Sales increase for contact lens firm

Sales increase for contact lens firm

Sales rose during the financial year"s second quarter for a Florida-based contact lens firm, it has been reported.

Unilens Vision released data which showed an improvement in net sales in the financial year quarter that ended on December 31st 2008.

In this period, they saw a 1.2 per cent rise to reach $1,530,242 (£1,080,005) compared to $1,512,361 in the previous quarter.

This was not including income from royalties.

However, there was also a three per cent rise in royalty income compared to the previous quarter.

Unilens Vision chief executive officer Michael J Pecora said that the company was "very pleased" with its performance, given the current economic instability.

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilens Corp and was set up in 1989.

It is headquartered in Largo, Florida, and manufactures and distributes contact lens products that include toric multifocal and soft moulded multifocal lenses.

Gas permeable multifocal contact lenses are another one of its products.

by Martin Burns

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