Cold and wet weather "no problem" for contact lens wearers

By Alexa KaczkaPeople will not suffer from any ill effects by going outside in contact lenses, even if the weather is bad, one expert has pointed out. David Parkins, a spokesman from the College of Optometrists, said cold or wet weather should not cause any problems for contact lens wearers, noting... Read more

Half doses of antibiotics "can treat blindness"

By Alexa KaczkaAs the fight against blindness around the world continues, a breakthrough has been made by experts in the US, which could halve the cost of treating eye problems. According to research carried out by experts at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), a popular treatment... Read more

Experts track growth of cone cells in human eyes

By Adrian Galbreth Vision scientists have come up with a novel way to measure changes in the human eye, which could lead to better ways of treating disease or making products to enhance vision correction. Specialists at Indiana University in Bloomington claim they can make the measurements in a... Read more

Tumour surgery helps woman to regain eyesight

By Alexa KaczkaA woman from California who was slowly losing her sight due to a tumour on her brain has successfully undergone an operation to remove the growth and help restore her vision. Linda Horton-Lyons told the Paradise Post that she underwent the operation two weeks ago after the condition... Read more

Health authority rejects sight-saving drug

By Alexa KaczkaA health authority has turned down the opportunity to provide a drug that could possibly save the sight of patients, in a move that has shocked many. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) rejected an appeal from four charities to fund the drug Lucentis,... Read more

Pioneering operation saves woman"s eyesight

By Adrian GalbrethThe sight of a South Yorkshire woman has been saved after a pioneering operation carried out by a surgical team at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. A thyroid-related condition led to Julia Clarke being referred to the hospital with rapidly deteriorating vision, with the swelling of her... Read more

Eating carrots "makes little difference" to eyesight

By Alexa KaczkaAlthough many people are of the belief that eating plenty of carrots is good for your vision, this is not strictly true, according to one expert who has debunked this common myth. Harrison Weisinger, foundation director of optometry studies at Deakin University, told the Convention... Read more

Laser eye surgery "is safe and effective"

By Alexa KaczkaThe safety and efficacy of laser eye surgery is continuing to improve, as people, across the planet realise the benefits of the procedure, one expert on the subject has noted. Professor Harminder Dua, president of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, explained that laser refractive... Read more

Wearing another person"s contact lenses "should be avoided"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople should avoid the temptation to wear another person's contact lens, even if they think it is a good idea at the time, it has been advised. Dr Nagendra Shah, consulting eye surgeon, Bombay Hospital, told DNA India that he recently saw a case of a girl who received an... Read more

Get your eye makeup right for the festive season

By Emily TaitWith the festive party season upon us, it's time to think about which dresses people are going to wear and plan their hairstyles, but one important consideration that they often neglect to focus on is getting eye makeup right. Clairissa Cioch, manager of Hot Spot Salon & Spa,... Read more

Nanoparticles "boost eye drug delivery"

By Adrian GalbrethDiseases such as age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa can severely impact people's lives and eventually lead to blindness, with the main problem for some being the fact that no highly effective drugs or means of delivering them are widespread yet. However,... Read more

Raoul Moat victim to take part in "revolutionary" vision trial

By Alexa KaczkaThe policeman who was shot and blinded by Raoul Moat is to take part in a clinical trial which could possibly restore his vision, it has been reported. According to the Daily Mail, PC David Rathband, 43, has asked to take part in a new type of therapy which involves using electrodes... Read more

Are paper eyelashes the future?

By Emily TaitThere has been an explosion in the popularity of false eyelashes in the last couple of years thanks to the popularity of TV shows glamorising heavy make up and accessories, and it seems the latest trend is for decorative, paper eyelash extensions.The Daily Mail reported that the... Read more

Sunglasses "an essential piece of kit" for winter travel

By Alexa KaczkaPeople heading away in the near future have been advised to pack sunglasses in their suitcase, even if they think they will not be visiting a sunny clime. This is because the effects of the sun can be just as harmful in the colder months as the hot ones, with vision still susceptible... Read more

TOWIE boosts demand for fake eyelashes

By Emily TaitProgrammes such as The Only Way is Essex have contributed to a boom in the demand for fake eyelashes and other products to alert women's appearance, according to a new report. Research carried out by Alibaba.com shows that companies have been cashing in on the desire for false... Read more

Baseball player benefits from vision correction

By Alexa KaczkaA top baseball player has revealed how he was been able to take his game to the next level after undergoing a vision correction procedure. Pablo Sandoval, the third baseman with the San Francisco Giants, underwent LASIK laser eye surgery in a bid to improve a 20/40 impairment in his... Read more

Eyesight "should never be overlooked"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople should never feel that their eyesight is perfect, even if they are not experiencing any vision problems, one expert has advised. Speaking to Female First, to Debbie Bathgate, lens product manager from eyewear manufacturer Rodenstock, noted that even people who appear to have... Read more

Women"s eyes "look older in winter"

By Emily TaitEvery woman knows that the winter weather can play havoc with their hair and complexion, but now it appears that even the eyes are not untouchable, as they look older at this time of year. That is according to a clinical study carried out by Adonia Organics as part of the development... Read more

Eye makeup "is all about the panda" this season

By Emily TaitThe major makeup trend this season is likely to be for 'panda eyes' as women seek to emulate female celebrities by laying the eye makeup on thick. Already, celebrities such as Harry Potter star Emma Watson, former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole and Kate Middleton have been pictured... Read more

"Look after your body and vision" during the winter

By Alexa KaczkaWith winter almost upon us and the temperature dropping, it is easy for people to think that they are no longer in danger from the sun's rays, but that is not the case, as UV can still harm the skin and eyes.Although many people will have put their sunglasses away for the winter,... Read more