Dorset Will Become First U.K. Police Department To Use 24-Hour Drone Unit

Dorset Will Become First U.K. Police Department To Use 24-Hour Drone Unit

Law enforcement in the southern British county of Dorset will start using a 24-hour drone unit this summer. These drones will mainly be used to help police officers find missing people, follow suspects on the run, and help solve murder cases. The launch of this drone unit will be a first for any U.K. police department.

The drones used in Dorset will be shared with the nearby Cornwall police. Just a few months ago, both police departments put out job applications for a drone manager to take control of this new and exciting unit.

The news of this drone launch shouldn't be a surprise for those who've been following the recent news in Dorset. Last November, Dorset police made headlines when it started testing drones at its headquarters. All in all, the police members tested four different devices, all of which had HD cameras.

Steve Barry, who works as Dorset's Assistant Chief Constable, told reporters he was thrilled by the addition of drones to his police unit. He went on to say that the Dorset police department is "committed to embracing new technologies to deliver high-quality, cost-effective services and protection to the public." Since drones are far less expensive than helicopter surveillance, Mr. Barry believes using this new technology will save the department a ton of money in the years to come.

Assistant Chief Constable Barry also said drones were only one of many technologies he hopes to embrace in the coming years. He believes the combination of traditional policing methods with high-tech tools could really help his unit better serve and protect the people of Dorset. Dorset police hope to officially launch their 24-hour drone unit in June or July of this year.

Dorset is a relatively small county on the southern coast of England. Officially a part of West County, Dorset has many landscapes to explore and is still quite rural. Latest reports show the population of Dorset is around 765,000.

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