Snapchat Spectacles Come to the UK

Snapchat Spectacles Come to the UK

Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, is finally bringing Spectacles to the UK.

The Spectacles will retail for £129.99 and will be showing up for sale in Snapbots. Snapbots are special vending machines which Snap will be putting up in unannounced locations all over the UK and Europe. Snapbots will be announced on the Snapbot page, and the Spectacles will also become available on the Spectacles website, spectacles.com.

Initially, many people will wonder if they are being secretly recorded, however the spectacles have a recording LED on them, making anyone who is being snapped aware that they are on camera. Aside from the potential privacy invasions, others have expressed safety concerns such as distracted drivers causing car accidents.

However, so far, the Spectacles, which debuted in the US 7 months ago, have had overall positive reviews. They have even been used to livestream a medical procedure when UK teaching surgeon Dr. Shafi performed a hernia repair while wearing Spectacles.

Anyone wishing to see the procedure may watch on YouTube here. Professional divers have also been using Spectacles underwater for Royal Carribean.

The announcement comes after rumors of a new, second version of the Spectacles. Many people think that the new version of Spectacles may include augmented reality (AR), as Snap is already working on this for contact lenses, and Snap also recently obtained a patent for adding AR to Spectacles.

Snap Inc is headquartered in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

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