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the worst lenses I've ever had

Absolutely awful. The don't keep their shape when you're trying to put them in, once in, they're dry and fall out easily. Won't order again.

By from Uk on 04.10.2019 13:02

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contact lense

comfort fit

By from London UK on 14.03.2015 17:19

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Much Improved

I reviewed these same lenses a while ago and criticized how bad they were, but after being forced to switch from monthly to daily lenses, I originally switched to a different type of Acuvue lenses (i.e. not the Moist but the Advance). When these was discontinued I again was forced to retry this lense as it was the only alternative, but I am happy to say I have been wearing these for over a year and they are much much better than they used to be.

By from Kent on 09.12.2014 14:33

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Awful lenses - would not recommend

I have been using Acuvue ordinary lenses for a long time but was given Acuvue Moist lenses as a free 'upgrade'. I am not impressed. The lenses are far too flimsy and just not rigid enough to put comfortably into the eye (they have no shape to them) and they stick to the eye ball during wear. I don't know how many pairs I wasted having to put in a new pair during the day, usually by lunchtime because I could hardly see through the ones I put in in the morning! As it seems to be difficult/impossible to get ordinary Acuvue dailies from now on I'm switching to Focus Dailies. Acuvue Moist no thanks.

By from London, UK on 28.03.2014 19:02

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First Lens I tried

When I decided to start wearing contact lenses my optician recommended these. Apparently they were the most comfortable and they highly recommended them. Unfortunately, I found them very uncomfortable after a few hours and within 6 they were ready to come out. They were extremely drying and kept catching on my lower eyelid. After being praised so highly, I felt like perhaps lenses weren't for me. Luckily I have found other brands to work better, such as Biotrue. I have ordered two different brands here so I shall review them when I try!

By from Leeds on 11.10.2013 16:49

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Good if you have dry eyes.

I tried these 'moist'ones as my eyes tend to be rather dry when wearing lenses. Yes, they are a bit delicate, but i personally have not had much problem with them.
Tip : once on your finger - hold them up to the light and look out for the '123' on the rim of the lense - this shows it's the right way round as these do easily flip.
I usually wear them when going out or during the summer when wearing sunglasses, but have wore them all day & have been ok.

By from Walsall, West Midlands on 26.09.2013 12:52

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Harder to use

I used to use the Acuvue Dailies, but they stopped making those and so I had to switch to the Moist version... not been impressed at all ... they are much harder to put in, pop out easily and don't seat on the eye properly, but they are ok once they are in, but the one down side is...
If I get home for work and take them out for a few hours (and put them in solution), when I try to put them back in to go out in the evening they are near on impossible to use! They seem to go quite sticky and the edges, even though they have been in solution, are puckered and so uncomfortable ... they end up being worn all day and evening instead so I don't waste a pair! Would rather be able to pop them out for a couple of hours and then back in, but doesn't work for me!
Am going to try the cheaper Crystal Dailies and at those prices if I can't get them back in it won't be so expensive to then use another pair!

By from Dorset on 24.07.2013 13:46

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Exemplary service

Ordered Friday morning, received the following morning. Now that is what I call service. As for Acuvue Moist? Well, I've been using them since I can't remember. Yes, occasionally a bit fiddly but I work in an office environment so my eyes often dry out. These fit the bill perfectly.

By from London, UK on 15.07.2013 13:23

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Surprisingly good

Recently, Acuvue stopped making my usual contact lenses so I had to find an alternative. I decided to go with the same company and try out these lenses, despite the less than favourable reviews.
I found them to be as good as, if not better, than my previous type of lenses. I suffer from dry eyes, and no contact lenses don't not irritate them a bit but they were quite comfortable with these lenses.
They are thinner, but I find this means they are much easier to insert into my eye.
I can wear these for 8 hours or more without my eyes getting too irritable.
Overall, I'm pleased with them and am sticking with them.

By from London, UK on 27.06.2013 13:21

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I had been using the 1 Day Acuvue lenses for a couple of years and due to the fact they have discontinued them I thought I would try the 1 Day Acuvue Moist Lenses.
I was very disappointed with these lenses. Due to the fact they are so moist, they constantly flop all over the place when I'm trying to put them in. I also found little bits of fluff etc stuck to them very easily, and it was difficult to clean these bits of fluff off them.
I also found them to be quite uncomfortable to wear during the day, and struggled to wear them for the same amount of time as the normal Acuvue lenses.
I won't be buying these again. Going to try a completely different brand.

By from Scotland on 24.06.2013 23:24

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ok so these are another fail for me. been trying to find a daily lens to replace my amazing one day acuvue ( now discontinued grrrrr) tried trueye the other day which were awful... now these ... just a slight improvement but still no good.... moving around in eye, itchy, vision foggy also got gummy build up floating down behind eyes all day.
eyes look like zombie after a few hours.
so now i look for another type :(
really upset they discontinued the best lenses ever for me!!!
Editors Comment: We agree its such a shame. We hope Johnson and Johnson will go down the coke route, and eventually realise they have made a mistake and bring them back as Acuvue Classic.

By from Unknown location on 31.01.2013 20:04

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Why did they stop making Acuvue

Loved Acuvue - used them for years. 5 star review on here. But they stopped making them so I have had to switch, but these are hard to put in. If I start at something they pop out. Very frustrating and going to just move away from Acuvue.

By from Unknown location on 29.01.2013 17:55

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Really dislike these lenses

I find these lenses terrible. They are very flimsy and almost too moist. They constantly fold in on themselves when I'm trying to put them in and then go up under the eye lid etc. I cannot get on with these lenses whatsoever. Once they are in the eye, they tend to move around a lot. Not for me at all.

By from Surrey, UK on 21.01.2013 13:06

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better than Focus Dailies but not by much

you do feel they are more moist after putting them on but they almost immediately become uncomfortable after a couple of minutes of wearing. after 3 hrs they become worse than the cheaper Focus Dailies which are not that great themselves either. after 6 hrs they become simply unbearable.will not buy again.

By from London, uk on 05.07.2012 08:05

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better than the rest

very comfortable and non-drying at the end of the day. just be careful while first wearing as it is very thin and can be wasted easily.

By from London on 05.06.2012 21:12

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Best Lenses

When I wear glasses, I never suffer from dry eyes. A number of ophthalmologists have said to me they have no objections to me wearing contact lenses. However, once I have contacts in, after 1-2 hours my eyes feel dry and itchy; I can really feel them in my eyes. I've tried different non-moist monthlies & dailies, but the result was all the same. Acuvue Moist are the only ones that are really different. I don't feel them in my eyes for several hours and can thus wear them for much longer than any other contacts. Will definitely keep using them.

By from London, UK on 18.05.2012 20:25

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Worst lenses I've ever had. Difficult to put in, numerous wasted lenses due to folding / tearing - I've been wearing lenses for +15 years and never had this problem with any other products. Fine once they are in properly but no apparent benefit over cheaper lenses I've used - certainly not worth the premium over other dailies. I will not be purchasing these again.

By from Northumberland on 16.05.2012 11:38

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Extremely difficult to put in

Some of the most frustrating lenses ever.
I have previously used Acuvue TruEye which were absolutely fantastic, but thought I would give these a go seeing as they were a bit cheaper.
Have wasted about 5 or 6 lenses from the first box due to them turning over or folding or being too soft to apply. Would not buy again.

By from Sheffield, UK on 11.05.2012 10:48

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Not the dailies for me

I suffer with dry eyes and can never wear contacts for more than 6 hours at a time. I thought that these moist lenses would be the ideal solution but I found them really difficult to wear. They felt as though they were moving on my eye and were really rather scratchy. Not a fan.

By from Warwick on 07.12.2011 10:21

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Not the lens for me

Didn't take well to these lens at all. They kept hiding round the back of my eyeballs. Constantly irritated me. Couldnt wait to finish the batch. Worst lens' I've ever used

By from Bahrain on 10.08.2011 11:52

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