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Acuvue Oasys

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Acuvue Oasys
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Product Info

ACUVUE® OASYS™ Brand Contact Lenses with HYDRACLEAR™ Plus are a real breakthrough for contact lens wearers, and according to the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys are the number 1 selling contact lens in the world.

As you would expect from Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys is a premium silicone hydrogel contact lens, containing Senofilcon A to provide unbelievable comfort even in demanding conditions, such as in an air-conditioned office, when using a PC, on a plane or after long hours of wear.

Acuvue Oasys is a daily disposable silicone hydrogel contact lens, to be worn daily for up to 14 days consecutively, removed, cleaned and stored overnight or continuously for 1 week. 

Ideal for contact lens wearers with dry eyes, the Hydraclear® Plus technology in Acuvue Oasys retains moisture across its surface throughout the day and stabilizes the tear film to provide comfort and moisture from morning 'till night - or through the night.

Why Choose Acuvue Oasys

  • Silicone hydrogel
  • The highest level of UV Blocking available in today’s soft contact lens market – greater than 99% UVB and 95% UVA1
  • 1-2-3 Inside-out indicator - to help you insert your lenses correctly every time 
  • Reduced contact lens related dryness 
  • A soft and silky feel 
  • Wear as either a two weekly lens on a daily basis or 1 week on extended wear basis
  • A contact lens you can sleep in

Other options

There is a limited choice when it comes to 2 weekly replacement contact lenses, not long ago Johnson and Johnson were the only manufacturers that offered that option but now with the introduction on Avaira Vitality and Crystal Comfort there is more to choose from, although designed as monthly disposable contact lenses both of these are cheap enough to be used as a 2 weekly disposable lens, keeping your eyes even healthier. A great daily disposable alternative is 1 Day Acuvue Moist or Crystal Air.


Recommended Cleaning Solution

Have you bought any contact lens solutions for your lenses?

We have a large range of All in One Solutions, Soft Lens Rewetting drops to alleviate dry eyes and convenient Multi Purpose Solution Flight Packs - perfect for your next holiday.

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Rated 4.1/5 based on 44 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Have been wearing these for years and they're great

I really like these contact lenses, they let a lot of air into the eye and are very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a comfortable soft lens which doesn't dry out your eyes.

By from London on 21.03.2020 11:23

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Long time Acuvue user

These fortnightly lenses are very comfortable and are as good on day 14 as day 1. I suffer from dry eyes and so use drops to help for comfort on the long daily use. I swapped to these from Acuvue Daily to save money and am as happy with them as the daily lenses.

By from London on 07.03.2020 20:43

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Pleasure of wearing the new Day & Night lenses

I have been waiting over 15 years to be able to leave in my contact lenses and not have to fumble about with taking them in and out every morning and night, worrying about whether I have any/sufficient solution with me every time I travel!

By from London, UK on 02.03.2009 15:09

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Quite good

These lenses are ok to wear occasionally but after wearing them for over 12 hours my eyes start to get irritated.

By from UK on 01.03.2020 17:43

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Acuve 14 days

Great product, if you keep clean will last the full duration. Fast delivery and good contact if any problems or issues.

By from Scotland on 01.03.2020 16:55

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Simple and prompt delivery

I have been using the site now for several years and have found it very easy to navigate and always delivered within the next hassles.

By from London, UK on 27.02.2020 18:25

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Bad mistake to dump Advance

I stopped using Accuvue when they went to Oasys. Tried buying Oasys twice, the 2nd time by mistake. They just aren't as comfortable as Advance and I don't know why.

By from Texas on 31.12.2017 14:51

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AWFUL - worst lenses i've ever tried

My optician recommended me to spend more on my contact lenses when I told him I was wearing Crystal contact lenses almost every day, and recommended Acuvue. Honestly these are the most painful contact lenses I've worn, they were fine for a few days but then they felt really painful and kept moving around to the point where I couldn't even see anything and it was excruciating. I just wanted to take them out but I had forgotten my glasses and so I couldn't take them out because then I wouldn't be able to see a thing... really was so hard to get through my day! Will not be buying Acuvue again. I never had any problems with Crystal lenses.

By from London on 25.01.2017 19:36

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Years of troublefree wearing

I switched from Advance to Oasys when they came out 5(?) years ago. In all that time, I have had just one that tore. I wear them on average for 16 hours per day but when travelling, have worn them up to 30 hours without any trouble. Unbeatable!

By from London on 03.05.2015 17:38

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When I started wearing contact lenses my ophthalmologist recommended Bausch & Lomb, touting them as the "Mercedes among contact lenses". I couldn't bear wearing them for the life of me! The irritation and dryness were just unbearable.
Then I thought I'd give other brands a try, starting with Acuvue Oasys. I never looked elsewhere. I can wear them all day, my eyes don't dry out and the vision is almost as clear as with my regular glasses even with my eyes wide open for several seconds. Bausch & Lomb always seemed to slide down a bit and blur my vision.
I now firmly believe contact lenses choice is down to individual preference, as different people's eyes react differently to them.

By from Dublin, Ireland on 13.06.2014 21:40

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Well worth the cost

A very good quality lens as are the Acuvue Advance.

By from Bedfordshire on 21.07.2013 23:25

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Poor vision

Having used Acuvue Advance very successfully for many years, I decided on a whim to try the 'improved' version, i.e. Oasys. Bad move! Vision seriously affected to the point where I could neither read easily nor see distance clearly. (I went down the 'monovision' route years ago, one eye for distance one for reading, which works brilliantly for me.) I'm keeping them for emergency use and switching back to my trusty Advance lenses.

By from Glasgow UK on 04.03.2013 11:30

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These are the best contacts in the world, nomatter what other reviews says. Here are the MAIN reasons.
1.So comfortable, you really forget there in your eyes.
2.The only contacts that never get dry, and never blurry.
3.You can see with 20-20 vision, with no dry eyes at all.
4.The brand.
5.You will love them because out of about 20 brands ive tried, these are the ONLY ones that i cant even feel in my eyes and are crystal clear.
Now if you have worn contact that was not comfortable, or gets dry and sticky blurry, YOU CAN TAKE MY WORD TO THE GRAVE, THESE ARE THE BEST EVER. IM SO HAPPY I GOT THEM AGAIN.

By from Alabama, USA on 25.08.2012 01:31

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Try before you buy...

I swapped to these from Acuvue2's using them as 2 week disposables and taking them out each night. For the first couple of days they are very comfortable. After this, they feel 'gritty' and dry, getting worse each day to the point where I can't wear them beyond 5 days. I'll be going back to Acuvue2's. Try before you buy as these clearly don't suit everybody.

By from UK on 25.01.2012 13:44

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Not comfortable

I tried these on the strength of the other reviews submitted, however I found them extremely uncomfortable and painful. They left my eyes sore, irritated and itchy and I often had to take them out after only wearing for 30 minutes or so. I did have a dodgy batch which were misshapen and I thought this was the reason for the discomfort. The customer service from sorted it out brilliantly, but even the replacement (properly shaped!) batch wasn't too good. Wouldn't recommend unfortunately!

By from Manchester, UK on 30.08.2011 09:25

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Almost perfect

I spent most of my days in front of a computer. I have tried many daily disposables in the past. My main issue with them is that they are too thin and tear and deform too easily.
I have got Acuvue Oasys for a change and it was a great improvement. It gives me better comfort for longer. I can rub my eyes as hard as I want and the lenses wouldn't deform.
However, they are not perfect. These are 2 week disposables and during the 2nd week they get drier quicker than the 1st week, so becomes less comfortable. If I was rating it just for the 2nd week it would get 2 stars. Biggest issue with this though is the lack of focus on "distant" objects (I'm short sighted). I can see everything without it getting blurred, but as soon you want to focus on a specific word for example from afar it gets a little difficult. No problem with my glasses in this situation.
This is the best 2 weekly I have found. but still looking for a better one.

By from London on 24.08.2011 09:00

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just awful.

Unbelievable comfort? I think not! As soon as I put them in I wanted to take them out, I had to use eye drops at least 4 times in the 12 hours I wore them. I could feel them constantly and they made my vision blurry as well. My eyes were extremely sore and very red after wearing. Other people may find these comfy but they are defiantly not for me and I wouldn�t recommend them to anyone else.

By from Doncaster on 16.07.2011 11:34

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They are just perfect, I have tried a huge range of contact lenses, but these are the only ones I never feel in my eyes. Even when I spend all day looking at a computer, they do not make my eyes dry and itchy like others. From time to time I sleep without taking them out and it does not cause any discomfort at all.

By from Southampton, UK on 07.02.2011 13:57

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Excellent Vision

Very comfortable lense for astigmatism, the most comfortable i have found - they only start to dry out after around 6 hours of wear! great vision too.

By from Herts on 11.07.2010 18:53

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Words cant describe how fab these lenses are!!

These are the best lenses around, I put them in and compeltely forget about them, I can swim in them, I skydive in them, horse ride... never any problems! They never feel uncomfortable, never get dry or sore they really are amazing. I know these are 1/2 weekly wear but I waa misadvised by my optician and was told they were monthly continous wear about 4 years ago when I started wearing lenses, and wore them as such for a year before anyone told me they werent! I have continued to wear them continuously for 3-4 weeks at a time -although this isnt advised - and have never had any problems at all

By from Lancashire on 14.01.2010 16:47

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I think that they are a good product and I enjoy wearing them.

By from United States on 07.10.2009 19:23

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Superb - comfortable and stay moist

I just had these recommended to me by my optician. I have to use one Toric and one normal. I found both types to be superb. Very fine and instantly comfortable in the eye - no waiting 10 mins for them to settle in (like the purevision ones I`d been using before). They have remained moist and clear in vision after 1 week continuous wear, still comfortable and still clear vision.
I am disposing weekly and wearing continulously, I could probably squeeze a second week out of them with continuous wear because unlike the Focus Dailies (which I found didn`t even last 8 hours) and the purevision they seem hardwearing and they just maintain moisture very well.
Without the toric version vision was not great in the one eye that needs Toric. Switching to toric for a week made these lenses fabulous for me. I can finally wear trendy sunglasses and not need prescription ones. Waking up in the morning being able to see straight away is also great - no waiting for vision to settle (as with the Purevision).
All I can say is, these are the most modern of lenses and the workmanship shows on them. Comfortable, ultra thin, and like little sponges of moisture on the eyes. Just lovely!

By from UK on 03.08.2009 13:41

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I have worn contact lense for 34 years and these are by far the best! My vision is crisper and clearer and they are so comfortable I don`t know I am wearing them.

By from Unknown location on 09.06.2009 13:02

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