UK's Grafton Optical Releases First Pulsed Light Technology For Dry Eye Patients

UK's Grafton Optical Releases First Pulsed Light Technology For Dry Eye Patients

The British company Grafton Optical is ramping up promotion efforts for its revolutionary E-Eye device. The E-Eye machine was specifically designed to help people suffering dry eye symptoms due to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

The French company ESW Vision is responsible for both designing and manufacturing the E-Eye device. Grafton Optical employees say that E-Eye will be the first medical device released in the UK that uses intense regulated pulsed light (IRPL) technology.

All E-Eye machines use IRPL technology to help the meibomian glands increase the quantity and quality of their natural secretions. The pulsed lights encourage each eye's parasympathetic nerves, which help the meibomian glands increase tear and lipid flow.

The meibomian glands, sometimes called the tarsal glands, are located on the rim of the eyelids. Healthy meibomian glands will produce a steady stream of meibum, a somewhat sticky substance that helps reduce the rate of evaporation in the eyes' tear films.

Most people experiencing dry eye symptoms today have some form of MGD. Doctors believe MGD accounts for well over 50 percent of patients who have dry eye syndrome.

There have already been thousands of success stories reported from people who have used the E-Eye device. Brian Bowles, Grafton Optical's managing director, said that there's already an intense interest in the UK for this product. In addition to helping patients, Bowles believes that the E-Eye machine can really help smaller eye care practices in the UK earn extra income.

Executives at Grafton Optical recently gave a public demonstration of the E-Eye device at the BCLA 40th Clinical Conference and Exhibition. This conference took place between May 31st and June 2nd of 2017 in the Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool.

Dry eye syndrome is becoming more and more common nowadays thanks to an increased use of computer screens. Common symptoms include eye blurriness, eye strain, and itchy eyes. About 3 million Americans are diagnosed with dry eye syndrome each year.

Besides using the E-Eye device, there are plenty of other ways to cope with the symptoms of dry eyes. A few common treatment methods include using artificial tears, taking omega-3 supplements, and increasing exposure to natural sunlight. Doctors also recommend looking 20 feet away from any electronic screen every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds.

Grafton Optical Company. is headquartered in Berkhamsted, England. ESW Vision, on the other hand, is headquartered in the commune of Houdan, France.

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