Tech Experts Discussed Potentials Of Graphene Technology At 2017 New Statesman Emerging Technology Conference

Tech Experts Discussed Potentials Of Graphene Technology At 2017 New Statesman Emerging Technology Conference

One major topic of discussion at this year's New Statesman Emerging Technology Conference was the potential uses for graphene in the future of healthcare. Many scientists believe innovations in this field could help doctors scan for cancerous tumors with greater accuracy.

Alan Dalton, who teaches experimental physics at the University of Sussex, supported the idea of using graphene technology to make more affordable motion sensors. Not only is graphene a less expensive material to use than what engineers currently use to design motion sensors, Dr. Dalton says graphene devices are safer because they are non-invasive.

Neill Ricketts, the chief executive of 2-D Tech Graphene, said his company was already working on producing portable sensors made of graphene. He went on to say that he believes graphene sensors will become more common as the healthcare industry becomes more reliant on Big Data.

One area of graphene technology Mr. Ricketts is especially interested in has to do with targeting cancer cells. He said scientists are already working on ways to use graphene flakes to spot tumors in the body with incredible precision.

Although a great deal of research still needs to be done, graphene technology is already becoming a major new field of scientific inquiry. Researchers believe graphene monitors will help doctors immensely in the near future.

The New Statesman Emerging Technology Conference gathers engineering and IT leaders to discuss and debate a wide range of issues in the tech sector each year. A few of the key presenters at this year's event included James Clark (head of tech and lifesciences at Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange), Dr. Phil Webb (professor of intelligent automation at Cranfield University), and Dr. Gil McVean (professor of statistical genetics at the University of Oxford).

The title of this year's conference was "Advanced Manufacturing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution." In addition to graphene technology, attendees heard lectures on the latest advances in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and 3D printing.

The 2017 New Statesman Emerging Technology Conference was held at London's Institute of Engineering and Technology on November 20th. A few key sponsors of this event included the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Aicura Solutions, and The University of Warwick.

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