How to make sunglasses fit

A tip has been given for getting old sunglasses to fit properly.Writing for examiner.com, Deanna Turner made a suggestion on how make sunglasses with plastic frames fit as snugly as they originally did.She told readers to put the glasses into hot tap water and leave them there for a minute.This will... Read more

Keratoconus contact lens lecture delivered

Keratoconus sufferers have been told of their contact lens options in a recent lecture.Martyn Lewis and Lynn White of UltraVision gave their deliveries to Moorfields Contact Lens Department at Moorfields Hospital.It was explained how people with keratoconus no longer need to wear rigid contact... Read more

Seeing the optician "can be lifesaving"

Eye tests can be lifesavers, a newspaper has explained.The Daily Mail spoke to several people who had potentially fatal conditions flagged up when they went for eye tests.In one case, a 16-year-old boy who had been suffering headaches saw an optician who noticed an abnormality in the back of his... Read more

Dark eye makeup "can be adapted for a bride"

Advice has been given for brides who like wearing dark colours on their eyes.Women who like to wear dark colours on their eyes have been told how to adapt this for their weddings.Make-up artist Nancy Spencer explained to bride-to-be Gemma Minshull that her standard black eyeliner and dark shadow... Read more

"Wink glasses" encourage alertness

There are times when it"s just too hard to stay awake, but it"s important to do so, well there are now glasses designed to help keep people focused by analysing their blinking.The Wink Glasses, created by Masunaga Optical Manufacturing in Japan, powered by USB charging, the glasses work by fogging a... Read more

Contact lenses offer "only partial sun protection"

People going into the sun have been warned that they will need protection for their eyes beyond just their contact lenses.An article in the Lansing State Journal explained that contact lenses cover only part of the eye and further shielding from harmful rays is needed.Sunglasses need to block at... Read more

Conjunctivitis sufferers "should discard contact lenses"

Conjunctivitis sufferers who wear disposable contact lenses should dispose of them if they have suffered from the eye ailment.This is advice given by Dr Geoffrey Galgo of the Guam Medical Care Clinic.He told Guam publication kuam.com that it is important to maintain proper hygiene as conjunctivitis... Read more

Sunglasses "may be required when driving"

People who drive without wearing sunglasses may be subject to prosecution in some cases.This was the warning given by motor offence lawyer Jeanette Miller on femalefirst.co.uk.She explained that while it is not compulsory to wear sunglasses in bright weather, not doing so may constitute careless... Read more

New, improved products "drive contact lens market"

New and improved products are the driving force in the contact lens industry.This is the claim made by an anonymous member of the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) Healthcare Councils.According to the expert, such products "are what drives the market and doctors are always interested in upgrading their... Read more

Drivers "should have spare contact lenses in the car"

Drivers who need to correct their vision have been urged to keep a spare set of contact lenses or glasses in their cars.The advice was given by German news agency Deutsche Presse Agentur.It cited figures from the German Association of Ophthalmologists, which believed that 11 per cent of drivers aged... Read more

Coloured contact lenses "need as much care as ordinary ones"

>People who wear coloured contact lenses have been reminded of the importance of caring for them in the same way as normal corrective lenses.Dr Patrick Magee of Eye Health Plus told The Advertiser that many people wear coloured contact lenses for too long because they are expensive.He said that... Read more

Contact lenses "can be worn by 10-year-olds"

Children who are ten could be ready to start wearing contact lenses if they wish, according to a US eye centre.The Vision Centre, based in Los Angeles, released details for parents.It said that children of ten or over are usually able to wear contact lenses, though they can be fitted to very young... Read more

Contact lenses "essential for active lifestyles"

People who have active lifestyles need contact lenses if they have imperfect vision.This is the claim made by a writer on health website fitsugar.com.It was explained that unlike glasses, contact lenses do not fall off or steam up.They can also be worn while swimming as long as care is taken or... Read more

Fashionable frames "good for children with glasses"

Fashionable glasses frames are proving a hit with children in the US.In a New York-based article, the Canadian Press reports how frames can now be bought in bright colours and distinctive styles, making children happy to wear them.One child, ten-year-old Gabby Mason, believes her tortoiseshell style... Read more

Preventative measures improve contact lens comfort

An eye care firm in the US has seen satisfaction with contact lenses increase since it brought in a new focus for care.Colorado-based Fort Collins Eye Doctors - Dr Kisling has started concentrating on preventative eye health and improving moisture within the eyes.Since then, patients who wear... Read more

Blue-tinted lenses "are calming"

Glasses with blue lenses can calm people, reduce appetite and even help with dyslexia, according to a specialist firm.Ciliary Blue is urging people to try having their glasses lenses tinted with the colour, which it said may help people"s emotional state.According to the firm, the colour can help... Read more

Contact lenses correct animals" vision

Contact lenses for animals are being made by a company based in Germany.S&V Technologies creates custom contact lenses, which are being used to help animals who suffer from cataracts.When their sight is completely clouded, the acrylic interocular contact lenses are put in.Among S&V Technologies"... Read more

Implantable contact lens "an alternative to laser eye surgery"

A surgically-implantable contact lens could be an alternative to laser eye surgery for people with nearsightedness.The lens, which is placed in front of the natural lens of the eye via a small incision, can be removed and could be suitable options for those with thin corneas - who are not generally... Read more

Sunflower seeds and garlic "help eye health"

A list of foods to help people keep their eyes healthy has been provided on tayyar.org.The Lebanese news outlet suggested that people eat sunflower seeds and garlic for selenium, which may help fight cataracts and improve eye health generally.Carrots are good for their vitamin A, while broccoli... Read more

Computer work "causes dry eyes"

By Adrian Galbrethon combating dry eye.Dr Asim Pirancha of the John-Kenyon American Eye Institute tells 14wfie.com how sufferers can try to ease the discomfort.His organisation suggested lighting the workspace properly and wearing customised glasses which can help to reduce the glare from a computer... Read more