Trials begin for electronic focusing spectacles

Trials begin for electronic focusing spectacles

Trials for spectacles which can change their focus have begun with wearers, the company involved has announced.

Virginia-based PixelOptics said in a statement that controlled trials are now underway for its atLast! Enhanced Multifocal, a static composite lens which was launched in October.

Chief technology officer Bill Kokonaski said the firm wants to bring the changeable focus lenses to both ophthalmic and consumer markets.

"When commercially launched, I believe it will be virtually impossible to distinguish Pixel"s electronic eyewear from that of other conventional fashion eyeglasses based on style, thinness, transparency and weight," he said.

President and chief executive Ronald D Blum explained how the lenses do not require moving parts and focus using chemistry, optics and electricity.

Established in 2005, PixelOptics claims to be the first composite lens firm in the world.

It aims to bring about significant developments in lens design and technology and has registered more than 200 patents and applications for patents throughout the globe.

by Martin Burns

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