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Excellent comfort all day

I have been wearing contact lenses for over 30 years so I was worried when my eyes started to become very dry and uncomfortable by mid-day. I changed from monthly disposable to these daily lenses on the recommendation of my optician and after one month I am delighted. Vision is first class and comfort all day from morning to bedtime. Review submitted 24 Jan 2016.

By from Spain on 24.01.2016 12:05

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Good value for money

These are great for the price. Last most of the daytime or an evening before drying out. Have given 4 stars as good value for money, if you want something that will last whole day into night then one of the more expensive Johnson's brands do beat these but they are double the price! I tend to buy these to use for an evening out or if I just want contacts for the afternoon. I use the more expensive ones for when I need longer wear.

By from Essex on 28.03.2014 13:46

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Never had dry eyes with them!

Lenses were great. I used to order the cheapest ones from here and I always struggled with dry eyes as I work in an air conditioned place. Wearing these lenses made me forget about all the inconveniences I had with any other lenses I have worn before! I really recommend them to everybody, especially who thinks they have got dry eyes - its not your eyes which are weak, it is the quality of lenses you wear! The only minus was that I found 3 faulty lenses (the side of the lense was like some bug bite it off) and it is a bit pricy. Hopefully I can afford to wear them again as I do not want my dry eyes back.

By from London on 25.10.2013 12:16

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Best Lenses I have tried

I found the Proclear lenses much better quality that others I have tried. They didnt bend or stick together when you take them out the pack and they did really last all day (some nights too when I fell asleep with them in - but that just shows by the end of the day theyre not drying up!)

By from Kilmacolm on 16.09.2013 08:09

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I only wear lenses for sport or going out on a night. I found them ok to put in and out etc. But for me, they do feel dry. I only wear them for a few hours (3-5hrs)and they are uncomfortable. Strangely i found the longer i wore them the more comfortable they became, but i had to get over a few hours of discomfort first. I once went out, fell asleep with them in, and the next morning they were fine! It must be something to do with the tears thing. Ive had 2 boxes, and decided its time to try something different.

By from Leeds, UK on 13.09.2013 16:37

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Too hard to get in as they move about so easily and often split in my eye. Also they dried my eyes out quick and felt scratchy.

By from Unknown location on 06.09.2013 08:26

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Bad Contacts Strange Lens Shape

I used Focus Dailies before these but decided to give them a try. Firstly they are larger than your average contact lens and quite curved. This causes problems when applying them, also I find they dry out extremely fast. Would definitely not recommend them.

By from London, UK on 02.09.2013 12:19

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Worst ever

You know sometimes you use bad lenses that you think there is something wrong with your own eye? they are those lenses. They are so uncomfortable that I think all those good feedback are just fake. The next day I tried lenses from other brands then I know my eyes are fine and I just happened to have used a bad product. Bought a box and threw away the rest. Even my colored lenses are more comfortable.

By from Edinburgh on 22.08.2013 22:18

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it's alright

These are my first contact lenses. I'm not very excited. After 2-3 hours my eyes get dried. Not sure if it's the lenses or my eyes but I've been wearing them for three months now and I don't feel comfortable at all. I'll give a try to something different.

By from Reading, UK on 20.04.2013 11:39

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Great for the price but...

Fantastic lenses in terms of moisture, I have tried a number of lenses, monthly and disposable and barring the Oasys lenses, these are the best I have tried for all day wear.
My only complaint is that one box, my right eye, always seems inside out. When I take it out of the packet it springs the other way and I have to fiddle with it a lot until I have it the right way round and comfortable in my eye. They have no identifying features like the '123' in other lenses. Not sure if it is just me?

By from Bucks on 11.04.2013 08:38

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Best pair I have found

I have tried to wear contact lenses on and off for over 30 years, these are by far the most comfortable I have found - my eyes are really dry so have struggled with lenses. Easy to put in and easy to wear

By from UK on 07.03.2013 19:45

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Look no further

Excellent product which is exactly the same as Specsavers daily disposables (as confirmed at my last lens check)!
I've used this product for the last 5 years and I've had no problem with the lenses, they fit well and feel ok even after 12 hours wear - highly recommended!

By from Berkshire, UK on 10.02.2013 19:17

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2/3's of these lenses are impossible to wear!!

By from Unknown location on 18.10.2012 11:11

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Not good for dry eyes

I was recommended these contact lenses from my optician who was selling them at ridiculous prices so decided against them at the time before i saw them on here for a few pounds cheaper each box, so decided to go for them. I noticed no difference from the crystal dailies as they were drying out at around midday exactly the same as the cheap ones off here. Don't get me wrong they feel great when i first put them in but that feeling sadly doesn't last. I don't mind as much with the crystal dailies as you can afford to change them half way through the day, but these are too expensive and don't achieve the promise of 12 hours of comfort. I'm still to find some decent lenses that actually last the day, but i think monthly lenses are better for people with dry eyes as they hold more moisture

By from Shropshire on 13.09.2012 13:24

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Excellent value for money

I tried these lenses after years of the more expensive Acuvue just to see if buying a cheaper lens meant lower quality. For the most part I'm happy to say that they don't! They are generally easy to put in and comfortable. Probably the only thing I would say is that they maybe felt a little uncomfortable a bit sooner than the Acuvue lenses. For me that's not an issue as I still got around 12 hours wear out of the Proclears before needing to take them out and I don't wear lenses every day. Overall much better value than a more expensive brand for how often I use them.

By from Milton Keynes on 17.08.2012 06:11

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Simply excellent

I wear daily disposable lenses in spring and summer because I have hayfever and I need clean, pollen-free lenses every morning. I have tried several brands and these are my absolute favourites. They are extremely comfortable, they don't dry out, even though I wear them at least 14h every day. If it wasn't for the constant sneezing I would forget I have hayfever when I wear them! I highly recommend them.

By from Oxford, UK on 10.08.2012 16:26

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I switched from monthly lenses to these and very happy. Excellent quality, wear them 12+ hours a day and eyes do not get dry.

By from Sheffield, UK on 25.07.2012 08:39

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Better than Specsavers

I was using Specsavers daily contacts and all I had was discomfort and also a store that was less than helpfull so decided to give the internet a go. As soon as I put the first pair of contacts in the difference was fantastic! A*****************

By from Clacton-On-Sea on 07.07.2012 10:20

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Proclear One day - Very impressed

I bought proclear one day to use when I went on holiday to Mauritius in December. It was around 40 degree Celsius, almost everyday and must say that these contact lenses performed exceptionally (and surprisingly) well. They are as good as my monthlies, which are biofinity.
They really do stay moist and they did not dry my eyes at all. Also had the usual 'can't-feel-them-in -my eye' feeling. They were slight slippery to put on but I don't mind about that.
I would say that contact lenses work differently for different people and for me, these were great!

By from London, Barnet on 16.06.2012 22:38

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Excellent fit/ comfortable wear all day

I had tried different brands but proclear feels perfect fit in the eye and does not feel dry until very late having worn them all day. Totally recommended!

By from London, UK on 12.06.2012 11:50

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