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Proclear One Day

30 Lenses per box

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Proclear One Day
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Product Info

If you wear daily contact lenses you know how fresh they can feel first thing in the morning - but they don`t always stay that way as the day moves on.

Proclear 1 Day daily disposable contact lenses are designed to keep fresh throughout the day - by containing a unique material that is found in human tears. This material attracts and surrounds itself with water, keeping Proclear lenses moist and comfortable - even after 12 hours of wear.

CooperVisions' PC technology™  Proclear 1 Day contains phosphoryl choline (PC) molecules, which bind with water molecules in natural tears to form a protective “shield” of water around the lens.

This aspheric contact lens offers crisp clear vision throughout the day

Why Choose Proclear 1 Day

  • Large than average power range form +8.00 to -12.00
  • High water content (60%) daily disposable contact lens
  • Aspheric optics for crisp, clear vision
  • Non silicone hydrogel daily contact lens that offers great breathability and comfort


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Rated 4.3/5 based on 81 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Great Lenses

Over the years I have used numerous products but in hot weather they would dry up or lift off my eye ..... these lenses are so good and never caused me an issue

By from Manchester, UK on 27.02.2020 20:42

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Easy to wear, even for long days

Very easy to tell if inside out or not, sits comfortably in the eye, no issue with long sessions of wear, no eye dryness or soreness.

By from Manchester on 05.03.2020 10:28

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Great daily use contacts!

I've been using these contacts for over 5 years now, they feel more comfortable than monthly contacts.

By from Italy on 02.03.2020 14:22

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I was dubious of buying contacts that my opticians had not prescribed me, but I took a chance with these for the low price. As a result, I am extremely happy with them, they fit my eye very well, no movement (my optician took ages to fit me a pair of Acuvue - apparently I have steep corneas?!)
I can wear them for a whole day and they feel the same at the end as at the beginning. I don't even notice I am wearing lenses. No glare/halo with lights, which I get with other lenses. Very good product, great price, happy customer!

By from Southampton, UK on 14.07.2011 12:22

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fab item at a 3rd of the price,

i was paying £30 for 15 pairs before, but now i will never go back i will stick to the pro clear one day ones they are fab i luv them at a 3rd of the price i was paying A**

By from South yorkshire on 14.05.2011 09:47

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simply awesome

I have been wearing contact lenses for 20 years now. I bought these as looking for cheaper cost. Normally purchase acuvue dailies. I was unsure if they would be as good as the dearer ones and to my amazement.. I found that they were actually more comfortable. No movement and didn`t have drying either. Would definitely recommend these contacts. and with the speed of light delivery (always next day), who can complain. Keep up the good work Contact Lenses. co. uk !!! you guys are fab
Editors comment: Thank you for your compliments. We try our best :)

By from Medway, Kent UK on 11.04.2011 08:21

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Ease of life, Value for money!!!!!!

Highly recommended. I was facing with dry eyes in the evenings & night while wearing Focus dailies. Decided to try these, & I am really happy with results. Its value for money...& comfortability is priceless.
Its worth mentioning service from No match simply. Excellent.

By from Leeds, UK on 27.02.2011 19:00

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I recomend these contact lenses

I was wearing contact lenses since 5 years ago and I decided to try these ones through its great review comments.
That was 2 months ago and I only have good words for this product, the best ones I`ve ever tryed. I will make a reorder.
You can put it on for 12 hours and they are still fresh like in the first hours. Awesome value for money.

By from Burgos, Spain on 24.10.2010 03:18

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io avrei bisogno di lenti -9 e-12 e vorrei sapere i prezzi grazie

By from Unknown location on 13.07.2010 19:53

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One of the best

I have used many different daily contact lenses and there are the best ones yet. These contacts last much longer than Focus dailies and Acuvue Moist. I put them on in the morning and around the midnight they were still feeling perfectly comfortable.
Would definitely recommend these contact lenses.
Great price and fast delivery!

By from London on 10.07.2010 23:40

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Great Value

I`ve been using Acuvue for the past 15 years or so and didn`t consider changing until the financial downturn! I wanted a lense that I could wear at weekends only, so was pleased to be able to order one box at a time, and I needed a lense that would be as comfortable as Acuvue Moist. I would highly recommend this brand and actually prefer this now to Acuvue. I can really forget I`m wearing lenses sometimes with Proclear as they`re so comfortable; Acuvue used to move around a bit too much on the surface of my eye and I`d sometimes have blurred vision. I couldn`t believe how quickly my order was mailed to me too - one happy and returning customer!

By from Oxford on 27.06.2010 21:12

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great lenses

Have tried a few from the budget daily disposible range and these are by far the best. Have had no rips, they don`t dry out and they don`t ripple while you`re wearing them. Great comfort all day, great value what more can I say!

By from Recar, UK on 26.06.2010 11:15

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Half of the lenses were ripped

Do not buy these lenses... half of them were split or ripped before I`d even got them anywhere near my eye.
Although the ones that were OK were comfortable I don`t appreciate only being able to use half of the box

By from Southampton on 03.06.2010 12:24

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I have tried many different companies before and always ended up hating them in the end!These however are fantastic!!I work for 12 hrs and never even once had a problem with them!Easy to put in and easy to get out,no redness or dryness!Just reordered them again which i never done before with any other product!!strongly recommend!!

By from London Uk on 10.05.2010 07:44

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Best one day I`ve used

Very comfortable for a whole day. No breakages. Very reliable and comfortable. Highly rated!

By from Kent, UK on 05.05.2010 17:56

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Only been wearing contact Lenses for 3 months.
Went to Boots and they put me on the Acuvue TruEye lenses @ £55 a month !!
They were very drying..
So thought I would give these ago at half the price..
Never will I go back these are A++++ no more dry eyes a little harder to put in..but I am still new to this..

By from Slough UK on 09.02.2010 19:40

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putting it on and taking it off is so easy/without a mess. i could wear them all day long. loved them... a must-buy!!! :-)

By from Isle of man on 16.01.2010 06:43

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Simply amazing!

Have used these contacts ever since released them and I`ve neer been disappointed! Never dry up and so much better than Specsavers and even the Johnson ranges. Can`t recommend them enough!

By from Unknown location on 02.01.2010 10:18

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Excellent Lenses

These really are the best daily lenses in this price range and in fact are a lot better than some of the more expensive brands. I took them travelling in very humid and very dry environments they were brilliantly reliable. My eyes get unbearably dry wearing other brands but not with these. If you are deliberating about which dailies to buy - buy these! I fully recommend them.

By from Plymouth, UK on 27.09.2009 18:06

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Proclear One Day Lenses

These are are exactly the same as Specsavers Easyvision elite one day lenses. Clearly they are just repackaged by Specsavers but obviously much cheaper through this site! They are incredibly comfortable because of the 60% water content and never dry out. Highly recommended.

By from Unknown location on 15.04.2009 11:00

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Having tried a number of different brands, I`ve also finally settled for these beauties.So easy to put on and can have them on easily for over 12 hours. Also buying them on this website saves me alot of money compared to my optician, and also the fact that I recieve them the next day.

By from London on 10.02.2009 08:31

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Reliable Contact Lenses

These are the most reliable contact lens I have ever worn - (I`ve been wearing contact lenses since 1992)!! I have tried 7 different makes now and have settled on these. They have never dried out on me and I regularly wear them for 12-14 hours per day and sometimes need reminding to take them out before going to bed as they are so comfortable. They are very good value for money!

By from Leicester on 26.01.2009 19:02

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Better than the pricier dailies

These really are great lenses. I`ve tried a couple of other brands, and they werent half as easy to put in, and comfortable as these.
Great Value.

By from London on 19.01.2009 09:43

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