Eyesight treatment comes to GP clinic

Eyesight treatment comes to GP clinic

BY Adrian Galbreth

People in Hampshire suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can now visit a local GP clinic rather than go to hospitals.

Injections and regular appointments can now be carried out at the Blackthorn Health Centre, thisishampshire.net reports.

One couple, Joan and Lawrence O"Brien, told the publication how important they think the new service is for people who would otherwise have to travel long distances to receive their treatment at Southampton General Hospital.

The treatment at the centre is provided by Southampton Eye Unit and the intention is for more GP clinics to offer it soon.

Recently, American publication USA Today gave advice on how to combat AMD.

People were advised to eat lots of fish and vegetables and make sure they have their eyes checked regularly.

In addition, they were urged not to smoke.

Writer Kim Painter also reported that almost two million Americans suffer from the condition, citing figures from a 2004 study in the Archives of Opthalmology.

by Emily Tait

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