Mount Everest climbers have laser surgery

Mount Everest climbers have laser surgery

By Alexa Kaczka

Half of an all-woman team from Singapore have prepared for an expedition of Mount Everest by having laser eye surgery.

The team is six-strong and is Singapore"s first all-female group to take on the mountain, the Straits Times reports.

Three of them had laser surgery in preparation two years ago when initially planning to go, although at the time a lack of money caused the plans to be postponed.

One of the women, 26-year-old Esther Tan, told the paper: "My eyes couldn"t get used to wearing day and night contact lenses."

Now, with 25 sponsors including several major companies, the women are ready for their climb.

Earlier this month, Korean publication the Korea Times made an eye health warning as spring approached.

It explained that the country experiences dry and dusty springs and called on readers to keep their contact lenses scrupulously clean, or wear daily disposable lenses, in order to protect against irritation.

by Emily Tait

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