Mystery of sunglass lens colours solved

Mystery of sunglass lens colours solved

The reasons for there being varying colours of lenses for sunglasses has been explained.

SmartBuyGlasses said that the colour of lenses worn to protect eyes against the sun could have a significant effect for athletes or people in the military.

It explained that sports players favour yellow or orange lenses because these colours allow better depth perception as well as reducing the glare of the sun.

Green and red are used by people serving in the armed forces because they improve vision at dusk and dawn.

This is because they can increase contrast even when light is dim.

However, blue and black lenses, though they may look stylish, cannot help an athlete to see better.

SmartBuyGlasses explained that the lens quality, not the darkness of its tint, is what gives eye protection.

A range of sunglasses in New Zealand was launched with a range of photographs in which the models wore vampire fangs.

The idea behind Karen Walker"s new line, reported the Press, was that even those who hate the sun would enjoy wearing the shades.

by Alexa Kaczka

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