Cosmetic lenses "can be good for some people"

There are several valid reasons why people may choose to wear cosmetic contact lenses, it has been pointed.Eyecare Trust chairman Dharmesh Patel said that celebrities such as Lady Gaga have made the products more popular but warned people to use the products in a safe way."Cosmetic contacts aren"t... Read more

"Care needed" when choosing an optician

People should bear a few simple pointers in mind when looking for a new optician, it has been recommended.A post on the assistedlivingoklahoma.com blog by Lloyd Roberts Opticians said that people should carry out research into the eyecare professionals in their local area to ensure they are... Read more

Is AMD linked to risk of strokes?

Posted by Adrian GalbrethLate-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD) could increase the risk of "bleeding strokes" in older people, new research has claimed.A study presented at the American Stroke Association"s International Stroke Conference by the Dr Renske Wieberdink argued that the... Read more

Caring for contact lenses "important for eye health"

Contact lens wearers need to ensure that their eyecare routine includes a stringent disinfection of their lenses or disposal of old ones, according to one manufacturer.Advice issued by CooperVision states that, if people do not follow the proper routine, contact lenses start to feel uncomfortable... Read more

Transplant gives legally blind patient sight

A woman who was declared legally blind has had her eyesight restored thanks to transplant surgery.The Press Enterprise reported that LaQuisha Higgins, 33, had to quit her job because her vision was so poor and she could not cross the road without assistance, but after a prosthetic cornea transplant... Read more

Contact lenses "are a great invention"

Contact lenses are a proven means of vision correction which can provide excellent results as long as people follow manufacturer instructions, one source has stated.Jasmina Bektesvic, writing for HSJ.org, said that since the invention of contact lenses in the early 20th century through to the... Read more

Omega-3 "could save millions" in eyecare

Millions of pounds in eyecare could be saved if people consumed more food containing omega-3 fish oil, according to a new study.Research carried out at the Children"s Hospital Boston suggests that the development of conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinopathy could be... Read more

Fish oil "may have additional vision benefits"

There may be additional benefits to consuming omega-3 fish oil than many people believe, according to a new study.Research carried out by specialists at the Children"s Hospital Boston has identified that fish oil may have a direct impact on the growth of blood vessels by selectively promoting the... Read more

New laser treatment "is highly effective"

A new form of laser eye surgery has been described as highly effective by one surgeon, who has seen positive results in his patients.Dr Joseph Ceravolo, an ophthalmologist, told WNCFTV.com that he is one of the first eye doctors to begin using the CrystalLine Femto Laser to treat patients and has so... Read more

Blindness research "will pay dividends"

Further research into the causes of childhood blindness and its prevention will pay dividends in the future, it has been claimed.Wing Kun Tam, a member of the Global Advisory Council and vice president of Lions Clubs International, made the comments after the Pediatric Cataract Initiative expressed... Read more

Children"s eyesight "must be checked regularly"

It is important for both children and adults to have their eyesight checked regularly, but particularly those with existing vision problems, one expert has warned.Dr Salma Rai, a consultant pediatric ophthalmologist, said that children who have undergone procedures to correct their vision when very... Read more

Eye protection "important during physical activity"

It is important that people wear the necessary eye protection during physical activity, particularly when balls or apparatus is involved, an expert has advised.Dr Scott Lambert, a professor of ophthalmology at Emory University, said that many people forget that their vision is potentially being... Read more

UV protection "essential at all times"

Protecting the eyes from dangerous UV rays is not only important during the summer months, one expert has pointed out.The spring sun and even a clear winter"s day pose risk to people"s vision if they have not take steps to protect their eyes, according to Dr Scott Lambert, a professor of... Read more

Big-eyed contact lenses "a bad idea"

It is a bad idea for people to purchase contact lenses which help to enlarge the appearance of their eyes, according to one expert.Bennie Jeng, an ophthalmology associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco, told KTSF that such lenses are not approved by the US Food and Drug... Read more

AMD research "has far-reaching implications"

New research shedding light on the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) may have far-reaching implications for the treatment of the condition and diseases associated with it, experts have noted.Paul Sieving, director of the National Eye Institute, said that the study carried out at... Read more

Contact lenses "can be more convenient"

Investing in contact lenses is a wise option for people who are sometimes absent-minded, according to one wearer.Honours student Rekha told the City Journal that she prefers to wear contact lenses over glasses because the products are far more convenient on a daily basis.She explained: "I prefer to... Read more

Wearing contact lenses "offers many advantages"

There are plenty of reasons to wear contact lenses rather than glasses, one source has claimed, as the products offer all the advantages of spectacles without any of the drawbacks.According to Priya Prahaladhan, writing for the City Journal, contact lens wearers do not have the hassle of carrying... Read more

Mini-monovision surgery "the way forward"

So-called mini-monovision surgery may become the standard in the eye industry, according to one expert.Dr Tariq Qamar said that blended vision surgery, or mono-vision as it is commonly called, is being offered to his patients in a bid to remove their cataracts.According to the specialist, the... Read more

Experts make major AMD discovery

Experts in the US have made a major discovery regarding the condition age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which they say could lead to two new therapies being developed.According to specialists at the University of Kentucky led by ophthalmologist Dr Jayakrishna Ambati, an accumulation of a toxic... Read more

Good contact lens practice "essential to eye health"

Having a regular and hygienic contact lens routine is vital if people are to avoid potential eye infections, according to one expert on the subject.Chicago-based optometrist Dr Michael Slusky said that it is important for contact lens wearers to follow any manufacturers" instructions on the... Read more