Medicine-Dispensing Contact Lenses Win Top Prize At 2018 MIT SHIP

This year's MIT Sloan Healthcare Innovation Prize (SHIP) went to a revolutionary pair of contact lenses that can dispense medication directly into a wearer's eye. The Harvard designers that came up with these contacts say they believe their contacts could improve the way doctors treat eye diseases... Read more

Retinal Infractions Are An Early Warning Sign Of Stroke, New Study Shows

A new study reveals a strong correlation between retinal infractions and the risk of brain strokes. Scientists hope this new research will encourage primary care doctors to send retinal infraction patients to neurologists ASAP for thorough evaluations.Out of 5,688 retinal infraction patients... Read more

Müller Glia Cells Could Be Key To Preventing AMD, New Study Suggests

A recent study out of Duke University shows that retinal cells called Müller glia play a key role in preventing the spread of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Study authors believe their new finding will help scientists discover a novel cure for the common blinding disease in the near... Read more

New Plasma-Coated Contacts Could Help Ward Off Eye Infections

German researchers at the Fraunhofer Society have developed new contact lenses they believe could help fight off serious corneal infections.The feature that differentiates Fraunhofer Society's contacts from typical contacts is that they are treated with a layer of plasma. Scientists say the thin... Read more

New Study Shows What Areas Of The Eyes Change In Astronauts

Thanks to a new study out of the University of Houston, doctors now have a better understanding of the structural damage space travel has on a person's eyes. Using the latest in optical coherence tomography imaging, eye doctors have been able to locate the areas of the eyes affected by space... Read more

New Study Suggests Possible Treatment For Common Corneal Condition

British researchers have just published a study they believe could help people suffering from the corneal disease Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy (FECD). Not only did scientists discover more information on the genes of FECD patients, they also formulated a possible cure.Investigators at the... Read more

New Study Suggests Blink Reflex Tests Can Help Diagnose Concussions

A new device that measures a person's blink reflexes could soon be used to help diagnose concussion patients. Researchers believe this new device, called the Blink Reflexometer, could revolutionize how concussions are diagnosed on the field.The Blink Reflexometer works by letting out a tiny gust of... Read more

New Study Out Of University of California Discovers New Way To Grow Blood Vessels With Stem Cells

University of California (UC) professors accidentally discovered a potential stem cell-derived treatment for blood vessel issues. Interestingly, these scientists were only studying ATF6 gene malformation, which is a cause of an inherited eye disorder.Patients who are born with a malformed ATF6 gene... Read more

UK Approves Trial Of Algae-Derived Gene Therapy For Retinitis Pigmentosa

The UK Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency approved a clinical trial for an exciting algae-based gene therapy. Scientists hope this novel gene therapy could help cure the blinding eye disease retinitis pigmentosa (RP).GenSight Biologics, a French gene therapy company, owns exclusive rights to... Read more

UPenn Scientists Develop Promising Gene Therapy For Treatment Of Best Disease

Doctors and veterinarians at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) have developed a new gene therapy procedure that was able to heal the eyes of dogs with a specific strain of macular degeneration. While still in its preliminary stages, researchers believe there's a good chance this therapy could... Read more

Leonardo Apprentices Install Radio-Detection Devices In Royal Blind School

Apprentices from defense sector supplier Leonardo have just installed special motion-detecting devices in the Royal Blind School to help therapists keep track of visually-impaired students. Everyone involved in this project hopes this new technology will give students with disabilities a greater... Read more

Taking Pictures with Sony's new contact lenses

Although it’s been in the news, a lot of people don’t fully realize yet just how technology is revolutionizing the contact lens.Brief recap: contacts were originally conceived of in 1508 by the genius Leonardo DaVinci. The first practical lenses were made in 1823 by Sir John Herschel. In 1887, a... Read more

Plasma Contacts That Could Treat Keratitis

German scientists at Potsdam's Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research have just developed a novel pair of plasma-coated contacts. Thanks to plasma's natural antibacterial properties, these new lenses could potentially cure common eye infections like keratitis.Led by Fraunhofer Institute's... Read more

Study Suggests Novice Pilots Pick Up Visual Skills By Observing Expert's Eye Movements

A new study out of SUNY Downstate Medical Center found that student pilots could improve their visual skills just by observing the eye movements of expert pilots. Everyone involved in this research believes it could help create more effective pilot-training programs.Novice pilots were split into two... Read more

South England Hospital Will Test New Drug For Stargardt's Disease

Ophthalmologists at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust will be the first in the UK to trial the drug remofuscin. Researchers across Europe are hopeful remofuscin could be the key to treating the devastating eye disorder known as Stargardt's disease.Stargardt's disease is an inherited... Read more

South England Hospital Will Test New Drug For Stargardt's Disease

Ophthalmologists at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust will be the first in the UK to trial the drug remofuscin. Researchers across Europe are hopeful remofuscin could be the key to treating the devastating eye disorder known as Stargardt's disease.Stargardt's disease is an inherited... Read more

Recent Study Reveals Leading Causes Of Vision Loss In First World Nations

A new study put out by the international Vision Loss Expert Group (VLEG) suggests about half of the vision complaints in the First World could have been avoided with a simple pair of eyeglasses.Researchers around the world tracked 25 years of eye health data from 50 wealthy countries in this... Read more

Optometry Students Are Excited To Help In Malawi With Free Eye Care Screenings

Optometry students in the UK are asking for donations to help them fund a charity trip to Malawi this summer. In total, 12 optometry students will travel around this African nation in July providing thousands of locals with free eye care screenings. Emily Hancock, who is in her second year studying... Read more

Stem Cell Treatment Cures Wet AMD Patient In UK Trial

A collaboration of British and American researchers has just completed a successful clinical trial using a stem cell-derived treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD). While it's still in its initial phases, scientists are hopeful this new therapy could be used to treat the common... Read more

Optometrists Could Play Supportive Role In Treating Dyslexia

Dr. Bruce Evans, director of research at the UK's Institute of Optometry, delivered a passionate lecture on the role optometrists can play in helping dyslexic children at London's 2018 100% Optical gathering.While optometrists might not be able to cure dyslexia on their own, Dr. Evans believes... Read more