B+L unveils latest contact lenses

By Martin BurnsThe latest contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb (B+L) have been revealed, which the organisation claims will help to benefit people who suffer from keratoconus.According to B+L, the Kerasoft IC silicone hydrogel contact lenses can treat patients with keratoconus and other irregular... Read more

Stem cell discovery "could alter vision treatment"

By Adrian GalbrethA new discovery by experts in the US could change the way in which people with vision problems are treated, it has been claimed. Sally Temple of the Neural Stem Cell Institute in Rensselaer, New York, led a study which suggests patients in need of perfectly matched neural stem... Read more

Driver eyesight campaigner honoured

By Alexa Kaczka An MP who has fought for stricter regulations to be imposed in the motoring sector to ensure drivers have adequate eyesight has been honoured. Sheffield Heeley MP Meg Munn was awarded Brake and Direct Line's Road Safety Parliamentarian of the Month Award for her campaign to... Read more

Contact lens technology "always improving"

By Martin BurnsNew technological advances are constantly being made in the field of contact lenses to ensure wearers benefit form the greatest possible comfort and vision correction, one expert has pointed out.Dr Susan Blakeney, optometric advisor at The College of Optometrists, said new contact... Read more

Laser eye surgery "should not be taken lightly"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople considering undergoing laser eye surgery have been advised not to take the procedure lightly, as it is a major operation that can have life-changing benefits but also carries risks.Saundra Winer, writing for EQuick News, said that there are many things that people thinking of... Read more

Sunlight "may trigger glaucoma"

By Adrian GalbrethThe chances of developing a vision-threatening disease that can lead to glaucoma and cataracts are affected by environmental factors, a new study has found. According to experts at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear's Glaucoma Center of Excellence, the risk of developing... Read more

New Microsoft contact lenses "could monitor blood sugar"

By Adrian GalbrethPeople may soon be able to monitor their blood sugar levels through super smart contact lenses, if new developments from Microsoft are anything to go by. Experts at the software giant, in collaboration with specialist from the University of Washington, are reportedly putting the... Read more

Eyecare "an important consideration" for skiers

By Alexa KaczkaPeople heading to the slopes in the coming weeks have been offered some tips to help ensure they come back in one piece, with good vision care one of the most important considerations. Dr A Herbert Alexander, from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), told US News that... Read more

Metallic colours "the key eye makeup trend" in 2012

By Emily Tait 2012 is going to be "a year of variety" as far as eye makeup is concerned, with metallic colours leading the way, one beauty expert has highlighted. Zara Stone Rabinowicz, freelance beauty editor of Kissandmakeup.tv, said there will be a "wide colour spectrum"... Read more

Put contact lenses in "before makeup"

By Emily TaitWomen who are new to wearing contact lenses have been advised how to wear them safely in conjunction with makeup. Dr Susan Blakeney, optometric advisor at the College of Optometrists, said that just because the party season is over it does not mean that people will stop going out and... Read more

Lasik "better than Lasek for recovery"

By Adrian GalbrethPeople who have made up their mind to undergo laser eye surgery but are unsure of which type of procedure to have may find that Lasik allows for quicker recovery than Lasek, one organisation has noted. While Lasik is a riskier operation that involves cutting flap in the eye to... Read more

Contact lens wearers should carefully consider make-up routine

By Adrian GalbrethWomen who wear contact lenses should take safety into account when deciding on a make-up application process.Depending on the type of contact lenses, they should be inserted at different stages in the make-up process.Soft contact lenses should be put in before applying the make-up,... Read more

Use oil-free moisturisers if you wear contact lenses, experts advise

By Martin BurnsWhen out shopping for make-up, contact lens wearers should look for specific products such as oil-free moisturisers, to avoid affecting their eyewear.Opt for oil free moisturisers, advises the American Optometric Association, and never have such products on your hands when handling... Read more

Contact lenses cleaning regimens "should be thorough"

By Martin BurnsAlthough many people nowadays use disposable contact lenses, a significant proportion of wearers prefer reusable contacts, which need to be cleaned and stored properly overnight. One of the main reasons for having reusable contacts is that people need to order new ones less... Read more

Dazzle in coloured contact lenses on New Year"s Eve

By Adrian GalbrethPeople wanting to dazzle friends and family at New Year's Eve celebrations should give coloured contact lenses a try, one fashion writer has recommended.Writing on One India, the expert explains that donning intensely coloured contact lenses will "turn heads" on New... Read more

New breakthrough "could lead to retinal cancer treatment"

By Martin BurnsResearchers believe they have made a discovery that could lead to treatment for cancer of the retina.Scientists at St Jude Children's Research hospital used their novel ability to detect retinal anomalies at cellular level with an algorithm which allows researchers to analyse... Read more

Make 2012 the year you clean up your contact lens habits

By Alexa KaczkaWhen it comes to New Year's resolutions, most people vow to eat healthier or hit the gym.However, one expert notes that many people should also pay attention to their eyes when looking ahead to 2012.Dr John Henhan, optometrist at Spectrum Eyecare, writes on the Citizen's... Read more

Older people prone to "floaters" in their eyes

By Alexa KaczkaAs people age, their vision tends to deteriorate, and one expert has said that they could experience "floaters" in their eyes.Writing on the Daily Mail website, Dr Martin Scurr explained that older adults may see shapes floating in front of their eyes - but people with this... Read more

Clean contact lenses and cases regularly, experts advise

By Adrian GalbrethThe American Optometric Association has offered advice for contact lens wearers which aims to help people with vision problems utilise the eyewear with no complications.It is important to regularly clean contact lenses, the organisation states, as well as to wash and dry hands... Read more

Eye-threatening disease "present in plumbing drains"

By Adrian GalbrethA new report examining the prevalence of the fungus Fusarium in bathroom sink drains suggests that plumbing systems may be a common source of eye human infections. Researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences sampled nearly 500 sink drains from 131 buildings... Read more