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I have wore continuous use contact lenses for 10 years... These start irritating my eyes after 2 days.... They make them blood shot and they dry out. Never had this before.

By from UK on 13.09.2019 19:04

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These lenses are awful. I used to have Purevision. Optician change to these and I didn't like them so changed back to Purevision. Now you no longer have purevision I am back to these.
They tear easily. They dont give clear vision. More than twice the price of Purevision. I am going to try and get Purevision elsewhere as these are no good.
I had to give one star but would have given no star if this was an option.

By from UK on 01.03.2016 15:39

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AirOptix Night and Day Aqua - Horrendous.

I have been wearing contacts for a few years & when I heard that there was going to be a lense that lasted for a month, I was delighted. Although they were pricey, I thought that the money would be well spent. How wrong was I? They were terrible. They dry your eyes and I had to remove them at night before bed because if I didn`t, come the morning, my eyes were so dry & sore. That was my primary reason for buying them, for the convenience. If they were not removed at night, my eye lids were practically glued together in the morning. I have reverted back to my original daily disposable lenses. They are far superior. I will not be purchasing again.
Editors Comment: Unfortunately extended wear lenses do not suit everyone. We recommend a fitting and an assessment by an eye care professional to check out suitability.

By from Co Derry, Northern Ireland on 22.05.2014 14:05

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I don't usually write things in review and this is not a review, why do people do it, if your not satisfied, write to the company and tell them, if you bought a new version of your car and didn't like it then you would go to the showroom and complain, same applies here go to the company, as the meerkat says,SIMPLES,

By from North wales on 05.05.2013 20:38

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they are just the best for me

I don't know guys what are you talking about, maybe because i never had a chance to wear the "old ones", but I used to wear ACUVUE Oasys with hydraclear, and it's like day and night for me. I have experience of wearing lenses for 20 years now and I often had problems with my eyes getting red and irritated, but these particular lenses AirOptix Night&Day changed my life practically. For the last six months wearing them, i haven't had a single problem, no more red eyes and no more dryness in my eyes. I just love them

By from New York, USA on 01.02.2013 18:03

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A brilliant product totally ruined

The old night and day lenses were by far the most comfortable and easy to wear lenses. Unfortunately this product has now been changed and these are the worst lenses ever! I have been wearing contact lenses for 25 years and these are the only lenses I have ever had a problem with.

By from Brighton, UK on 16.05.2012 09:23

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I'm not sure what everyone's on about...

I've been wearing these contact lenses for years now and have never experienced anything but perfectly comfortable lenses. To me, they are the same as before the name change. I can often wear them for well over 30 days without noticing... naughty.

By from London on 13.12.2011 18:57

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Very poor lenses

I used the old Night & Day lenses for many years and they are obviously a better lens. Since using these lenses they are often very blurry, and uncomfortable after only 1-2 weeks, forcing me to change to a new pair. Sometimes I clean the lenses every other day, but they remain uncomfortable and soon become blurred again. Often wake up like a pirate with one eye stuck together at the eyelids.
Unfortunately there are limited alternatives available here, so go elsewhere for a different/better lens if you can.

By from London, UK on 24.06.2011 11:29

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Would not buy again

I got these lenses as a replacement for my usual brand Biofinity which were out of stock. They were awful, I wouldn`t recommend wearing them overnight as they are uncomfortable during the day and you end up with blurry eyes. I got very sore eyes twice and ended up wearing my glasses instead. Have ordered my usual half the price of these but 50 times better! Stay well clear.

By from Newcastle UK on 31.05.2011 00:49

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First few days a bit sticky but after that Perfect

I have been introduced to these by my mother, who has been wearing this type of contact for years.
i was thinking to get laser treatment because i really didn`t enjoy putting the lenses in every morning i would normally use dailies, however i was a little sceptical about them, as a few times i fell a sleep in the dailies where horrible and the glued my eyes shut when i woke up and also at night they would get really dry and leap from my eye balls!
I have to admit i have worn them past the 30 days in which i would imagine most people do, and it feels like im not wearing anything. A fantastic product and I shall not be getting laser now, as now i feel as though i don`t need to go through that when i can just get on with NIGHT AND DAYS.

By from London on 17.03.2011 12:47

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Just like the Air Optix Night and Day if you take them out at night

I was apprehensive when I saw the previous reviews for these lenses. I`d been using AirOptix Night and Day for years and was disappointed to find that they`d been discontinued. I decided to give these lenses a try, as basically had no other choice. Although they are supposed to be for 24h wear, I always take mine out at night, just like I did with the old AirOptix Night and Day. I can`t tell the difference at all! They are just as good as the old brand, so have no complaints whatsoever. I think if you wear them just during the day, like I do you`ll find they perform as well as the old lenses. No problems at all!

By from London, UK on 31.12.2010 20:26

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It varies eye to eye

There are some very negative reviews on here, obviously they are justified based on the reviewers` experience, but for me these are the perfect lenses. They`ve stood up to a 19 hour day including 2 flights and the London Underground with no discomfort, and then 5 days in Moscow using the Metro heavily, plus 4 flights, without so much as wetting them. Ultimate continuous wear lens as far as I`m concerned. My lens trial started off with SiH48, which were almost unbearable after 12 hours, worse than my previous dailies! These kill them. No questions.

By from London, UK on 06.11.2010 22:02

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Very Comfortable

I purchased these contacts about a week ago and put them in almost straight away. The first one went in with no problems, very comfortable. The next one felt a little uncomfortable and I took it out, wet it with a little solution and placed it back in. Ever since then, they have been fantastic and trouble free so far. I am extremely pleased at how comfortable they are. I would certainly recommend that you give them a try.

By from Birmingham on 07.10.2010 21:51

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The new lenses are really bad!!! Do believe the reviews!!!

I`ve been using the old FOCUS Night & Day lenses for almost ten years with not a single problem (after much `extended` wear and some fairly poor maintenance to be fair).
I`ve now been using the new CIBAVISION AirOptix replacement lenses for about six months and they are basically unusable. They have much lower water content, which results in dry sticky and grainy eyes, lots of `sleep` and general discomfort to the point that I`ve repeatedly just taken them out in the middle of the day, binned the lenses and reverted to glasses because I`ve lost patience with the discomfort. This is typically with a new set of lenses, after only a few days, and having left them in solution overnight.
Having now read the reviews and identified the lower water content I understand why I`ve spent the last six months with very uncomfortable lenses. I won`t be continuing with this product as (unfortunately!!) the new lens no longer does what it was designed to do.

By from Bristol UK on 22.06.2010 17:30

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Ive been using this product for well over 2 years and I find them fantastic. As I have to have a smaller size lense, I found these fit perfectly. Ive never had a problem at all with them and aslong as you stick to the instructions like your supposed to then I can`t see a problem.

By from Leeds on 27.05.2010 09:11

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Reconsider your lenses!

What a mistake! I had read ALL the posted reviews, and because of the mixed ratings decided that the lenses should be ok as I was an old hand at continuous wear. I have been wearing continuous wear lenses for 15 years, of varying brands. I was very happy with the old night and day lenses, and so when I found myself unable to order them decided to go with new "no difference" Aqua night and days. After the first night I woke up with my eyes glued together, have been unable to keep them in for more than about 10 hours at a time and feel they are much thicker and harder than any of the previous ones I`ve used. There is absolutely no way I will last a month taking them out every night, let alone a month of continuous wear. As I type, it is now less than a week since I first put them in (having taken them out at night for the last few nights) and already it feels like I need a new pair. More oxygen to the eye? It seems unlikely given how thick they are. Less likely to tear? Definitely, they are thick enough to prevent that. However, the whole point of continuous wear is that you aren`t taking them out and putting them in everyday, so less handling means less tearage. I can only assume people who found them fragile were handling them too much! That`s what disposable lenses are for. I am already looking for alternatives.

By from Sam, London UK on 15.03.2010 12:17

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They work for me

I was surprised to see the bad reviews on these. I love these lenses. I guess maybe it just varies between people and their eyes. I have no problems with these, in fact, I forget I am wearing them and even after 30 days of continuous wear I feel I could go much longer without discomfort. In the morning they sometimes feel a bit dry and gooey, but that is expected, but after a few minutes of normal blinking they are fine. Sometimes I have to use eye drops but not very often.

By from Portsmouth on 12.02.2010 08:05

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they do exactly what it says on the box!!

Like the other reviewers on here i also used to wear the old night and day lenses for many years but unlike them i still think even with the new aqua name they`re great! The do exactly what i need, and sometimes i can forget to change them after 30 days and they still feel as comfy as when i first put them in. Maybe i`m just lucky, but i think these night and day lenses are perfect if you want convenience and no hassle!
Plus on this website they`re very reasonable in price and freepost too so you can`t go wrong!!

By from Reading UK on 16.12.2009 22:23

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Not a patch on the old ones!!!

Agree with all the comments below. I wore the old Ciba night and days for over a year with no problem at all. I bought the Air Optix version having been assured that they were the same, just rebranded but they clearly are not! I used to wear the old ones continuously for weeks at a time with no problems but I had to take these out early every evening or my eyes mist over and dry out. Avoid and go elsewhere - there are far better out there !!!!

By from Peterborough, UK on 27.11.2009 10:54

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I have used the previous night and day lenses for many years. In accordance with other reviews the new version is no where near as comfortable, often feeling grainy and sticky. I did not feel confident leaving them in overnight which after all is the main benefit of these lenses. The new lenses are also much less robust than the old version, tearing more easily so rarely did they last 30 days. Definitely would not buy again and if feedback can be sent to the manufacturer it may be of use - they turned a great product into one to avoid.

By from London, UK on 10.11.2009 15:52

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