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What Are Blue Contact Lenses

Blue contact lenses are coloured contact lenses that can either enhance your natural blue eye colour or transform your green, grey and even brown eyes to blue
Blue is the most popular desired eye colour and as such all coloured contact lenses ranges will have a blue lens whether they are enhancers, colourblends or colors.

Our Favourite Colour Of Blue Contact Lenses

Types Of Blue Contact Lenses

You may be surprised to learn that only 8% of the world's population have blue eyes,  if you want to join them, check out True Sapphire, Topaz and Pacific Blue

Whether you are looking for a soft blue, baby blue, or dramatic blue you should be able to find a blue coloured lens to suit you.

Most people will chose to enhance or change the colour of their eyes and there are blue lenses that are readily available for that, but there are also specialist lenses that can change your eye colour

  • Opaques - Opaque coloured contact lenses are designed to change the eye colour of people with darker eye shades. e.g Freshlook Colors, these lenses are able to completely change a dark coloured eye, such as turning a brown eye blue. 
  • Enhancers - As you would expect Enhancers coloured contact lenses are designed to enhance your natural eye colour, they can slightly lighten darker eyes and even change the colour of lighter eyes. They have more of a natural look and can make your eye look brighter and fresher without everyone knowing you wear coloured lenses, a great example is Freshlook Colorblends that uses 3 in 1 technology to blend three different iris patterns and colours together to give a very natural effect.
  • Special Effects - Special effect contact lenses can also be known as Special FX, Costume contacts, Novelty Contacts etc, the main thing they have in common is that they are opaque lenses that can change your eye colour completely, and change the shape your pupil, or make it disappear completely - for example a cats eye contact lens can give you an elliptical pupil, and a black out lens will make it appear you have no pupil at all. These are most commonly worn occasionally with fancy dress costumes, anime costumes, and in the film and theatre industry.
  • Monthly Disposable - These can be worn for up to 30 consecutive days but will need to be removed, cleaned and stored each evening.
  • Daily Disposable - These are worn for just one day and then disposed of, be aware there is a limited range of colours in daily disposable contact lenses.
    Daily coloured lenses are ideal if you just want to change your eye colour for the evening, or weekend, they are seen as the healthiest option for your eyes (1).

Key Points

Great for enhancing naturally blue eyes

Works well with all hair colours

Many different shades of Blue available

Available as Monthly or Daily lenses

Getting The Best Out Of Your Blue Contact Lenses

If you have not worn contact lenses before we reccomend having a contact lens fitting with an Optometrist, that way you can be sure you are suited to contact lenses, check out a few colours to see which works best for your eyes, and also learn how to insert, remove and care for your contact lenses.

Before buying blue coloured contact lenses decide whether you want daily disposable coloured contact lenses (this may limit your choice of colour) or Monthly disposable coloured contact lenses, check other customer reviews online to see which blue colour and type of lens works well with your eye colour.

Here’s a refresher of our Do’s and Don’ts that we find particularly helpful for coloured contact lens wearers

Do – Take proper care of your lenses. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, and only wear them as long as they were intended. Daily lenses should be disposed of when taken out, and monthlies should be replaced after 30 days. Wearing lenses longer than prescribed can cause health risks, and reduce the quality of vision.
Do - Make sure you enjoy your new look. If not, change it!  There's no point in sticking with a lens you don't think looks good on you. You decided to try colored lenses to feel better about your appearance, so don't settle for anything less than perfect.
Don't - Share your coloured lenses with anyone. The risk of eye infection skyrockets when lenses are shared between people.
Don't - Wear contact lenses if your eyes are sore or irritated. These may be symptoms of a serious problem, and wearing contacts may make the problem even worse. If the irritation doesn't go away after a day or two, consult your eye care practitioner.
Don't - Sleep in your coloured contact lenses

Our Best Selling Blue Contact Lenses

Freshlook 1 Day are an enhancing daily disposable coloured contact lenses from Alcon that will enhance dark eyes and completely change the colour of lighter eye shades, available in 1 shade of blue

Freshlook Colorblends are an enhancing monthly disposable coloured contact lens available in 3 shades of blue - Brilliant Blue, Blue and True Sapphire also available in Turquoise

Air Optix Colors are an enhancing silicone hydrogel monthly disposable coloured contact lens available in 2 shades of blue - Blue and Brilliant Blue


Which Hair Colour Works Best With Blue lenses

Blue contact lenses work well with all hair colours. Everyone has heard of the blue eyed blond, but you don’t need to have blond hair to wear blue contact lenses. Blue contact lenses are a universal colour, they work well with any hair shade or complextion, check out some of these stars to see the effect of Blue eyes with different hair colour Brown hair- Megan Fox, Auburn hair - Christina Hendricks, Black hair - Zac Efron.

How Long Can I Wear Blue Coloured Contact Lenses

How many hours you can wear coloured contact lenses will depend on how long you have been wearing lenses. If you are new to contact lenses you will need to build up your wear time, beginning with 4 hours and building up to 16 hours over a period of 2 weeks.
How many days you can wear coloured contact lenses depends on whether you are wearing daily disposables or monthly disposable lenses. Daily disposables can be worn up 16 hours but will need removing and disposing of at the end of each day. Monthly disposable contact lenses can be worn for up to 16 hours and will need to be removed, cleaned and stored every night before bed, for up to 30 days.

Do I Need A Prescription To Buy Blue Contact Lenses

Not necessarily. If you wear regular contact lenses, then you will need your prescription if you wish to correct your vision and alter the colour of your eyes, however, blue contact lenses and all coloured contact lenses come in zero power, so even if you don’t need a prescription to correct your vision, you can still change your eye colour.
Zero powered coloured contact lenses are’s biggest selling coloured contacts.


John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
John qualified from Aston University in 1980, he has authored for over the last 20 years, bringing his expertise to visitors to the site and providing valuable optical advice to customer questions throughout the years. He has been featured in several leading publications including The Express and ITProPortal