Sports star hails benefits of laser eye surgery

By Alexa KaczkaA sportsman who had Lasik laser eye surgery has said that it was one of the best things he has ever done and has helped to boost his career.Paul Shefflin, 29, who plays hurling for his club team Ballyhale Shamrocks, in Kilkenny, said his decision to undergo laser eye surgery last... Read more

Contact lens wearers "must be wary of volcanic ash"

Posted by Alexa KaczkaContact lens wearers must take extra care to protect their vision due to the volcanic ash which remains in the air across Europe, it has been claimed.Eilish O"Regan, writing in the Irish Independent, said that the ash can cause many problems for contact lens wearers if it... Read more

Wearers of illegal contact lenses "looking for trouble"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who wear contact lenses which are not official are asking for trouble and may suffer the consequences later in life, it has been claimed.Dan Kelly, writing for the Reading Eagle, pointed to one case of a 13-year-old boy who suffered problems after purchasing contact lenses from... Read more

Bausch + Lomb launches new iPhone app

By Martin BurnsBausch + Lomb has launched a new application for Apple"s iPhone and iPod touch devices which is designed to offer practitioners help in fitting toric lenses.According to the contact lens manufacturer, the tool involves three steps including spectacle refraction, the adjustment of any... Read more

New alternative to laser eye surgery "a success"

By Adrian GalbrethAn alternative to laser eye surgery has been developed and trialled successfully in the US, after one patient reported improved vision. Texas man Craig Matus told My Fox Houston that he used to get irritated when his glasses slipped off his nose and this prevented him from taking... Read more

Sight loss group launches new partnership

By Alexa Kaczka A new partnership between sight and hearing loss charities has been launched in the Borders. The initiative brings together RNID Scotland and RNIB Scotland and will aim to establish better social networks as well as offer assistance in education, employment and training in the... Read more

1 Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses "great in summer"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople looking for a contact lens which can offer protection against the sun should look no further than 1 Day Acuvue Moist lenses, according to one source.The Pointers for Parents blog said that contact lenses which offer UV protection are a must if people want to avoid the sun"s... Read more

Plastic lens "safer than eye surgery"

By Adrian GalbrethA new treatment for myopia which involves implanting plastic lenses in the eye may be a safer alternative to laser surgery, according to a new study.Research carried out by Moorfields Eye Hospital in London found that patients who underwent the lens implant had a substantial... Read more

Contact lens wearers "should prepare for summer"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who wear contact lenses should be prepared for the summer if they usually suffer from hayfever and similar allergies, one source has warned.Naomi Creason, writing for the Carlisle Sentinel, pointed out that the summer months bring high pollen counts which can often play havoc... Read more

Are hybrid contact lenses the best of both worlds?

By Adrian GalbrethContact lenses which combine the best elements from different types of lenses may be the most effective form of vision correction, according to one source.Denise DeWitt, writing for EmpowHer, said that hybrid contact lenses which have elements of both soft and hard types can solve... Read more

Contact lens manufacturer purchases Vista Optics

By Martin BurnsContact lens manufacturer Mark"ennovy Personalised Care has bought Cheshire-based polymer company Vista Optics, it has been reported.Announcing the deal, George Nabil Sarrouf, Mark"ennovy chairman and chief executive officer, said the organisation "respects" Vista Optics"... Read more

Expert warns about underlying eye problems

By Alexa KaczkaAn expert has warned that many people have underlying eye health problems but are not doing enough to have them checked out and remedied.Dr Antoinette Dumalo, a doctor of optometry and president of the British Columbia Association of Optometrists, said that there is plenty of evidence... Read more

Bausch + Lomb chooses European advertiser

By Martin BurnsContact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb has revealed that DraftFCB will be responsible for the company"s European advertising account. The new deal will see the agency take care of Bausch and Lomb"s TV, press and outdoor campaigns and be responsible for creating new ads to generate... Read more

Sight charity calls for new members

By Alexa KaczkaA vision charity has called for new members after attendance at committee meetings began to dwindle. Sight Concern"s Evesham Branch is asking for new committee members and is on the lookout for a new chairman, in order to organise meetings and arrange fundraising activities, the... Read more

Contact lens wearers "should shop around"

By Emily TaitPeople looking for the best deals on contact lenses will find that it pays to shop around, one specialist has pointed out.Ophthalmic expert Dr Bruce Anderson told ABC Action News that his daughter recently started wearing contact lenses because they look much better than glasses, but... Read more

Coloured contact lenses help star with film role

By Emily TaitA Bollywood film star got into her latest role by wearing coloured contact lenses, she has revealed.Bipahsa Basu told One India that she wore green coloured contact lenses to prepare for playing a character called Aziza in her latest movie, something she quickly got used to.She... Read more

Implants "inferior to contact lenses" for cataract treatment

By Adrian GalbrethImplanted lenses are inferior to contact lenses for treating babies with congenital cataracts, according to a new study. Research carried out by Dr Scott Lambert, of Emory Eye Center, Atlanta, and colleagues in the Infant Aphakia Treatment Study Group, shows that lens replacement... Read more

Contact lens wearers given storage tips

By Martin BurnsPeople who wear contact lenses have been given tips on how to keep them safe and avoid the risk of infection. The Massachusetts Society of Optometrists (MSO) has advised people to avoid using tap water to store tie contact lenses as in some areas the minerals in the liquid can be... Read more

Cornea transplants restore vision in 2,700 people

By Alexa KaczkaNew data has revealed that eye donors helped almost 3,000 people to see clearly again between 2008 and 2009.The figures, issued by UK transplant between 1 April 2008 and 31 March 2009, 3,513 organ transplants were carried out from 1,853 donors, with a further 2,712 people having their... Read more

Sunglasses "are on-trend and health-conscious"

By Emily TaitContact lens wearers who also wear sunglasses during the summer months are not only staying on trend, but also helping to protect their eyes against harmful UV rays, one expert has pointed out.Industry analyst Paul Carroll pointed out that this year"s trend appears to be for oversized... Read more