CRT Contacts Help Patients Correct Vision While They Sleep

Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) is nothing new, but it's only within the past few years that most nearsighted people have heard about this treatment option. Patients using CRT, also known as "corneal reshaping," put a special pair of contacts in their eyes every night and, over the course of a few... Read more

City, University of London Hosted Major Training Session Dedicated To Dry Eye and Myopia

An exciting training session was recently held at the brand new dry eye management/myopia research center in the center of London. The Division of Optometry and Visual Science at City, University of London, was in charge of hosting this major professional development event.This event took place... Read more

California Study Reveals Benefits Of Low Intensity Workouts For Our Eyes

A short low intensity walk may be the best thing for our overall eye health. According to new research out of California, low intensity workouts help the brain better process visual information by stimulating increased neuron production in the visual cortex.This test was conducted at the University... Read more

British-Made Contacts Impress Numerous Eye Doctors In Portugal

Numerous Portuguese optometrists are now praising the British mini-scleral lenses called Comfort 15. Some eye doctors believe these contacts represent a new frontier in the treatment of corneal issues.The Comfort 15 lenses, which are designed by No. 7 Contacts, received rave reviews at the most... Read more

Australian Study Shows The Dangers Of Eye Contact In A Police Line-Up Scenario

Suspects who look directly into a policeman's eyes during a line-up are far more likely to appear guilty to law enforcement officials than those who avert their gaze. That's according to a new study put out by the University of Sydney in Australia.Participants involved in this study were first shown... Read more

AI Device Proven To Be As Effective As Eye Doctors At Diagnosing Cataracts

Results from a series of tests using an AI system designed to recognize the symptoms of congenital cataracts were recently released. These results clearly show that AI systems are able to diagnose eye diseases just as accurately as human doctors.Researchers in China named this AI system CC-Cruiser.... Read more

AdaptDX: The Future Of AMD Screening?

A brand new machine designed to detect age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is being used to great effect. This machine has been so effective at detecting early AMD that one enthusiastic eye doctor in Wilmington, North Carolina, hopes it will be used in all annual eye screenings in the near... Read more

Two Spanish Studies Suggest LED Screens Cause Premature Blindness

We all know that increased exposure to electronic screens is not good for our eyes. Unfortunately, new research from Spain suggests our exposure to LED screens may be even worse than previously imagined. Indeed, Spanish researchers believe we will face a global blindness epidemic if governments... Read more

Turkish Bank Unrolls First Eye-Scanning Technology In Europe

Eye scanners only used to be a thing seen in sci-fi movies. Today, one Turkish bank is making eye-scanning security a reality for thousands of people. The coolest part of this technology is that it can be used right on your mobile device.Yapı Kredi , one of Turkey's most popular national commercial... Read more

Oxford Researchers Develop New Device For Blepharospasm Patients

Patients suffering from the blinking disorder blepharospasm may soon have a new treatment option available to them. Scientists are now working on a small device designed to soothe the patient's painful automatic over-blinking. Best of all, this tiny device can be comfortably worn right on a person's... Read more

One U.K. Optometrist Has Invented A Nightly Treatment For Myopia

Wearing glasses for shortsightedness could soon become a thing of the past. That's certainly what one British optometrist hopes as she unveils her amazing new nightly treatment regimen. Laura Reece , a renowned optometrist from Hereford, England, developed this nightly treatment program called... Read more

One South African Doctor's App Is Making A Huge Difference In Combating Blindness

Unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from blindness in the modern world. Most recent estimates say that there are about 39 million people who are completely blind around the globe. The truly shocking fact about these blind patients is that 80 percent of them could have been either... Read more

One Japanese Ophthalmologist Is Working To Defeat Retinal Degeneration

As we age, most of us develop symptoms of retinal degeneration. Unfortunately, if we don't catch this disease early enough, it could lead to permanent blindness.However, new research coming out of Japan offers hope for those in the later stages of retinal degeneration. These Japanese scientists are... Read more

New Vacuum Device May Help Astronauts Combat Eye Issues

Scientists are hopeful that a new vacuum device can simulate the experience of earth-bound gravity for astronauts in outer space. If this device proves successful, many of the eye problems astronauts develop in outer space missions may become a thing of the past.Since there's no gravity in outer... Read more

New Study Proves Eye Surgery Can Restore Vision To People Who Have Sustained Brain Injuries

A new study shows that vision can be restored to people who have suffered serious brain accidents and subsequent hemorrhaging in the eyes. Perhaps the most astonishing finding from this study is the fact that this surgery can be performed months after the patient's accident and s/he will still... Read more

New Stem Cell Study Shows Potential for Curing Retinal Degeneration

Japanese researchers believe they've discovered an effective way to restore vision to people suffering from late-stage retinal degeneration. Although this stem cell technique hasn't been used on humans yet, the results from mice trials are very promising.This study took place at the RIKEN Center... Read more

New Research Into Why Women Football Players Have Higher Concussion Rates

It's been known for some time that women sustain more concussions than men in football. While some scientists have claimed that this is due to women having naturally weak neck muscles, new research shows the problem may be due to a lack of vision training. Joe Clark, a professor of neurology at the... Read more

New Portable Ophthalmoscope Could Help Diagnose Eye Diseases In Third World

A revolutionary portable device is causing a great deal of excitement in the global eye care community. Called the "Arclight," researchers believe this tiny scanner could greatly reduce the number of blind patients in developing countries.Members of Scotland's prestigious University of St. Andrews... Read more

New Digital Photography May Help Enhance Glaucoma Screenings

A brand new digital photographic technique could help doctors better predict eye diseases. In particular, this new type of medical photography could help with glaucoma screenings.This new study comes out of the University of Rochester Medical Center and Pitt University. The research teams involved... Read more

Microsoft Shares AI Software With A Powerful Indian Eye Care Institute

Microsoft is using its latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help ophthalmologists diagnose and treat millions of eye patients in the Republic of India. Although the tech giant admits that its new tech is no replacement for visiting an eye doctor, Microsoft... Read more