Children encouraged to get eye tests

A new drive is underway to prompt children to have proper check-ups for their eyes.Eye Know Eye Care is aimed at children aged 11 and under and is targeting school pupils in the UK.The Eye Care Trust charity believes that as many as a million young children could be suffering from eyesight problems... Read more

Dry eyes "can still wear contact lenses"

Contact lens wearers who find their eyes are becoming dryer do not have to resort to glasses.This is the statement made by Dr Susan Resnick after a survey by Johnson & Johnson.According to its poll, 86 per cent of women older than 35 are worried about the effect of the ageing process on their... Read more

Asia-Pacific "has greatest growth for contact lenses"

Growth for the contact lens sector is fastest in the Asia-Pacific than any other global region, a news source has stated.Indian publication the Business Standard made the claim, pointing out that there are more than 15 million people who have problems with their sight in the area.However, contact... Read more

Botched surgery victim urges use of contact lenses

A victim of a failed operation to change the colour of her eyes has told people to use contact lenses instead.Shenise Farrell made the statement after she had surgery in Panama to make her brown eyes blue using implants.According to the London Informer, Ms Farrell was left with a hole in her iris... Read more

Gunnar glasses could help cure computer eyes

Gunnar glasses could help fix the symptoms of strained eyes for people who spend a large amount of time in front of a computer, according to Wired.On the science magazine"s blog, blogger and software engineer Matt Blum noted how useful Gunnar Optiks glasses are.At first sceptical, he tried the... Read more

Less chance of myopia for active children

Parents should limit their children to no more than a couple of hours of television each day to reduce the chance of them developing myopia (short-sightedness), the East Oregonian urges.A lack of outdoor activity not only makes a child more susceptible to becoming overweight, it can also make them... Read more

Budget spectacles for the third world

Efforts are underway to distribute self-adjustable spectacles – which let untrained wearers set the correct focus themselves in under a minute – to some of the world"s poorest people, reports the New York Times.A recent study published by the World Health Organisation estimated that $269 billion... Read more

Dangerous drivers "not wearing prescription glasses"

Drivers in the UK are putting themselves and others in danger by wearing fashionable sunglasses instead of their prescription lenses, according to new research.KODAK Lens polled 2,000 people and found that 29 per cent choose sunglasses over the vision correction they need when they drive.Just 37 per... Read more

Account given of eye reshaping contact lenses

A child has spoken about contact lenses that reshape the eyes during the night.The Associated Press interviewed Isabella Jorgenson, 12, who has tried wearing the contact lenses to correct her vision.Optometrist Rob David explained that the contact lenses have a different shape to standard ones,... Read more

How to eat for eye health

A writer has given advice on how to eat to keep one"s eyes in good shape.In an article for the Examiner, Dr Ella Faktorovich explained that omega-3 and 6 fatty acids help keep oil glands around the eyes working properly, which in turn helps to prevent dry eyes.She warned that it may be unhealthy to... Read more

Pioneering operation restores writer"s sight

A novelist has spoken of the pioneering procedure that gave her back her sight after two years of blindness. Candia McWilliam suffered from blepharospasm, a condition which forces the eyelids to stay closed even though the eyes are otherwise fine.After hearing about Nottingham-based surgeon... Read more

Bionic contact lenses "could help diabetics"

Diabetic people could benefit from bionic contact lenses under development, according to the maker.Babak Parviz wrote an article for IEEE Spectrum in which he gave an account of how his work is going on and the potential uses for the technology.The University of Washington electrical engineer is... Read more

Glasses get anti-rain coating

Glasses wearers are being offered a new product to help them see properly in the rain.Ciliary Blue has released the Ultra Clean coating, which is described as "raincoats for spectacles".It gives glasses a hydrophobic and anti-static covering which makes the surface very smooth.This repels water... Read more

Eyeliner tips from Bobbi Brown

A Bobbi Brown makeup artist has told women how to make sure they apply eyeliner correctly.Paul Herrington, head of artistry at Bobbi Brown, explained how to put eyeliner on so that it stays in a straight line.He advised against stretching the eyelid out as this can ruin the texture when the skin is... Read more

Optometrist marvels at contact lens advancements

The advancement of contact lens technology has been recognised by an optometrist.Dr James Moores, who took over an optometry clinic 25 years ago, told the Amherst Daily News that he was astonished by how far contact lenses have come since he began working."If someone had mentioned in 1984 that you... Read more

Survey reveals parents" thoughts on contact lenses

Parents" feelings about their children wearing contact lenses have been revealed in a new study.The US-based poll commissioned by Acuvue found that 56 per cent of parents of children aged eight to 17 who have faulty vision but do not wear contact lenses say that the youngsters are interested in this... Read more

Cricket mother saves the day with contact lenses

A cricket player who lost one of his contact lenses was thanking his mother after she fetched him another pair.James Morris had been playing at the Minor Counties Championship, according to the Reading Post.But he lost a contact lens and could not see properly as a result.His mother Debbie quickly... Read more

Tips for keeping eyes young

Experts have given advice to people to help combat the effects of the ageing process on their eyes.EyeCare America urged people over 65 to have regular eye checks to help spot problems such as glaucoma and cataracts.In addition, it is important to wear sunglasses that offer at least 99 per cent UV... Read more

Buy contact lenses online "for savings"

People who wear contact lenses can save money if they buy them over the internet, according to research.Chiara Cavaglieri reported in the Independent that online retailers of contact lenses offer better deals for consumers.Matt Clear of consumer watchdog Which? told the paper: "Generally, what we"ve... Read more

Eyelash technology "suitable for contact lens wearers"

Contact lens wearers have been told that they can take advantage of a new eyelash technology.The Polish News reports the availability of neuLash, a conditioner for eyebrows and lashes, in eleven stores across the US.Reportedly, the treatment can help keep lashes and brows hydrated and strong, in the... Read more