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HELP! I think I am becoming a contact lenses wearaholic!!!!!! Can`t stop buying them...Grey, Green and now Blue...and I am on the website because I am about to buy the forth pair!!!!!
These contacts are lovely, amazing colour, easy to put in, comfy to wear. A+! Love them!

By from London on 24.03.2009 15:12

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Most Natural Looking I`ve ever tried

I`ve ordered a variety of the colors in the past and people are always shocked to find out that they are contacts.
Beautiful colors.
Great customer service.
Fast shipping to US.
Love them!

By from USA on 20.11.2008 18:01

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I`ve tried most of the color contacts available and I can say that these are by far the best, Confortable and the color looks real and pure.

By from Iceland on 18.05.2009 02:09

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Expression contacts

Love the colors, takes few minutes to get use to. Slightly bigger then my other contacts . Get alot of compliments. Love the yellow on the inside, gives a slight glow effect .

By from Leamington Ontario Canada on 08.11.2019 03:45

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Recommend for dark brown eyes

I bought these as I wanted to try a different brand to freshlooks which just don't sit well in my eyes. These fit perfectly and feel pretty comfortable. I have tried the aqua and the grey and both look amazing. Natural but not at the same time. It's great and I have just ordered another pair of aqua as I have been using the grey for a while. Definitely try as they seem to be a better shape and if other brands are not as comfortable for you.

By from Birmingham, UK on 17.08.2017 15:35

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Check the description carefully before buying

My fault for not checking the "colours" before buying - did not realise ALL the lenses have yellow coloured centres. A few mm larger than others I have used & I can feel this difference as a slight discomfort.

By from England on 29.11.2016 08:33

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Beautiful Aqua for dark brown eyes

I bought the Aqua as they were the only ones in stock for immediate delivery and a wait of a week for the others, but really glad I got these, they arrived the next day, and wearing them: the difference is subtle and beautiful and no-one can put their finger on what is different about me, but I've had loads of compliments about how nice I look lol. They take about 10 minutes to get used too once they are in. Thankyou, great price, by far the cheapest brand named on line and free postage too.

By from Cardiff on 16.04.2016 01:32

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Beautiful colour but SO uncomfortable!

I ordered these in green back in December. I have naturally dark green eyes so wanted to brighten my colour up a little bit and these were absolutely perfect and did so. I am a long time contact lense wearer and have worn all different types since the age of 15 but in all my years of wearing I have never worn a more uncomfortable pair of contact lenses. I couldn't even get through I full day of uni without taking them out. My eyes would get so irritated they would start secreting "sleep" and I would end up with blurry vision after a few hours. They also like to move when you blink which was very irritating. Colour wise I couldn't fault them, they are STUNNING but I really couldn't handle how uncomfortable they were so I shall not be reordering which I am gutted about.

By from London on 03.03.2016 01:48

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not natural when I wear them

This was my first time order expressions colors. I have dark brown color eyes and I like to have brown color
So I was very excited when I order brown color lenses but... the result is not good with my dark eyes.
Lense has yellow in the center so this makes my eyes yellow not brown.
Now Im going to order my previous color lenses which looks very natural on me.

By from LONDON on 16.06.2015 15:32

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not very good

Have used colourblends before but this time decided on opaque for a more noticeable. change. Delivery was fast only 2 days and it was new year but really not happy with these lenses. My eyes are a hazel colour so they are not dark and I ordered the blue lenses. You can't really notice unless u look really cloe and no one else noticed either.

By from Teesside on 01.01.2014 18:27

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Perfect fit, colour and comfort.

I choose this brand for a change and the lenses are perfect! Same as the fresh look colour blends.

By from London on 08.08.2013 23:43

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best for going out/nightime

The colour on these lenses is very good-however they look very unnatural and it looks pretty obvious you are wearing contact lenses-they also make your eyeball look bigger-so good if you want bigger eyes however i like my eyes to look their natural size-the lenses also give a 'staring' effect-i prefer the bausch and lomb for the most natural colour, so id only really reccomend these lenses for going out or nighttime wear rather than day time when they would look obvious

By from Unknown location on 20.02.2013 01:49

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that lenses are the worse on the world, uncomfortable and didn't give that colour like on the pictures, they look like my natural colour eyes. No recommended

By from Wolverhampton on 24.01.2013 21:56

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Eye Catching

Blue is the best colour. I tried all other colours but Blue makes men stir and smile at me!!! The colour seems natural, not too overbearing and fake.

By from UK on 04.01.2013 18:15

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I have used freshlook colorblends and I have developed allergic reaction, this one I can wear for a long period of time. Regarding shipping, I am very satisfied..Its fast and affordable. I would recommend this site to all my friends. I also ordered this contacts in brown, gray and hazel.

By from California,USA on 14.11.2012 19:25

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Comfortable but colour is awful

I have been searching for natural green contacts that are also comfortable so I tried these. My natural eye colour is hazel/green and unfortunately the Green in these are poor. They made my eyes a very muddy, unpleasant green and my friends all commented that my eyes looked very weird, almost zombie-like. They are comfortable which is good but the colour is bad. I will not be buying these ever again.

By from Northern Ireland on 02.11.2012 18:41

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Another complete waste of money!

The lenses arrived very quickly but were of very poor quality.
I was unable to see clearly out of them and they felt very heavy in my eyes.
Ordered the correct base curve but they were a deep cup shape rather then the more shallow sphere shape that I get with my Easy Vision Irisian Sphere lenses which I purchase from Specsavers.
I believe that the blurred vision was either due to the shape of the lens or the fact that the pupil hole was too small.
The lenses claim to be ideal for dark eyes, I chose Green which looked horrible, giving a harsh stripy effect and a zombie appearance.
I have now tried both Freshlook Colourblends and Expressions Colours both with very disappointing results. As every other website seems to sell the same coloured contact lenses I will stick to my natural eye colour - which I now appreciate and see the beauty of after having walked around with horrible zombie eyes.

By from Birmingham on 09.07.2012 21:38

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I have light blue eyes and ordered the Expressions in Brown - they are a beautiful brown colour and completely cover my own blue colour - unless it's very bright and my pupils are small - then you see my blue colour in the middle.
I would recommend these and give them 5 starts - I'm totally addicted to them now - such a gorgeous brown hue!

By from Copenhagen, Denmark on 14.03.2012 14:16

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By from NEW JERSEY USA on 11.03.2012 01:46

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i have been wearing expression green contacts for years..i have brown eyes, and they look magnificent..i get compliments daily..i'm from the united states... the only problem is they are hard to find in the states, lately...

By from United states on 09.03.2012 14:19

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These were awful.
It was like having two bits of cling-film in my eyes, I could only stand about half an hour with them in before pulling them out ('Pulling' because they were so dry they had stuck to my eye) - the vision was ghastly, blurred and out of focus (despite being my usual prescription)and the pupil hole was so large that my natural eye colour (greeney blue) showed through (I ordered green) and it made my eyes look weird, almost alien!
Complete wast of time and money.

By from West Yorkshire on 29.12.2011 15:32

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Not suitable for dry eyes

I have been very impressed with the fast delivery.
Regarding the lenses themselves, I gave the greys a try. It's the only company I could find that sells boxes of 1 lens. I did not want to buy more of this colour before trying. My natural colour is medium brown. The lenses give a dark grey colour and are quite intense. This makes them look more unnatural than the Bausch & Lomb coloured lenses that I usually use. They have a yellow inner ring that comes out as light grey on the eye. I wish they were completely light grey. In addition, because they have 55% water (compared to 38% by B&B) if you have tendency for dry eyes like I do, these lenses are more uncomfortable. They are also more slippery, which makes them more difficult to handle. I think I will stick to B&B...

By from South East, UK on 28.11.2011 01:14

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Still blurry

Contacts fit fine but when i look up or down i get a blurry vision which i assume is from the tints of colour on the lens.. would be sticking to my daily disposables..

By from Rochester on 21.11.2011 13:05

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