Santa Barbara Golf Club Hosts Charity Event For Blindness Research

Santa Barbara Golf Club Hosts Charity Event For Blindness Research

Golfers recently met at the Santa Barbara Golf Club for a golfing charity event to help the California Project to Cure Blindness. California's Eye and Vision Care hosted this event on Saturday, May 20th.

Charity organizers said that around 100 golfers showed up to support this event. A few of the participants actually suffered from severe visual impairments or blindness.
At one point in the round of golf, everyone had to wear a blindfold to get a feel for what it's like to live with blindness. The event reminded people who have good eyesight just how important clear eyesight is and how blindness can dramatically alter how we live our lives.

The California Project to Cure Blindness said it will use the money raised here to fund research into cures for serious eye diseases. All of this research will be done at UC Santa Barbara. Many of these new studies will involve the use of stem cells on diseases like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

All golf enthusiasts know just how important clear eyesight is to their sport. Indeed, many golfers over the years have opted for LASIK eye surgery to help improve their game. As many people already know, pro golfer Tiger Woods had LASIK eye surgery when he was very young.

Santa Barbara Golf Club's annual charity for blindness research started six years ago. Back then, only 24 people signed up to take part in a hole of golf. This year, well over 130 golfers tried to get into this event. Organizers only had room for a lucky 100 players this year.

There's no word yet on whether or not the Santa Barbara Golf Club will be able to take in more golfers next year. However, it's a safe bet that this club will host a charity event for blindness in 2018.

All the people in attendance at this event say they had a great time raising funds for revolutionary blindness research. The Santa Barbara Golf Club hopes they can raise awareness for blindness issues in the local community and inspire other golf clubs to host charity events in the near future.

The Santa Barbara Golf Club is located by the Santa Ynez Mountains and offers guests an 18-hole, 6,037-yard course to explore. Founded in 1958, the Santa Barbara Golf Club offers numerous events, instruction courses, and special outings every year for golfers in the area.

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