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Daysoft Lenses are no longer available to be ordered from, but we have a great alternative with Crystal Aqua Daily

Daysoft UV daily contact lenses are manufactured in Scotland and supply direct to the public for over 10 years. Daysoft Classic is a 72% water content lens with a thin edge design and UV technology built in.

With Daysoft UV Daily lenses cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and protein removal are a thing of the past. You simply wear fresh new lenses every day...nothing could be simpler.

Because you wear fresh, new lenses every day, Daysoft UV are always at their best. Your vision remains crisp and clear with healthier, happier, more comfortable eyes.

Can supply this lens?

No, Daysoft is only supplied directly to the customers via their website.

However, we do offer Crystal Aqua Daily - an excellent Daily Disposable contact lens at a great price, with an advanced lens material with a wetting agent included.

Our daily contact lens has Hyaluronic mosturising agent embedded in its core, which acts as powerful wetting agent - giving you great comfort from the moment it is put in, to the time you take it out. This daily lens is superb for dry eyes and our in house trials often came back with the comment that this is the first contact lens that cannot be felt in the eye.

Customer Reviews On Daysoft Contact Lenses

Customers reviews are mixed on these lenses. Trustpilot show that up to 25% of customers think the lenses are average or worse, with 10% ranking them as 'bad'.