Dry contact lenses "can sometimes be saved"

Posted by Alexa KaczkaContact lenses which have dried out in their case can be saved so long as the wearer knows what to do, an expert has asserted.A question on familydoctormag.com asked how contact lens users should act if they find the products have accidently dried in their cases.Responding... Read more

Cosmetic contact lenses "can be safe if bought correctly"

By Emily TaitIt is essential that people wishing to purchase their cosmetic contact lenses do so in a safe and legal manner, an expert has asserted.Dharmesh Patel, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, pointed out that it is "perfectly safe" to wear contact lenses - so long as they are bought in... Read more

Valentine"s eye makeup tips offered to people

By Emily TaitA number of eye makeup tips have been offered to contact lens wearers to ensure their Valentine's Day goes as smoothly as possible.According to a post on the Living section of the One India website, ladies who wear the right eye makeup will have the maximum effect when trying to... Read more

Operation Eyesight "will change lives"

By Alexa KaczkaA new scheme will help to change the lives of people across the planet by providing them with better eyecare, according to the organisation behind it.Operation Eyesight is dedicated to preventing and treating avoidable blindness in the developing world and works with medical... Read more

Patient highlights benefit of laser eye surgery

By Alexa KaczkaA patient who recently underwent laser eye surgery has spoken of how the procedure has made many positive changes to his everyday life.James Duke, who had the operation at Montgomery Lasik & Eye Care Center in Alabama, told WNCFTV.com that before the procedure he could barely see,... Read more

Contact lens facility "a huge success"

By Martin BurnsA contact lens facility in Budapest, Hungary, which was created through British investment, has been described as "excellent" by one ambassador.Recently, Jamie Banks, first secretary and head of trade and investment at the British Embassy in Budapest, visited the Sauflon CL... Read more

Employers "failing to adhere to eyecare regulations"

By Alexa KaczkaThe majority of companies are failing to comply with regulations regarding the eyecare of their employees, according to a new study.Research published by Specsavers shows that 81 per cent of companies are not adhering to 1992 Health and Safety (display screen equipment) regulations,... Read more

Laser eye surgery "is the real deal"

By Alexa KaczkaLaser eye surgery can bring about real changes in the way that people operate on a daily basis, according to one expert.Dr Martin Burger, who recently opened the Vision One Lasik Center in Chicago, US, said that many forms of eye conditions can be treated through Lasik laser eye... Read more

Contact lens wearers offered eye makeup tips

By Emily TaitContact lens wearers have been provided with some eye makeup tips ahead of the spring months to ensure they look their best.Carolyn Brundage, writing for Chicago Now, said that people may want to replicate the look of model and TV presenter Vanessa Romero by going for a hint of blue... Read more

Free screen regulations advice to be offered

it is adviced that people who work in front of monitors have regular eye examinations.Under the 1992 Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, which were amended in 2002, all employers need to provide employees who use visual display units with eye tests, if required.The new guide... Read more

PCI research grants "will prevent blindness"

By Adrian GalbrethThe Pediatric Cataract Initiative (PCI) has unveiled the recipients of its inaugural small research grant for treating and preventing vision loss in children.Both the Lumbini Eye Institute in Nepal and the Calabar Teaching Hospital in Nigeria will receive $50,000 (£31,000) to... Read more

Expert: More teenagers using contact lenses

By Emily TaitThere has been a global rise in the number of teenagers using contact lenses for vision correction instead of glasses, one industry expert has observed.Dr Hitesh Ramanuj, an eye surgeon, told the Ahmedabad Mirror that contact lens wearers benefit from not having to carry glasses around... Read more

People "should seek advice before buying contact lenses"

Posted by Alexa KaczkaProfessional advice should be sought before buying and wearing contact lenses, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists has said.Consultant ophthalmologist Mr Peter McDonnell, honorary treasurer at the college, said that there are many risks associated with coloured contact lenses... Read more

Emory Eye Center to host vitreoretinal seminar

Posted by Adrian GalbrethEmory Eye Center in Atlanta, the US, is to host the 25th Southeastern Vitreoretinal Seminar (SEVR) next week.Set to take place from Friday Feburary 11th to Saturday the 12th, the seminar will be held at the Calhoun Auditorium within the Learning Resources Center in the Emory... Read more

Donor corneas "can help 2 patients"

By Adrian GalbrethA donated cornea can help two patients at the same time, according to the latest study in the US.Research carried out by Dr Claus Cursiefen, who is affiliated with Harvard School of Medicine, shows that there have been positive results when a new surgical strategy using a single... Read more

Sharing cornea donations "presents problems"

By Adrian GalbrethThere are many potential barriers to a new way of treating multiple patients with eye disease by using a single cornea, it has been claimed.After a new study by Dr Claus Cursiefen highlighted the success of a number of operations performed at the University Eye Hospital,... Read more

Slashing hospital budgets "could cause blindness"

By Alexa KaczkaThe reduction in hospital budgets in Ireland could result in may youngsters in the country going blind, according to one healthcare professional.Dr Michael O'Keefe, a consultant ophthalmologist at Temple Street Children's Hospital, made the comments after it was revealed that... Read more

Baby milk eyesight claim is challenged

By Alexa KaczkaOne company's claims that a type of baby milk can help to improve infants' eyesight is being challenged in the European Parliament.Last December, US baby milk manufacturer Mead Johnson's new milk, which it claims can improve eyesight thanks to a fatty acid called DHA, was... Read more

Cornea transplant hailed a success

By Adrian GalbrethThe recipient of a cornea transplant has hailed the operation a major success and recommended it to other people with eye disease.Eugene Martin, 68, told the Herald Mail that he had always suffered from poor eyesight and even struggled to read newspapers in his 20s - something... Read more

Contact lenses "make Twilight star a natural vampire"

By Emily TaitRobert Pattinson has revealed that his Twilight star Kristen Stewart is a "natural vampire" after she puts in the contact lenses required to play the part.The pair are currently filming the remaining two films in the Twilight series, based on the book Breaking Dawn.Scenes in... Read more