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I Love the India Effect!!!

I bought these in the "India Colour" as i have really dark brown eyes (almost black) and wanted to lighten them a bit without completely changing the colour. First time i wore them they started to hurt my eyes after about 5 hours, however i persisted with them, and found that once they had soaked in my usual solution overnight they were a lot better the next day (so i am guessing the saline it was in didn`t suit my eyes). I bought the smaller radius which look far more natural as they don`t look too big. What i can suggest is that if you have problems with them the first time you wear them, then soak them in your own solution. It worked for me

By from Hertfordshire on 24.07.2009 20:30

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Great colour for brown/hazel eyes

I have tried lots of different colours and I find these the nicest I have ever tried. The colour is different but still looks natural and so many people have commented on my eye colour. Try them and see you wont be disappointed.

By from Lincoln on 05.07.2009 21:54

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Not for me

This is the first time I`ve ordered from this website. The service was excellent, and delivery was speedy (next day, surprisingly). Unfortunately, the lenses were not to the same standard. They were massive, slipped round on my eyeball, and, as a result, were hugely uncomfortable. The one thing I can say about these lenses is that they did change my eye bloodshot red.

By from Cheshire on 25.06.2009 19:56

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they were terrible!

a very expensive mistake i must say, wish i could havea refund, i wore them for what 4 hours and they were just unbearable! very uncomfortable to wear, think ill be going back freshlook colourblends. the colour wasnt also what i thought it would be! so not my cup of tea at all!.

By from Midlands on 19.06.2009 16:15

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pain in the....eyes?

I bought these as i use monthly and daily disposables from this company and so thought they would deliver the same level of comfort. I was sadly disappointed, they irritated my eyes quite badly and after a couple of hours became nigh on unbearable. four hours in and i could barely see the paper in front of me again (very blind i am). Colourwise they are not the most natural looking of lenses and the green turned my dark eye colour slightly muddy. So all in all not so good for me, might try freshlook ones next as they have good reviews all round.

By from Watton at stone on 13.06.2009 23:09

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Platinum looked a bit fake

This is the first time I`ve ordered from this site and I must say the service was brilliant. I have light brown / hazel eyes and I ordered these in platinum just to see what they would look like. They look too fake....not as dark a grey as I thought they would be, more like ice blue/grey. Maybe they`ll look good on someone with green or blue eyes?? The fit was good and the lense comfortable to wear but I won`t be ordering this colour again.

By from London on 26.05.2009 14:55

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I tried these with my dark brown eyes and they are the only coloured contacts to date that have made any difference.
I will post the results on the forum.

By from Bath, UK on 17.04.2009 10:13

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Brillant, I have very dark brown boring eyes and these look great and natural and the smaller size fit my eyes perfectly. I used to buy the green turquiose colour without the nibbal ring but they stopped making these a few years back, please bring them back!!!!

By from UK on 27.03.2009 08:56

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One of the best color, non-custom contact lenses

Face it, unless you can afford $1,500.00 custom color contacts this contact lens is as good as you can get in the gamma of dot matrix color contacts. With very small pupil hole, limbal ring and two different base curve available, this affordable lens is one of the best, if not the best on the market of color contact lenses.

By from USA on 24.02.2009 14:47

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Great if colourblends don`t fit well!!

I had been using Freshlook colourblends but they are slightly too big for my eyes and you can see my natural colour around the pupil. These softlens contacts are available in a smaller radius and fit my eyes perfectly! I have dark blue eyes and the Platinum colour look great as they actually lighten my eyes to a pale blue/ grey and look quite striking (but still really natural). I do also like the colourblends in grey but the result on blue eyes is very different to these as they have a green tinge.

By from London on 19.02.2009 12:27

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Veeeeery gooooog..:)Colour is amazing..:) Im gona try diffent one..:)

By from London on 13.02.2009 10:53

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excellent delivery service n product

i m so happy that i bought lenses from them.i got my lenses on the next day of my order ,lenses are brilliant .This is the best buy 4 those who are looking for natural look .they are also v comfortable to wear .i was using freslook colorblends but they were actually not as good as these are.

By from London on 11.12.2008 12:39

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Platinum( gray) rocks!

try these , specially if you have dark eyes for a dramatic ice effect, because its gray and not blue or green it mixes with your colour making it look natural, but hella fresh! everyone will compliment your eyes! ive bought them more than 7 times now, and i have tried every colour and most brands, these are the best by far ( gray)

By from London on 22.10.2008 19:44

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