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Biofinity Toric

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Biofinity Toric
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Product Info

Biofinity Toric is a silicone hydrogel contact lens made from CooperVision's breakthrough Aquaform technology that allows greater levels of oxygen to freely flow through the contact lenses to the eye. Higher oxygen supply contact lenses are known to create whiter and healthier looking eyes for most contact lens wearers. 

Biofinity Toric also possesses and maintains a high level of water to ensure the contact lenses remain soft and flexible, delivering real comfort through the day and night. To help deliver optimum vision correction for astigmatism, Biofinity Toric has an advanced patented toric lens design.

Combining a perfect balance of water and exceptionally high levels of oxygen permeability, together with a new toric lens design, Biofinity feels almost as natural as wearing no contact lenses at all, meaning your vision remains very stable.  

Without additives, coatings, wetting agents or surface treatments, Biofinity Toric offers real comfort and natural breathability, giving you improved contact lens performance at any time of day, or night. Freedom to comfortably wear contact lenses your way.  †

Why Choose Biofinity Toric

  • Super comfortable contact lenses
  • Daily disposable monthly contact lenses or continuous wear for up to 7 days and 6 nights
  • Silicone hydrogel contact lens
  • Aspheric optics for sharp vision
  • Designed to retain water and minimise dry eyes
  • Ideal for contact lens wearers who want to nap or sleep in their contact lenses
  • One of the few contact lenses to correct astigmatism approved for continuous wear 

† Biofinity contact lenses are recommended for monthly replacement and approved for occasional overnight or up to 6 nights continuous wear under the guidance of your Optomotrist.


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Rated 4.8/5 based on 45 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Excellent product and service

I have used these contact lenses for a number of years and cant recommend them enough. These are backed up by a fantastic customer service from who have, on more than one occasion gone the extra mile for me. One very satisfied customer!! :-)

By from Australia on 27.02.2014 23:34

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Excellent product, excellent value

I used to buy from Specsavers until a couple of years ago when I discovered these type of lenses. Gone are the days where I'd be taking my lenses in and out constantly, and now I can fall asleep without the fear of getting them stuck where they shouldn't be. It really is great being able to stick them in and leave them in, and waking up able to see in the morning is a massive bonus!
Pricing is good too, works out far better than the high street opticians!

By from Leicester, UK on 28.02.2020 23:19

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All day comfort

These are by far the most comfortable contact lenses I have worn - comfort but without the compromise of vision quality. I would highly recommend these lenses to anyone with sensitive eyes. Great value for money also.

By from Essex, UK on 29.02.2020 11:20

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Could not ask for better lenses

In terms of comfort and quality these babies are top notch. They can also be worn night and day which makes a huge difference for people like me who dislike daily hassle with lenses. I often forget these on me for weeks before taking out for clean. I only wish there would be option for colored ones! But for non-colored lenses these are 10 stars.

By from Helsinki, Finland on 26.11.2011 08:03

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Best so far

My daughter is wearing this for past one year and never had any problems. This is the first time we ordered fro contact, delivery was quick and lens as specified. Paid only half of the cost we pay usually to optician

By from London on 12.08.2011 16:41

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Excellent Product

I had prevously tried a more expensive continuous use toric lens which I found did not provide me with sharp and clear vision. The Bioinfinity Lens are excellent. Been wearing them for over a week now and have found them to be the most confortable lens I have ever used (in over 20 years of wearing contacts). Vision and comfort remain constant throughout the day. Would highly recommend.

By from UK on 24.01.2011 12:42

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Having used the PureVision Toric which lasted about 3 days before being irratable dry and painful and needing to be removed, I can honestly say that Biofinity Toric are the best continuous wear astigmatism toric lenses ever. Very comfortable and I have to set reminders to replace them after a month of not taking them out at all, because I`d forget and just keep wearing them (which has been done with no problems).
I can`t recommend them more highly.

By from London, UK on 27.10.2010 11:42

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Comfort and great vision for astigmatism!

Having worn rigid gas permeable lenses for many years I changed to soft lenses to gain more comfort. Was warned that my vision would never be as good with soft lenses as I have astigmatism I gave various types a try, liked the comfort of Acuvue etc but couldnt see! Settled for basic toric lens which gave better vision but not great comfort. Then a revelation tried a new optician who suggested Biofinity toric and have been delighted at the excellent vision and great comfort, can even have a nap in these which is great. So its pays to keep trying, lenses vary so much

By from Colchester on 10.08.2010 18:53

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