Eyra Is Developing A Computer Vision Device Called "Horus"

 Eyra Is Developing A Computer Vision Device Called "Horus"

A new device called the Horus is helping many visually impaired people walk across even the busiest streets with ease. This device can be worn around a person's head, and it has the uncanny ability to instantly recognize signs, objects, and even other people's faces. It recognizes all these phenomena using two stereo cameras. Users simply strap the device around the back of their head, plug in the comfortable earphones, and let the camera do the seeing for them.

This device is the first major product the Swiss startup company Eyra has actively publicized. Eyra has recently released an informational video online to increase brand awareness and explain how the Horus works.

For those interested in the technology of this device, Eyra developers told reporters that they are using an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor that is connected to a battery and the two cameras by a 1m cable. The sensors are designed to analyze and describe any image that comes into contact with these cameras.

Even if a user of Horus is in a loud area, they can still hear information clearly through this device's headphones. That's because developers used bone conduction audio technology to give a person pristine audio descriptions and feedback.

If you have heard of this technology before, you are probably aware of the BAE Systems technology that was used both by the military and in the Ben Ainslie Racing America's Cup team. The Horus, however, is the first product to take these technological ideas and make a product for the general public.

Users of the Horus will be able to use both a pocket unit and buttons on the headset to activate different functions. All of these buttons are designed with user interface in mind, and they are all very easy to figure out after a few practice sessions.

Horus users can easily ask the device at any moment what it sees with its sensor cameras. The device will automatically respond and let the user know about different people, signs, and/or objects within the vicinity.

Eyra's CEO, Saverio Murgia, told reporters that his team gets so excited to see how much their device helps people with visual difficulties. He said one of the greatest moments of his life was seeing the faces of people using the Horus for the first time. He hopes to make this device available for those with visual handicaps all around the world.

Also, in case you were wondering, Horus is actually the name of one of the most significant ancient Egyptian gods. The reason why Eyra chose this name was because Horus was said to have lost his left eye in a fight against the god of violence Set. After this fight, the moon god Khonsu eventually restored Horus's eye. The "Eye of Horus" thus became a powerful symbol in ancient Egypt for good health, healing, and power.

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