in these giveaways at Sudbury and Haverhill said they received nothing but compliments from the residents that stopped for a treat. Many people were actually surprised by some of the facts and information pamphlets opticians shared with them.

Opticians really wanted people to understand that certain foods can actually reduce the risk of developing age related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is still the number one reason citizens of the UK experience vision problems. Opticians hope that the general public can use this knowledge to prevent the negative effects of AMD. Opticians want all of the UK to know of the great eye care benefits of incorporating fruits and vegetables into their diets.

Research has shown that very leafy greens and many different fruits have chemicals that can strengthen the cells in the eyes. These chemicals include lutein and zeaxanthin. Also, fruits and vegetables with high anti-oxidants are extremely good at preventing the deterioration of cells in the eyes.

Both Sudbury and Haverhill are small market towns in the historic eastern county of Suffolk, England. The opticians here believe that their event was a great success and hope to plan more fun and positive eye health campaigns in the future.

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