Advice given on preparing for laser surgery

Advice given on preparing for laser surgery

A laser eye surgery clinic in the US has informed patients how they should get ready to undergo the procedure.

In a statement, LASIK Eye Centre of Silicon Valley warned contact lens wearers not to insert them for several weeks beforehand, in order to allow the cornea to go back to its ordinary shape.

People with hard contact lenses should stop wearing them four weeks previously, while soft lens users can wear them up to a fortnight before.

Women should not wear eye make-up for a week before the treatment, while people should not wear perfume or hairspray on the day itself.

All patients must make sure they have someone to take them to and from the clinic.

Closer to home, a new surgery for eye treatments has opened in Cambridge, reports the Cambridge News.

Although most patients at the Cambridge Eye Unit have treatment for cataracts, there is also surgery for glaucoma and watery eyes as well as plastic surgery and treatment for children.

by Martin Burns

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