Healthy foods "could also protect eyesight"

Healthy foods "could also protect eyesight"

New research published in Reader"s Digest has revealed which foods can help keep eyes healthy.

Wearing contact lenses is one way to avoid straining one"s eyes, but there are also dietary choices people can make to avoid poor eye health,

For example, the high levels of vitamin A in carrots, kale and collard greens make them a good guardian against glaucoma, a UCLA report found.

Vegetables and fruit that are rich in vitamin C were also found by an Australian study to be useful in preventing cataracts.

Meanwhile, macular degeneration can be combated by ingesting complex carbohydrates, such as those found in oatmeal, high-fibre cereals and wholegrain bread.

To make sure taking on board these eye-friendly nutrients is as delicious an experience as possible, eyecareamerica.org is offering a host of recipes for deserts packed with goodness.

All of the recipes, which can be downloaded from the site, were provided by celebrity chefs.

by Emily Tait

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