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Crystal 1 Day

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Crystal 1 Day
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Product Info

Daily contact lenses are the most convenient and safest way to wear contact lenses, but, in the past, the cost of buying have put people off wearing them.
We have listened to our customers and searched the world for a low cost, trouble free daily contact lens to provide our customers with the convenience of daily lenses at the lowest possible price.

We have found a lens that has it all - Crystal 1 Day.

With Crystal 1 Day we bring you a lens that offers aspheric optics for great focusing, a moisturising agent for all day comfort, multi back curves to provide great fit, superb handling, an easy to open packet, UVA & UVB protection, CE and ISO approved for maximum safety and an easy direct replacement for existing daily lenses on the market.

After extensive testing and trials we are happy with our choice and we are confident that you will find them a great replacement for your existing daily lenses. 

Our Crystal contact lenses come in a slimline box so are letterbox friendly, however we have not compromised on the size of the blister, we retained the full size blisters for easy lens removal.

Crystal 1 Day are also a low cost daily option for monthly lens wearers - no more storing lenses every night in expensive solutions, simply wear a pair for a day and throw them away!

New: We have introduced a new daily lens for dry eyes and even more comfort -Crystal Aqua Daily, at only £6.99 / 30 lenses.

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Why Choose Crystal 1 Day

  • Affordable daily disposable contact lens
  • UVA and UVB filters
  • Light blue tint to help with handling
  • Highly reviewed replacement contact lens
  • Great all day comfort
  • Designed to be slimline and mail box friendly - ideal for online ordering


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Rated 4.6/5 based on 454 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Better than the more expensive lenses.

Decided to try Crystal 0ne day lenses after wearing dailies for 15 years. Great discovery, cannot tell the difference between the 2 lenses (would probably say these are slightly better) and cheaper!

By from Derbyshire on 04.03.2020 06:16

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Better than Accuvue

Always used Accuvue lenses believing that they are a better quality and you don't want to mess around where your eyes are concerned. However when they went out of stock I tried the Clearvue lenses and I actually find them far more comfortable to wear all day. The added benefit is they're also much better value. I would not return back now and I highly recommend.

By from UK on 07.03.2020 21:38

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Very happy with the product and service

I'm really happy with these lenses! I find them easy to insert and stay comfy all day. I usually put them in around 7am and start feeling the need to take them out around 8/9pm. I'm delighted with the fast delivery too!

By from Ireland on 02.03.2020 16:15

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love crystal 1 day they are the best lenses ever

these lenses are so comfy you carnt even tell youve got them in they last all day and are still comfy after 10 hours ,the price is amazing i carnt believe the quality for such a small price , even the delivery was great it only took 3 days from order to reciving them and it was free , i will never go back to a high street optition for lenses again to pay their outrages prices and poor service i must have been crazy.

By from Leeds on 14.05.2012 14:24

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Fantastic Value and an Excellent Product

I've only been wearing contact lenses for a few months and had been paying over £20 a month from the high street. When I bought these I wasn't sure if they would be any good as they are so cheap.
But they're better than the ones I have been wearing, super comfortable and so much clearer!I have a slight astigmatism in my right eye which usually makes the lens a little uncomfortable but with these I feel absolutely nothing. I definitely recommend to anyone who's tired of the high street prices.

By from Kingston, Greater London, UK on 11.05.2012 11:11

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Great for the price

I have bought these lenses twice now and have been happy enough with them when I was going through a tough spot financially but they are clearly not as high quality the Focus Dailies I was wearing previously. I would definitely suggest you give them a go though. They might work for you. :)

By from Oxfordshire on 05.05.2012 17:00

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Super happy ^_^

Usually wear specsavers monthly lenses but was sick to death of the constant cleaning, soaking and the usual palava necessary.
So I thought I'd give these a go and have been soooo impressed.
They're my first dalies so I can't compare them to others but they feel real comfortable, barely notice them on and able wear them far longer in comparison to my usual monthlies (and no dreaded cleaning at the end of a long night ^_^)
And best of all...they're a bargain, so fingers crossed they don't shoot up in price.

By from London on 04.05.2012 15:22

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Too good to be true...not on this occasion!

I always thought the term 'if it's too good to be true, it probably is' applied. At the price, I gave them a try and have been extremely satisfied. I wear them pretty much all day, at work and doing sports, I even fell asleep in them a couple of times. I can't fault them!

By from Greater Manchester, UK on 02.05.2012 10:25

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Well impressed!

I have worn contacts for a number of years and have paid some fairly hefty sums. I thought I'd give the Crystal lenses a try and I'm really pleased I did. The lenses are well made and slightly more rigid than some of the other brands, which means they are easier to handle and this has meant I've put them in correctly first time. They also appear to have better moisture retention properties. I fell asleep one night on the sofa and awoke after 5 hours having almost perfect vision. In the past, if I'd done the same, I'd wake up with my vision in a complete fog with the look of someone with severe cataracts. I would certainly recommend that you try them - for the cheap price, give it a go.

By from London on 01.05.2012 00:28

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I have recently switched from glasses to contact lenses and my optician gave me a free triall of Acuvue Dailies Moost, I thought these were excellent however quite pricey. So I was searching around and came across and these contact lenses.
I was slightly skeptical thinking how could they be so cheap, yet still be high quality. So I ordered one months supply to give them a go, and I can definitely say I will be ordering more. They are easy to insert, and once they're in you can't feel them at all. Towards the end of the day my eyes were a little dry but that usually happens to me anyway so I use eye drops.
The order came through my door the next day, very happy with the whole experience.

By from Sunderland, UK on 29.04.2012 18:02

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Excellent Quality and Service

I was in a panic this week as I hadn't noticed I'd run out of contact lenses. I am registered with a well known high street opticians who's customer service was far from satisfactory and I came away empty handed. I got straight online and ordered these. The delivery was super quick and the quality of the lenses are amazing for the price. I will be ordering these again. Recommended.

By from Devon on 28.04.2012 12:11

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A LOT better than expected!

I was very skeptical to change from my previous lenses but thought I'd give it a go as they re so cheap. However these lenses are even more comfortable than before, have worn em all day and played long days of golf outside when my others would get very dry and irritating these were fine.
Obviously different lenses suit different people but I will not be changing back any time soon. my first real 5* product review to date.

By from Jersey UK on 26.04.2012 19:50

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Better than the 'best' !!

I've used contacts for a while and always bought 'top end' stuff. Landed on this site by accident and decided to try the Crystal 1's (at that price you may as well). Best lenses ever ! They arrived 24 hours later, I was a little worried at first, with my normal lenses I am usually very aware of them by mid afternoon and have to remove them by 5pm. Crystal are extremely comfortable, I can wear the 7am-8pm without any irritation. I won't be using any others, these are definitely the ones for me.

By from Derbyshire on 24.04.2012 21:40

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Cheap, But Not Nasty

Yet to try Daysoft Silk (I've used Daysoft Classic for years but found it dries my eyes, as do Focus Dailies). Hypromellose drops help, though.
Tried these to compare and they really are great! Had these in about 8 hours now and they still feel pliable and comfortable. Sometimes Daysoft "stick" to my eyes after a long day, which makes them hard to remove if no drops are around!
If only there was a cheap colour dailies option! Maybe one day :)
Happy customer!

By from Glasgow, UK on 20.04.2012 20:54

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Returned !!

Not great, in my experience. Returned to for a refund (thank you!)
Several damaged and torn lenses before even being removed from the packet.

By from Nottingham, UK on 20.04.2012 09:30

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Cheap price but not a cheap lens !

My normal lens cost 3 times as much and if im honest the first pair of these "cheaper" ones Ive worn have been more comfortable than my normal ones.Highly recomended......

By from Bradford - UK on 17.04.2012 19:46

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Crystal 1 Day - cheap and good

Totally surprised with the quality - 10 / 10. Bought 1 pair couple weeks ago and now I'm back to order 3 months supply. I found these better and much cheaper than my old ones. Far beyond my expectation so I thought I'd share my opinion with the others who hesitate. Really worth to try. Also delivery was very quick - placed an order on Sunday and got them on Tuesday. 100% satisfaction

By from St Helens on 15.04.2012 18:47

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very good lenses

I've been wearing daily disposable lenses for the last 10 years and when I decided to switch from Acuvue to this brand, I was slighly sceptical, thinking that it cannot be as good as my usual wear. I ordered a box to start withvand I was most surprised by how comfortable the lenses were. Now I am permanentely on this brand.

By from London on 13.04.2012 21:32

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affordable - comfortable - 10/10!

Was a bit dubious about buying such cheap lenses - but from the amount of positive reviews I thought I'd give them a try.
I suffer with dry eyes, and used to wear the likes of 1 day acavue moist, and crystal 1 day are as comfortable and as good quality.
I can wear them all day til at least 10pm if put in around 9am.

By from West sussex on 12.04.2012 18:33

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Great quality for the price

I usually wear the acuvue dailies which on balance are a more comfortable fit as I suffer from dry eyes. My first attempt to wear these lenses was a disaster, dry itchy eyes & the lenses had to come out within an hour. I am glad I stuck with it as by 3rd day I wore them all day without any problem. As they are a huge saving it is well worth opting for these lenses, but I do find I cannot wear them for quite so long each day, which is possibly a good thing really.

By from Bedlington, northumberland on 02.04.2012 14:01

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Very good value for money

I've tried all the daily disposables and would highly recommend these as they are just as good as the more expensive lenses . They can get a bit dry at the end of a long day , but I have found this with the most expensive daily's as well . Overall very good value for money

By from Stroud Gloucestershire on 31.03.2012 18:34

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Great lenses!

Bought these to try last time in addition to my monthly lenses as a back up and ended up wearing in my more problematic right eye every day. The lens was so much more comfortable for this eye as it gets really dry sometimes and not sure why but all the silicon hydrogel lenses I'd tried previously seemed just too thick.
Yes these lenses are thin, but to me that's a bonus as it seems to fit my eye much better. I put them in around 8 in the morning and can leave in till about 6pm which isn't bad going ( my monthly lens is always ready to be taken out then anyway).
One thing I've noticed is that they're creeping up in price (as at 30 March 2012 they're now £7.25 a box compared with £7.00 I think when I first bought them) plus a few of the sizes are now out of stock (probably due to the good reviews on here!).
I am NOT affiliated in anyway to the company by the way as the review before this seems to have implied with others! Just a long time contact lens user looking for a good quality and reasonably priced lens. You don't always get what you pay for it seems in the contact lens world!

By from York on 30.03.2012 10:03

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Good value for money

I had been wearing Acuvue Moist and wanted to save some money so thought i would give these a go due to the good reviews. The first couple of days they were uncomfortable and i thought i would have to go back to my old type. However i tried them for the week building up the time i wore them. I have just reordered another months supply and can honestly say they are fine . At times they itch a little and sometimes can tell I have them in but in terms of value for money I would certainly recommend giving them a go.

By from Leeds on 19.03.2012 21:34

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