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Struggling to get the hang of taking care of your contacts? Always too busy to take proper care of your lenses? Fear not; we have a solution: starter & travel packs.

As the name suggests, these packs were designed to be both beginner and traveller-friendly. All of the items you’ll find in these kits are ideal for people who are having a difficult time incorporating contact lenses into their hectic daily routines.

All of the kits you see here include high-quality disinfectant solution in a travel-size bottle. You’ll also receive a sturdy contact lens case in your package to keep your lenses safe no matter where life takes you.

Clear Eyes Ahead: The Benefits Of Travel Kits

Let’s face it: long-distance travel isn’t exactly a pleasurable experience. In fact, it could be downright frustrating. You can, however, get rid of your eye care-related travel woes by simply purchasing one of our pre-packaged kits ahead of time.

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you should shirk on your contact lens care. Indeed, since you’ll be exposed to even more harmful pathogens on the road, it’s imperative you practice immaculate eye hygiene. Not only are contact travel packs convenient, they are extremely good at warding off potential pathogens.

How Can These Kits Help Beginners?

As mentioned above, these contact lens kits are a great option for people new to wearing contact lenses. In these kits, you’ll be provided with everything you need to keep your lenses clean and safe. New contacts wearers will easily learn important skills on how to properly care for their lenses, building healthful habits that will last a lifetime.

Of course, once you’ve mastered your beginner kit, consider looking into our all-in-one solutions and contact lens case categories for even more options. On our specialised contact lens website, you’ll find a great variety of high-quality brand names to choose from as you refine your contact lens wearing skills.

Contacts Kits: A Little Extra Help When You Need It

Frequent flyers and contacts newbies should take a peek at the packs listed below. We promise these kits will make your contact lens experience a whole lot easier, even under the most stressful scenarios.