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Definitely!! Most companies insist on a three month supply and a lot of Opticians practices will try to sign you up to a standing order so that you will get lenses every month, whether you want them or not!

We realise that people may only want to wear their lenses once a week, for sport for example, and so a box of daily lenses may last you a year.

To meet this demand we sell you lenses by the box, for only one eye if that is what you require, with Freepost * thrown in (UK only)!


Please put your order for your lenses in the RIGHT eye listing and leave the left blank (even if you are ordering a left lens), or the order may not be accepted by the system. You of course know if the lens is for the right or left eye.

* Freepost available in the UK for orders over £35 (£3.50 charge under £35)