Get a retro eye make-up look

Get a retro eye make-up look

Advice has been given for women who want to recreate the 1960s look with their eye make-up.

FemaleFirst "s Jessica Watson reported that this style is back in fashion and explained how to go about achieving it.

First, eyeshadow in a bronze hue should be applied over the eye"s outer edge to the socket, with a fun shade filled in everywhere else.

In addition, eyelashes should be covered with mascara as they need to be long and curled for the look, with dramatic eyeliner on the outside of the top lash line and the inside of the lower, along with a flick.

Ms Watson also recommended Sexy Curves mascara by Rimmel, which she said has a particularly well-shaped wand.

Recently, the Daily Mail suggested using cream or bone-coloured eyeshadow to keep up with spring trends, along with dark grey hues over the eyelids.

It suggested using soft, dark eyeliner, smudging it at the corners and applying it between lashes.

by Emily Tait

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