Commentator advises women to have fun with eye makeup

Brightly-coloured eye makeup is not just for girls in their teens, according to one commentator.Writing for the Feel Good Style blog, Liz Thompson said that while a natural look is often deemed more suitable for mature women, dark dramatic eye shadow can help achieve a sultry evening look which is... Read more

Movie bosses "not commenting on 3D complaints"

Movie bosses have declined to comment on people"s claims that 3D films are leaving them with headaches and visual stress.According to Optician Online, both 20th Century Fox and Disney will not reveal whether they are considering warning viewers about the side effects of seeing 3D films such as the... Read more

Contact lenses can prevent sun damage

Wearing contact lenses may help reduce the damage that the sun can cause to people"s eyes, according to a study.Research published in the Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science journal showed that overexposure to UV radiation can damage the cornea, conjunctiva and lens, and can lead to... Read more

Carrots and TV do not affect eyesight, says expert

Watching television does not damage our eyes and eating carrots will not help us to see well, according to an expert.According to Dr Marguerite McDonald, a cornea, refractive and anterior segment specialist with the Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island and a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at... Read more

Environmental impact of contact lenses is "minimal"

One commentator has suggested that contact lenses do not pose a significant threat to the environment.The Washington Post"s eco expert, known as the Green Lantern, was questioned about whether it would be better for the environment if people switched from contacts to glasses.They concluded that a... Read more

Contact lens care "vital to avoid infection"

Contact lens wearers must take precautions when taking out and putting in their lenses to avoid eye infections.According to a recent article in the Irish Independent, many infections are caused by wearers not taking proper care.It suggested that it is vital people disinfect their lenses after... Read more

Woman"s eyesight returned after 33 years

A woman from the US has had her eyesight restored after being blind for 30 years, it has been reported.Jenny Peterson, from South Dekota, lost her eyesight following an allergic reaction to antibiotics, reports ActionNews.Over the years, Jenny underwent several unsuccessful stem cell transplants and... Read more

30-day contact lenses don"t boost chance of infection

Using 30-day lenses does not boost a person"s chance of getting an eye infection, it has been claimed.According to the Guardian"s Dr Tom Smith, after speaking to an optometrist and 30-day lens manufacturer, he was reassured that the lenses are safe.Dr Smith said he was concerned that the lenses... Read more

Brits shunning sport because of poor eyesight

More than five million Brits are shunning sport because of the poor quality of their eyesight, it has been claimed.According to research conducted by Ultralase, almost two-thirds of Britons make do with poor eyesight during sport, taking out their contact lenses and removing their glasses for safety... Read more

Parents "need to prioritise eye tests"

Parents down under think that getting their child"s hair cut is more important than taking them for an eye test in the lead up to a new school term, according to a new study.Research by eyecare provider OPSM found that one in five parents had never taken their children to have their eyes checked... Read more

Contactlenses.co.uk "convenient and cost effective"

Contactlenses.co.uk has been recommended by Times troubleshooter Rebecca O"Connor.Writing for the newspaper, the consumer champion said that she is new to the "joys" of ordering contact lenses online, but finds it more convenient and cheaper than buying them at the opticians."They arrive within... Read more

Artificial muscle development to help save eyesight

Artificial muscles could be used to restore thousands of people"s sight, according to researchers at the UC Davis Medical Center in the US. The team have demonstrated a way to help people with facial paralysis to blink, which could benefit individuals who no longer are able to close their eyelids... Read more

Simple eye test could help in battle against dementia

A simple eye test could be used to boost the detection rate for the degenerative neurological condition Alzheimer"s, it has been claimed.According recent research published in the journal Cell Death & Disease, the procedure could revolutionise the way the condition is diagnosed in patients, allowing... Read more

Special effects guru turns attention to contact lenses

Hollywood special effects artist Kevin Carter has established a sideline business making bespoke contact lenses.The expert, who has worked on films starring the likes of Natalie Portman and Bruce Willis, hand paints images on the contact lenses for a completely unique look, reports the Daily... Read more

Overnight contact lenses can end reliance on glasses

Wearing overnight contacts lenses can prevent a person from becoming reliant on their glasses or daily disposable lenses, it has been claimed.According to Dr Kimberley Allen, a corneal refractive therapy-certified optometrist, CRT lenses - also known as night contacts - reshape the eye and provide... Read more

Bifocals better than single lenses for myopia control in children

Myopia (short-sightedness) can be better controlled through the use of bifocal lenses rather than with single-vision glasses, according to Hong Kong Polytechnic University research.In a study of 135 myopic Chinese Canadian children, those who wore bifocal lenses had a 38 per cent slower rate of... Read more

Scientists shed light on migraines

Migraines could be caused by a sufferer"s sensitivity to light, and wearing sunglasses may be the answer to ease the pain, say scientists.Research carried out at Harvard Medical School found that even the tiniest bit of light that can get through closed eyelids can cause migraines.The scientists... Read more

Contact lens specialist shares her story

Jessica Gretencord, a contact lens specialist at Eyesite Illinois Valley who also helps detect and correct patients" eye problems, has spoken to mywebtimes.com about her role.As a contact lens specialist, she helps patients with their contact lenses for the first time, teaching them how to use them... Read more

Cleopatra"s eye makeup boosted immunity

Eye makeup has long been criticised for its negative health effects, especially on young skin, but a recent revelation has shown that it actually had health benefits when used over 4,000 years ago.Famously used by Egyptians such as Cleopatra, ancient eye makeup had lead salts in which helped protect... Read more

Importance of eye tests highlighted

An expert has stressed the importance of detecting eye problems in children as early as possible.Optometrist at America"s Complete Family Eye Care, Dr Cody Jones, has said that when parents are told that their children can have eye tests they are often surprised they are available at such a young... Read more