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Freshlook Colorblends

2 Lenses per box

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Freshlook Colorblends
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3-in-1 color technology gives your own natural beauty a boost

FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® contact lenses use 3-in-1 color technology for a naturally beautiful look, whether you want a dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement. Even if your vision is perfect, experience a fresh, new look that's always you.


Outer Ring

defines the eye

Primary Color

transforms the eye color

Inner Ring

brightens and adds depth

FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS advanced color technology blends three colors on one lens. 3-in-1 FreshLook ColorBlends create the most natural looking eye color change ever. Each color is specially blended for the mostcolorblends realistic look with hazel around the pupil area and a charcoal outer colorburst pattern. They are available in Blue, honey, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Pure Hazel, Amethyst, True Sapphire and the latest additions Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue & Gemstone Green.

Freshlook Colorblends are supplied as single lenses, you will need to order a pair for both eyes.. These lenses are designed to be worn for one month or up to 30 times over a longer period for occasional wear, as long as they are properly cleaned and handled.

All colours represented are only approximate and may appear different on the eye, depending on your eye colour.

Recommended Cleaning Solution

Have you bought any contact lens solutions for your lenses?

We have a large range of All in One Solutions, Soft Lens Rewetting drops to alleviate dry eyes and convenient Multi Purpose Solution Flight Packs - perfect for your next holiday.

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Rated 4.1/5 based on 426 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Best so far

I have been using fresh look colourblends for at least 10 years and they have not let me down yet. They are very comfortable and the colours look realistic. I'm a black African woman and I have had all sorts of people walk up to me to compliment my eye colour and they have been stunned every single time I say they are coloured contacts. It has definitely made poor vision more exciting for me.

By from Accra, Ghana on 07.03.2020 00:47

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My fave contact lens brand

I have been using fresh look colour blends for many years, they look so natural and feel very comfortable. Since using fresh look colour blends this is my top lens brand and have never used anything else. I would highly recommend this product especially of you have dry eyes.

By from London on 07.03.2020 14:41

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Best lenses for all the right reasons.

I have used these lenses on and off for the space of five years, sometimes I have the impulsion to have blue eyes for a month or two. usually I just wear the standard Biofinity lenses which itch, dry and irritate my eyes quite often. however, when I use the freshlook color lenses, I can wear them for an entire month - 6 weeks without any problems at all. I often forget I am wearing them, they are also so durable that I have never had any problems keeping them in for an extra week at the beginning of a new month. Above all the comfort and lense quality, the look of them are so natural. on a few occasions people have asked me "you're eyes are stunning!" and I admit, they are stunning to look at. the colours are so natural but bold. I absolutely love these lenses.

By from Manchester on 08.12.2016 05:20

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Love them!

I have very dark brown eyes and brown hair and have wanted to try contacts for years but was unsure about how natural they would look.
I bought the Sterling Grey and they are fab! They show up really well on my dark eyes and are really comfortable. I've never used contacts before so it took me a couple of attempts to get them in, they felt slightly alien in my eyes for about an hour but after that perfect vision and sparkling bright eyes!

By from Preston on 21.03.2012 21:41

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Really good for dark eyes

I'm a Chinese girl with really light skin and black hair and I swear by these contacts. The colours really show up on my eyes and i would recommend grey for anyone with the same colouring as me. Green and hazel in particular also show up really well but they can make you look washed out if you have black hair like me. But the thing is these contacts are a bit too big for my eyes so if you can, buy the Freshlook One Day coloured contacts as they are a bit smaller and the colours are just as noticeable.

By from London on 15.03.2012 13:09

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Very realistic!

I have dark brown eyes and bought the gemstone green lenses. Didn't really know what to expect because I'd never worn coloured lenses but these gave quite a subtle colour change. They look very convincing because it's quite a dark green and my eyes are naturally dark. Only problems I've have is that they tend to move around on my eyes a bit and sometimes my vision is blurry, maybe due to the coloured part of the lens moving over my pupil... not sure. And you can also see part of my iris around the pupil where the colour is not covering it fully which can look weird close up. But on the whole these look great, especially in sunlight. Also a very quick delivery. A good purchase!

By from London UK on 21.02.2012 15:43

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Slightly disappointing

I'd always wanted green eyes, and so decided to go for it and purchase "Gemstone Green". I thought that the lenses would make a noticeable difference to my medium to light blue eyes, but I am slightly disappointed as the colour change is only noticeable from right up close- the colour is no brighter or lighter than my own, and so I suppose this means that these lenses would be a good choice for someone who is looking for a subtle, natural change.
Prescription-wise, the lenses are spot on, although I find the size of the lenses a little difficult to maneuver. And I don't know if it's just a problem with me personally, but I'm having a problem with the lense "swimming" around in one of my eyes, which sometimes affects my vision.
All in all, not the radical new look that I was hoping for.

By from Brive-la-Gaillarde, France. on 28.01.2012 09:43

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Sterling grey - nice little change

I was always dreaming about light eyes as my true colour is brown. I decided to give it a go so ive tried colourblends in sterling grey. My first feeling was that it wont fit properly as i could see blurry and it was bit strange but after while it was absolutely ok and discomfort and blurry vision completely dissapeared. Colour is great, quite subtle, even tho i was hopin for little bit lighter shade and bit more noticeable. But i gotta say colour still looks great and give my eyes different dimension. The only downside is that i can see my original iris around pupil and that makes me look a bit strange, little bit like a freak at some moments. I understand the reason that it just must be produced that way, however i would love to have my eyes look little bit more natural. In comparison with expressions colours (blue) it looks definitely more natural. Also after few hrs my eyes got dry so i had to use my solution to moist them and this is really big downside. Thats a shame because these lenses are despite the fact the can get dry easily, really great. Ive definitely become a fan of colourblends and il try more shades in future. I have to say i got compliments from my friends so im very happy i found cheap coloured contact lenses with great customer service from Thank you! ♥

By from Nottingha, on 24.01.2012 17:53

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I just to use colour lenses few years back from different manufaturer but I always found them uncofortible and pretty fake colour. I decided to give it another try and I bought this lenses in green and my god, I have dark brown eyes and this lenses gives me a very natural/ settle olive green colour even in daylight and so confortible to wear, I dont notice them at all and the compliments are amazing, my frineds through that I changed the colour surgicaly. I 100% recomend them and the service and delivery are spot on, quick and efficient, my next colour will be gemstone green for a more dramatic colour change. I you want a natural colour change and like green, go for this ones

By from London, UK on 06.01.2012 16:15

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Sparkly eyes

I am a brunette with slightly tanned skin and dark brown eyes.
Pure hazel looks very natural on my eyes. It enhances them and makes my eyes look sparkly. Pure hazel looks as it is in the picture. The grey coloured lenses really stand out on my eyes, others can notice they are contact lenses as for pure hazel, they think that I am wearing extra mascara. Turquoise look greenish blue on my eyes. Honey looks fake because they look more orange brown and the centre sticks out too much on my eyes. However honey or grey would look great on an evening look. Green looks more similar to pure hazel, just that green is a bit darker.
This website has a brilliant price for these lenses and a very good service..I always order my contact lenses from here.

By from Birmingham on 04.01.2012 01:03

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Absolutely. Service, price and delivery were all spot.....

Great service!! They offer good prices and are very fast on delivery.
I Ordered Freshlook Colorblends in green and Freshlook Colorblends in gemstone green on December 16, 2011 and with normal free delivery I received the contacts on December 19 , 2011.
First time I have ordered from them and will definately order from them again.
I am very very Very satisfied with my contact lenses

By from UK on 21.12.2011 09:07

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contact lenses

i am not impressed with some of the coloured contact lenses. i usually buy the green ones and they are always spot on and im really impressed with them. however i have purchased gray and gemstone green and although they look great, i have noticed that they have ripped after one use. has this happened to anybody else?

By from Manchester on 12.12.2011 20:43

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Amazingly attractive

I tried the hazel for several months nut did not get any comments as my real colour is dark brown. S0 I tried the Sterling blue and instantly I started getting lots of compliments and people just cannot work out where am from as I have tanned skin and wear blue uniform everyday. I used them daily and sometimes up to 14 hours hours at 35000 feet. Just need to be vigilant on changing the solution and cleaning....amazing!!!

By from UK on 09.12.2011 23:23

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I have had the Gemstone green and Grey contacts from this range. I was impressed with how bright yet natural the Gemstone green was, but i did find it looked fake in photographs. The fit is ok, pupil hole is very large and i find the contact itself very flimsy. Vision is fine.
I was however not impressed with Grey, i have natural dark green eyes and they did nothing, still looked green, just had a darker band. I would love to find some true grey contacts that lighten my eyes.

By from Devon, UK on 06.12.2011 17:29

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Vanity or Vision?

I have purchased the Hazel, Brown and Blue in these.
The colours are very good but the vision is bad.
I ordered my correct prescription, but with every colour I try the vision remains `blurry` and I can only wear them for 6 hours maximum before they become dry and impossible to wear.
Having said that, it is the product I am unhappy with, not Contactlens uk - the delivery was second to none (next day delivery, beautifully packaged).
If you are thinking of using these for short-term wear then they are ok, but what you gain in eye colour you lose in clarity of vision.
I bought the brown ones (I have green/blue eyes) to wear to the theatre, and I could not see the stage as everything was blurred and fuzzy :(
I persisted with them (3 days) but concluded that clarity of vision is more important to me than enhancing my eye coulur!
If you are prepared to part with �£14 then try them!!

By from West Yorkshire on 08.11.2011 11:47

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Natural Looking

I have dark brown eyes and ordered gemstone green. The colour looked very natural on my eyes, a dark green colour (looks lighter in bright light) and gave my eyes that sparkle. Lots of people said my eyes looked beautiful, some said "you look really nice" but couldn`t pin point exactly what was different about me. They were comfortable; I wore them sometimes up to 12-14 hours a day in a range of conditions. As with every coloured contact lens, from very close, you could tell that I was wearing coloured contact lens. Nearer the end of their expiry date (30 uses), they started to become a bit flimsy, but didn`t tear as they were carefully cleaned. If you have dark brown eyes and want to go for the "natural but different" look, I strongly recommend this.

By from London, UK on 28.10.2011 11:52

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Great colour but bit blurry

I have green eyes and ordered the sterling grey contacts. Colour looks amazing when in and can really tell the difference! Delivery was very quick and online chat service very helpful. Only negative is that the lenses made my site abit blurry and a little uncomfortable when wearing them

By from Hertfordshire on 21.10.2011 15:37

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Fantastic service, Fab lenses

I ordered my contact lenses and they came the following day. i was highly impressed. so very impressed with the service. contacts that came where perfect as described. they fit and look amazing.. i suggest if you are asian i.e pakistani and have dark brown eyes and want a really nice change i.e not fake. natural looking sky blue colour buy the grey contact lenses they are amazing.. so 5* fantastic service and lenses were amazing

By from LUTON on 14.09.2011 18:05

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I have brought the blue ones and the gray ones and the brown ones
i have dark bluey green eyes! and i fancied a change in colour
i brought the blue ones and i was impressed, so i thought i would buy the gray ones and was impressed, and then i brought the brown ones
and the brown ones are THE BEST !!!!!!!! no one knew i was wearing contact lenses .. my mum thought i dyed my hair LOL !!
and my best friend thought something was different about me
and He asked me ... was i wearing fake tan LOL !! no one knew i had contact lenses in. Untill i told them and they said it looked really good
the brown ones looked the best on me
i looked like a different person and looked actually better looking with brown eyes go with my blonde hair lol

By from Essex on 01.09.2011 18:56

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best service.

I would just like to say this company is wonderful, I have never been impressed and pleased with a company like this. there customer service is brilliant and there contact lenses are perfect. i would recommended to everyone.

By from London UK on 27.08.2011 11:12

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Interesting change from my normal eye colour

I've seen some reviews of what different colours look like. I've tried a few and thought I'd mentioned my experiences. Let me start by saying I have dark eyes (hazel)
Brilliant Blue: By far my favourite, noticeable but not that noticeable, I get a few comments on nights out.
Gemstone Green: Quite noticeable, also a favourite.
Grey: Wasn't very impressed, looks a bit weird and zombie like.
True Sapphire: OK, but not as good as brilliant blue, also looks a bit fake as the pupils on these lenses seem much bigger for some reason (not sure if that's accurate, might just have been bright in my room so my pupils closed more).

By from Stockton-on-Tees, UK on 24.08.2011 21:42

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I have very dark eyes and have been using freshlook colourblends in true sapphire for about a year. They are an intense blue, and while they give the effect that I want, they would probably be too dramatic against a lighter eye colour. I love the fact that they allow some your natural eye colour to show through and blend reasonably well, however like just about any coloured contacts, they are apparent close up. They will also show in pictures taken with a flash and under hard, direct light. I have found that how realistic they are varies significantly between batches: sometimes the pattern/gradient is much finer; other times the colour can be disappointingly more solid.
I have also tried the original "blue" colour, which only provided a blue tint, as well as the "green" option which I found somewhat too muddy (at least against my eyes). The "sapphire blue" option (not listed here) gave a horrible solid, bright, unnatural effect that I wouldn't recommend to anyone.
I would definitely recommend experimenting with a few colours, as the effect must vary significantly from person to person.

By from Kent, UK on 24.08.2011 12:51

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Very addictive!

I used to wear coloured contact lenses years ago but they always made my eyes sore. Decided to give them a go again so ordered these in Amethyst and Gemstone Green. I tried the Amethyst first and they gave a subtle change to natural my pale blue eyes, made them look slightly brighter but not obvious. Then I tried the Gemstone Green and these made my eyes pop more, especially with smokey eyeshadow! Just ordered Brown and Brilliant Blue as I fancy a more obvious change for a couple of party`s I`m going to this month!
Buy them! They`re fab and are second to none - fast delivery and great value!

By from South Wales, UK on 12.08.2011 02:27

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