It's your wedding day, but what will you choose glasses, contacts, or no vision?

 It's your wedding day, but what will you choose glasses, contacts, or no vision?

So you’re about to walk the aisle and get married – congratulations!

You have lots of decisions to make, some big some small.

You have to pick a location, find a willing cleric, buy some fairly expensive one-off clothes, arrange for a reception, pay for an expensive cake, not to mention all the small things like invitations and so on.

The list of items and responsibilities is endless. For people with vision problems, there is one more thing to consider: what to do about that.

You have basically three choices: glasses, contacts, or no vision correction at all.

For nervous or tense people that last option might be a reasonable choice. John Lennon was famously near-sighted. He was also nervous on stage.

For Lennon, eschewing spectacles made performances easier.

Most people though would prefer to witness their own wedding and to see their loved ones ruin their mascara and so forth.

So that leaves you two options, contacts or glasses, and two basic factors: showing off your eyes vs. practicality.
Glasses are an easy solution: put them on and go. You’re done!

However they’re not the ideal fashion solution for your nuptials. Worse, if your wedding is in the spring or summer and the church/mosque/temple/synagogue is air conditioned (or if you marry in winter and come in from the cold to a warm sanctuary), your lenses are going to fog up, which could make seeing your beloved tricky.

It’s a big day and you may wish to show off your peepers. Contacts are wonderful things. For one, there’s nothing extraneous on your face. For another, you can’t fog up. And your vision will be more natural than it is with glasses, which sit on your nose, as opposed to contacts, which, well, contact your eyes.

You could even get lenses which match some color elements of your wedding (dresses, flowers and so on).

They’re not perfect either though and there are some things you should consider.
They can irritate your eyes. No one wants that on one of the most important days of your life.

They could get irritated by makeup which would also take some shine off of a wedding.

And even if you controlled all of those elements perfectly, there is one other concern that we see at most weddings and that’s tears.

The famous stiff British upper lip gets us through many things, but your own wedding? As the Americans say, fuggedaboutit.
You will cry because it will be one of the most emotional days of your life and that’s fine.

Your contacts, however, may disagree: the protein in your tears can make your vision hazy. And the bonus prize is that you could actually wipe a lens out whilst dabbing your tears.
Nothing says special day like everyone on their knees looking for a missing lens.

Maybe Lennon had it right. You could always save the contacts for the reception.

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