Contact lenses "can ensure exam success"

By Alexa KaczkaStudents hoping to gain top grades in their upcoming exams may find that contact lenses are the key to success, according to one expert.Industry analyst Amy Liau said that many students may be suffering eye strain and tiredness because they do not have wear contact lenses, despite... Read more

Too much sun "leads to eye disease"

By Alexa KaczkaOver-exposure to the sun can lead to eye disease, people are being reminded ahead of the summer months.The Eye Care Council stated that people will be spending more time outdoors in the coming months and although most people are aware of the need to protect their skin from sun... Read more

Special contact lens "may help diabetics"

By Adrian GalbrethA new type of contact lens may help people suffering from diabetes to detect whether they have enough glucose in their body, according to reports.University of Western Ontario Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering has developed a glucose biosensor integrated with a... Read more

Festivalgoers given contact lens advice

By Alexa KaczkaThe thousands of people attending summer festivals this year have been issued advice about any contact lenses they will be purchasing for the occasion.Often, people attending rock festivals like to dress up as their favourite band members, which often includes wearing coloured contact... Read more

New contact lenses "may reduce myopia"

By Adrian GalbrethA new type of contact lens has been developed which may help myopia sufferers, researchers have revealed.The study, presented at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, claims that a special contact lens may reduce the progress of... Read more

Protein expression "could help glaucoma diagnosis"

By Adrian GalbrethThe expression of a certain type of protein in glaucoma patients may enable more effective diagnosis of the condition, it has been claimed.Dr Kathryn Bollinger, a Medical College of Georgia clinician specialising in glaucoma, stated that an eye under pressure appears to express a... Read more

People "should be careful" when buying coloured contact lenses

By Alexa KaczkaPeople buying coloured contact lenses should be careful when choosing where to purchase the items from, according to one expert.Optometrist Dr Jill Bryant told WRAL.com that many people have purchased coloured contact lenses from places such as petrol stations and gone on to regret... Read more

CRVO patients "may benefit from bypass procedure"

By Adrian GalbrethPeople with the condition central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO), which affects thousands of people over the age of 40 and can cause severe vision loss, may benefit from a new type of bypass surgery, experts have suggested.A study carried out by Dr Ian McAllister, from Lions Eye... Read more

Johnson & Johnson to launch new contact lenses

By Martin BurnsJohnson & Johnson Vision Care will launch a new daily disposable contact lens for astigmatism next month, it has been revealed.The company announced that the 1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism will offer the "widest power range" of any daily disposable for astigmatism... Read more

Expert offers contact lens wearers eye makeup tips

By Emily TaitPeople who wear contact lenses have been offered some top tips by an industry expert about which eye makeup to wear.Shiseido"s celebrity make-up artist Renato Almeida told the Washington Post that people who wear contact lenses and have brown eyes can generally "get away with... Read more

Hygiene routines "the key" to safe contact lens use

By Alexa KaczkaThe key aspect of a safe contact lens routine is to ensure that daily routines are hygienic, one expert has pointed out.Dr Thomas Steinemann of MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, told Cleveland.com that people must ensue that contact lenses are put in and taken out in a hygienic... Read more

Expert offers summer eye health tips

By Alexa KaczkaOne expert on eye care has offered tips on how people can help to protect their vision during the summer.Opthamalogist Dr Pavitra Bhat told the Times of India that the first thing people should ensure they have is a good pair of sunglasses which block out UV light.According to the... Read more

UV exposure "a major hazard"

By Alexa KaczkaExposure to the sun"s UV rays can be very hazardous to the eyes, particularly in the summer months, contact lens wearers have been warned.Ophthalmic surgeon Dr Keiki Mehta told the Times of India that UV exposure can cause numerous problems, from cataracts to retinal damage, and... Read more

People urged to beware "dodgy" contact lens suppliers

By Martin BurnsContact lens wearers are being urged to be vigilant when it comes to buying them, as there are many retailers offering deals which are literally too good to be true.Giles Coren, writing for the Times, said he recently received a promotional flyer through the door offering him daily... Read more

Movie star uses contact lenses for iconic role

By Emily TaitThe star of the new Nightmare on Elm Street remake has revealed how contact lenses played a key part in him reinventing an upcoming role.Jackie Earle Haley played the role of Freddie Krueger in the 2010 reimagining of the classic 1984 Wes Craven horror, and underwent an arduous make-up... Read more

Eye donation drive only receives four donors

By Emily TaitAn event held to persuade people to donate their eyes after death saw only four people turn up to do so.The initiative was held at an eye donation camp in Mumbai, India, at the Vidhan Bhavan, and was expected to generate a good response from the elected representatives in the area, but... Read more

Smart lenses "could replace bluetooth headsets"

By Martin BurnsA revolutionary new type of contact lens could change the way that people live forever, according to one expert.Stuart Karten, from design, research and mechanical engineering firm Stuart Karten Design (SKD), said that a smart lens developed by the company could help to provide... Read more

Parents "not protecting children"s eyes"

By Alexa KaczkaMany parents are failing to sufficiently protect their children"s eyes from the sun, according to a new report.A study carried out by experts at the University of Iowa has found that, while 85 per cent of people recognise that UV rays from the sun can damage their eyes, only 65... Read more

Report warns about dangers of illegal contact lenses

By Emily TaitA new report has warned people about the danger of using illegal contact lenses designed purely for cosmetic purposes.The Vanderbilt Eye Institute (VEI) has advised people thinking of purchasing the products to ensure they are from a respected manufacturer and avoid parting with money... Read more

Bausch + Lomb team with actress in new promotion

By Martin BurnsContact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb has teamed up with Hollywood actress Christine Baranski for a new promotion designed to share people"s experiences with reading glasses.The actress is one of thousands of people who have turned to contact lenses as a more fashionable way to... Read more