New Laser Surgery Could Permanently Correct Myopia

Researchers from Columbia University and Texas A&M are hard at work on a safe, non-surgical procedure that could cure nearsightedness. Although still in its early phases of development, scientists are hopeful this new therapy could help correct the vision of millions of myopic patients. In this... Read more

Chinese Study Suggests Eyeglasses Boost Schoolchildren’s Test Scores

An interesting study out of China highlights the connection between healthy vision and strong academic performance. According to this new study, schoolchildren who received free eyeglasses earlier in the year had stronger grades in math than those who received them later.A group of scientists from... Read more

Patrick Reed Says Contact Lenses Saved His Game At 2018 Masters

It may come as a shock to golfing fans that Patrick Reed, the winner of the 2018 Masters, suffered a sudden loss of vision just one week before the big tournament. Without a new pair of contact lenses, Reed believes he wouldn’t have been able to top the podium this year. So the story goes, while... Read more

How Contact Lens Wearers Can Avoid Fungal Infections

Millions of people have made wearing contact lenses just another part of their daily routines. Unfortunately, very few contact lens users know the potential risks of wearing these lenses without taking serious hygienic precautions.Ophthalmologists are now warning contact lens users of the increased... Read more

Eye Constriction Could Help People Better Read Emotions

An intriguing American-Canadian study proves wrinkles around the eyes might not be such a bad thing. According to this new research, the more wrinkles a person has, the better chance observers have believing in another’s emotions. Scientists at both the University of Miami and Western University... Read more

New RAC Study Reveals Dangers Of Bright Car Headlights

The Royal Automobile Club (RAC) just released survey results detailing the risks of bright car headlights in the UK. According to this new survey, an incredible 65 percent of UK residents admit to temporarily losing vision when oncoming headlights shine into their eyes.Perhaps even more troubling... Read more

Visioneering Technologies Announces Stronger Contacts For Farsighted Patients.

The contact lens company Visioneering Technologies Inc. recently announced it will add “Plus Power” lenses to its NaturalVue Multifocal 1-day Contacts line. Executives made this announcement at the 2018 American Optometry Association gathering in Denver. According to Visioneering Technologies’... Read more

Vision Direct Launches Online Tool To Help Everyone Understand Various Eye Conditions

Vision Direct has just released a brand new Internet tool to inform GPs and citizens about different eye diseases and how to combat them. In addition to informing the professionals and the general public, the staff at Vision Direct hopes their new Internet tool will encourage people to get an annual... Read more

Developers Create New Retinal Implants With Organic Pigments

A team composed of mostly Israeli and Swedish researchers has developed a new retinal implant that uses thousands of microscopic sensors to transmit visual signals to the brain. Scientists hope this new device will help people with blinding retinal diseases see once again.To create these hi-tech... Read more

Scottish Study Suggests Glasses Wearers Really Are Smarter Than Average

According to a new study out of Edinburgh University, there may be some truth to the assumption that smarter people always wear glasses.In their study, a massive team of scientists gathered genetic data from almost 350,000 people in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Investigators also measured study... Read more

Liverpool Researchers Show How Ebola Affects Retinae

A group of English researchers has just released a report examining retinal scars caused by the Ebola virus. Researchers believe this study could help doctors around the world better understand how Ebola lives on in the body even after the life-threatening symptoms have been subdued. University of... Read more

Swedish Researchers Discover an Ancient Part of the Brain Controls Eye Movements

The amount of data from the external world that bombards our brain every single moment is just mind-boggling. For decades now, neuroscientists have been trying to figure out how the human brain can possibly process all of this information.Recently, a study was published in the journal eLife sheds... Read more

Always Get Halloween Cosmetic Contacts From A Registered Optician

Whenever Halloween rolls around, cosmetic contact lenses flood the marketplace. While it might be tempting to purchase a "one size fits all" contact lens online, opticians advise anyone interested in these cosmetic contacts to get a professional eye screening first.Even if you have 20/20 vision, you... Read more

Liverpool Researchers Show How Ebola Affects Retinae

A group of English researchers has just released a report examining retinal scars caused by the Ebola virus. Researchers believe this study could help doctors around the world better understand how Ebola lives on in the body even after the life-threatening symptoms have been subdued. University of... Read more

Higher Weight Increases Likelihood Astronauts Develop Eye Issues

A study out of Dartmouth University suggests that there’s a direct correlation between an astronaut’s weight and his/her chances of developing a serious eye disorder. Researchers hope this study will help eye doctors better prevent eye disorders related to microgravity in the future. For this... Read more

New Study Looks Into Why Larger Guppies Change Eye Color

British and Jamaican scientists recently released a study showing how Trinidadian guppy fish change their eye colors to initiate confrontations. Study authors believe their work will help biologists better understand the evolution and competitive dynamics of certain tropical fish. For this study,... Read more

Blind Fish Could Help Doctors Better Understand The Genes Behind Vision Decline

A group of American scientists believes we can learn how our genes influence the onset of blindness by studying cave-dwelling fish in Mexico. According to a newly published study, these blind freshwater fish share over a dozen genetic markers with humans related to vision. This team of researchers... Read more

New Eye-Tracking Test Could Help Teachers Better Assess Language Comprehension

MIT scientists have just released a paper detailing the potential for a new eye-tracking technology to gauge students’ reading proficiency. Study authors are hopeful this novel technology will help English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers better gauge how well their students understand reading... Read more

Many Britons Are Furious Over The "Yorkshire Ripper" Getting Free NHS Eye Surgery

The infamous "Yorkshire Ripper" has apparently been receiving free NHS eye care behind bars. It's just been discovered that Peter Sutcliffe, the now 70-year-old serial murderer, had at least one serious surgical operation within the past few days.Sutcliffe received full NHS eye care inside prison... Read more

UK Drivers Desperately Need Eye Check-Ups, Vision Express Says

Vision Express recently said one in four people who got an eye screening at its recent Vision Van event in Birmingham hadn’t had an eye exam since they got their driver’s license. Vision Express believes more work needs to be done to encourage UK drivers to get routine visual check-ups.... Read more