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How Much?

Costs for contact lens checks vary, but are usually in the region of £25 - £35 each year. You have saved money by ordering contact lenses online and it makes sense ( and is also a legal UK requirement for further supply ) that you should use some of the money you have saved to have your eyes checked over professionally each year to ensure that you can wear contact lenses in the future safely and comfortably.


Your optician is obliged to give you a copy of the contact lens prescription once lens fitting has been completed. The actual date of "completion" will vary with the complexity of the fitting but is rarely less than one month after the lens fitting was started and is rarely later than six months. In addition you should also receive a copy of your prescription after every check up. To ease the process you can download a prescription form to give to your Optometrist for completion.
NB: A prescription for spectacles (or eye test result) is not enough, make sure you get your Contact Lens Prescription which provides detailed information on the lenses you are wearing (including the brand name, fitting parameters, power, and the date you were last seen by the optician) and has the name and address of your optician printed on it.


We recommend that you return to the Optometrist that supplied and fitted you with lenses.
If you are locked in to `own brand lenses`, please contact our customer service team on 0345 319 3000, who will be happy to tell you the make and brand of our contact lenses.