Signature Eyewear marks fourth year of profit

Signature Eyewear marks fourth year of profit

Figures released by an eyewear company for 2008 have shown that it had a fourth consecutive year of profit.

Signature Eyewear"s income before taxes was recorded at $630,000 (£431,000) in the fiscal year of 2008, while net income for the year saw a rise.

The firm put this down to greater sales of products in the higher margin to independent sellers.

Signature"s chief executive officer, Michael Prince, said the company was "very pleased" with its results, especially with the economic slowdown taken into consideration.

He also drew attention to the new Michael Stars Eyewear range and the addition of the Caligraphy line to the firm"s offerings.

Signature announced in September that a three-year licence deal had been signed for the launch of the Michael Stars line.

Michael Cohen, founder of Michael Stars, said that beachwear was an inspiration for his T-shirt company and introducing sunglasses "makes sense".

He called it a "great pleasure" to take on the deal with Signature.

by Adrian Galbreth

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