People "should wear contact lenses" to eye exams

People who wear contact lenses should ensure they keep them in when going for an eye exam, according to one source.The resident health expert for the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune said that wearing contact lenses to an exam can save time, as the expert assessing the individual will not have to ask... Read more

Experts make Down"s syndrome and Alzheimer"s eye link

Healthcare experts have established a link between Down"s syndrome and Alzheimer"s disease, claiming that the two conditions are connected through proteins found in the eyes. According to specialists at Boston University School of Medicine and the Boston University Alzheimer"s Disease Center, the... Read more

Contact lenses "help you ditch reading glasses"

People who make the decision to wear Contact lenses will be able to ditch their reading glasses forever, one source has pointed out. ABC.com noted that people who consult a professional and have contact lenses properly fitted can have them tailored to suit any situation, so things like reading do... Read more

Contact lens wearers warned to follow instructions

People who wear contact lenses have been warned to follow the instructions on their products to ensure they get maximum benefit from them and are safe.The ISN supersite alluded to the case of one man who wore the same pair for several months, even sleeping in them, and only washed them with tap... Read more

New contact lenses "may revolutionise the industry"

The creation and launch of new, advanced Contact lenses may help to boost the industry and revolutionise the way that people wear them, according to an industry expert. Mike King, writing for Companies and Markets, pointed out that the convenience of wearing contact lenses will only ensure that the... Read more

Computer technique "may improve partial sightedness"

A new technique may be able to improve the vision of people who have been left partially sighted after suffering a brain injury or stroke, according to experts.New research has found that a computer-based technique developed and assessed by Durham University improved partially-sighted people"s... Read more

Contact lenses "should be put in before makeup is applied"

Women who wear Contact lenses have been advised to put them in before applying makeup.Dr Hilary Hawthorne, a Los Angeles based optometrist, told Osceola Sentinel-Tribune that contact lens wearers often make the mistake of trying to put them in after they have applied make-up such as mascara and... Read more

Laser eye surgery improves surfer"s eyesight "in one day"

A surfer has revealed that his vision was improved in just one day after undergoing refractive surgery on his eyes.Danny Bender told the Daily Bruin that he experienced problems while surfing and was often prevented from seeing clearly –something he managed to solve through laser in-situ... Read more

Gas-permeable lenses "can help keratoconus patients"

A new type of contact lenses may be effective in improving vision in people who cannot usually wear them, according to a new study.A report published by the French Society of Ophthalmology claims that gas-permeable scleral contact lenses could benefit keratoconus patients who are intolerant of... Read more

New app offers contact lens reminders

An application for Google"s Android smartphones has been launched to help contact lens wearers to keep up-to-date with their daily routine.The Contact Lenses Reminder app is designed for people who wear Daily contact lenses and has functions including reminding users to put them in each morning.In... Read more

Computers "can detect diabetes-related eye problems"

New computer technology can help with the detection of eye problems linked to diabetes, according to experts. Specialists at the University of Iowa claim that cost-effective computerised systems to detect early eye problems related to diabetes can help meet the screening need. A team at the facility... Read more

New short sightedness technique "better than laser eye surgery"

Experts in the UK have claimed that a new technique for correcting short-sightedness may be more effective than laser eye surgery.Specialists at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London pointed out that the preferred corrective procedure for people wanting to avoid wearing glasses has... Read more

New technique enables rapid eye pathogen detection

A new technique to detect eye pathogens has been developed by experts in Japan, which may lead to new diagnosis procedures and quicker ways of treating patients.Dr Motoki Itahashi, and colleagues at Kinki University School of Medicine, Osaka-Sayama, Japan claim that a laboratory technique using... Read more

New "eye colour genes" discovered

New genes which have an impact on eye colour have been discovered, according to experts in the Netherlands.The study, led by Manfred Kayser of the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam and published in the open-access journal PLoS Genetics, reveals that three new genetic loci have been... Read more

Asian people "just as vulnerable" to AMD

People of Asian origin may be just as susceptible to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) as caucasians, despite previous suggestions that they had a lower risk, according to a recent study.A report carried out by Dr Tien Yi Wong and Singapore Eye Research Institute colleagues found that Asians... Read more

Taking care "the best method" when using contact lenses

The best way to stay safe when using Contact lenses is to take extra care during morning and evening routines, according to one expert.Mark Evans, the director of YouKnowIt.com, said that people who wear contact lenses need to ensure they take time when inserting and removing them, while using... Read more

Daily contact lenses "are more sustainable"

Daily Contact lenses are more sustainable option for people concerned about their impact on the environment, one source has noted.Lucy Siegle, writing for the Guardian, said that contact lens wearers who opt for daily disposable options generally do not need to invest in the bottles of solution as... Read more

Gene mutations "lead to Usher syndrome"

A new investigation has established a link between certain gene mutations and a condition which affects both the sight and hearing.Usher syndrome, a genetic disorder characterised by congenital deafness and gradual vision loss, is the leading cause of deafblindness in the world, but experts in... Read more

New tool may spot eye diseases early

A new tool may enable people to diagnoses eye disease early, often before symptoms have even developed, according to experts.Specialists at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Department of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School in Boston showed that they have created a noninvasive tool that... Read more

"Stage is set" for blindness treatments

The stage is set for the development of new treatments for inherited blindness, according to one expert.Veterinary vision scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have successfully used a viral vector in targeting a class of photoreceptors of the retina called rods.According to the experts, this... Read more