How to get Beth Ditto"s eyes

How to get Beth Ditto"s eyes

Women have been told by a newspaper how to apply eye makeup to look the way Beth Ditto did at Paris Fashion Week.

Sarah Vine explained in the Times how to recreate the appearance sported by the Gossip singer, who also appeared in a tight, dark coloured Herve Leger bandage dress.

Ms Vine suggested a combination of bright, neon eyeshadow with heavy liquid liner.

Her recommendations were Urban Decay"s Deluxe Eyeshadow in the shade known as Peace, which she observed had "very rock "n" roll" packaging.

Exaggerate Eye Liner was also suggested by the writer.

As an additional beauty aid, Ms Vine advised readers to try using a moisturiser with a subtle shimmer if they are going to show as much skin as Miss Ditto.

Meanwhile, the Glasgow Daily Record reported that London Fashion Week had seen a trend for eyes in bright colours such as pink, while in New York the make-up colours were for natural, orange and bronze hues.

by Martin Burns

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