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Product Info

Biofinity are a silicone hydrogel continuous wear contact lens, manufactured by CooperVision and made using their patented Aquaform technology, which creates a hydrophilic silicone hydrogel lens that allows greater levels of oxygen to flow freely through the lens to the eye helping them stay moist and comfortable all day long.

Higher oxygen supply lenses are known to create whiter healthier looking eyes for most contact lens wearers.

Biofinity contact lenses are designed to be worn all day for up to 6 days in a row (then one night off), they possess and maintain a high level of water to ensure the lens remains soft and flexible, delivering real comfort through the day and night.

Combining this perfect balance of water and exceptionally high levels of oxygen, Biofinity feels almost as natural as wearing no lenses at all. Biofinity is a naturally comfortable lens with no additives, coatings, wetting agents or surface treatments so nothing comes between you a more comfortable lens-wearing experience.

Biofinity also contains Aspheric optics which enhances vision even in low lighting conditions and helps with peripheral vision.

Why Choose Biofinity

  • Super comfortable contact lens
  • Continuous wear for up to 30 days
  • Silicone hydrogel contact lens
  • Aspheric optics for sharp vision
  • Designed to retain water and minimise dry eyes
  • A contact lens you can sleep in


Recommended Cleaning Solution

Have you bought any contact lens solutions for your lenses?

We have a large range of All in One Solutions, Soft Lens Rewetting drops to alleviate dry eyes and convenient Multi Purpose Solution Flight Packs - perfect for your next holiday.

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Rated 4.3/5 based on 192 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Great lenses for all day use

I've been wearing contact lenses for around 18 years and prefer them to my glasses. These lenses ensure that enough oxygen gets to my eyes when I wear them for a long time, they're comfortable and my optician has noticed that my eyes are healthier since I moved to use them. Great price and delivery.

By from Manchester, UK on 20.03.2020 07:42

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Consistently Good

I've been wearing these continuous wear lenses for about ten years now without ever a complaint, if anything they've got better in quality!

By from Rochester, Kent on 21.03.2020 17:44

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Comfortable for extended use.

Iv used these lenses for many years and will continue to do so. I like the extended wear as it fits in with working long shifts where the daily/monthlys start to fail. I find the lenses quite thick compared to others but I very rarely get any tears and knicks as a result.

By from Paisley, UK on 01.03.2020 23:27

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Best Contacts at Great Price!

I had previously tried other brands,like being
able to leave contacts on for at least a week
had several problems with other brands eyes drying,
red eyes you name it, just did not work for me, so
decided to give Cooper Silicone Hydrogels try, no
problems what so ever,this is my brand from now on
sometimes go up two weeks without removing
go to bed with them not a problem, and for the
price you can't beat that!! have been with this brand
for over a year now.
Thank You!!

By from Texas US on 01.07.2013 22:03

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Like not wearing lenses... I couldn't see!

These lenses were supposed to have the same power than my eyes but I couldn't see clearly... I have been using lenses for 5 years and always used the same, which I still wear btw, and with the exact same power I see perfectly.
Not buying them again.
Thanks for the refund.

By from Switzerland on 25.06.2013 09:42

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Good for price

I used to wear daily lenses but was always worried about falling asleep in them....So went to opticians and they showed me continuous wear ones, I was a convert mediately able to wear all day and sleep in them but unfortunately moved and could not get them any more....
I had to go onto monthly disposables which were ok but hated to drama of removing and cleaning every night....
Then found this site that delivered and had these....
I found the site easy and quick delivery...
For the first few days I only wore them in the day as to get used to them and found them very comfortable, but when I started sleeping in them I would wake us with red sore sticky eyes and even blurred vision...
so stopped sleeping in them...
Not really the point of continuous wear contacts...
I also found that they didn't past the time stated and after 3 weeks my eyes got so irritated they caused little blisters on my lids...
I also was not wearing any make up so there was nothing else to cause it....
As soon as I replaced them all was ok again for another few weeks....
I will definitely order form here again but will try a different type and would not recommend these ones spend a little more and hopefully they will be better quality.

By from Cyprus on 18.06.2013 16:00

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Very comfortable

I've used them for a few months now and they are very comfortable to wear. Only thing I noticed is that after 3 weeks of constant wearing day and night they loose their comfort in a way and I have to take them off to allow my eyes to rest but I don't mind. I still recommend them as they are better than what I tried in past and even better than the daily ones I used to buy from my optician.

By from Dublin on 30.04.2013 13:15

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love your eyes!

I've been wearing contact lenses for 15 years, firstly starting with yearly lenses (I'm not sure you can even get them anymore?!) I eventually ended up wearing AirOptix lenses which to be fair were very comfortable, but I was looking for a change 3 years ago and landed upon this review section, people were raving about how good these lenses were so thought id give them a go... they are amazing! you literally feel like you are without contacts they are so comfortable. They don't seem to build up protein, you can blink without them falling out, and are really a strong durable lense, and they are really affordable! Really can't fault them :)

By from Manchester on 24.04.2013 22:32

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Great lenses

Used these for over a year now and they are the best lenses ive ever had....never have any complaints with my eyes and never once gone dry... i often forget i have them only complaint is that they seal so well onto the eye that at the end of 30 days they can be a pain to get off: Editors Comment, try moistening your eye with a few drops of rewetting solution to help loosen the lenses. I would suggest you try the Blink Contacts, as you will probably on use them once a month they come in a pk of 20 vials so they won`t go off between uses.

By from Birmingham uk on 27.02.2013 11:50

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By from VALERIE NORTH EAST ENGLAND on 24.01.2013 01:25

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brilliant 10/10

By from Stevenage on 18.01.2013 08:04

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i been wearing contacts for years and these are amazing!
i wear them like normal monthlys and take them out each night in solution and i can never tell im wearing them
fall asleep in them occasionally and never feel any irritation when i continue wearing them for the rest of the next day.

By from London uk on 27.12.2012 22:56

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Felt like I was preforming torture on myself

I tried these lenses on a whim looking at some of the reviews they seemed really good. I have no idea how these people managed to keep the lenses in for a month? after a couple of hours my eyes were sore, dry and bloodshot. I used to use daily disposables and I much prefer to just to be blind when I wake up until I find my glasses/lenses than wake up feeling like I've had torture preformed on my eyes while I've been asleep.

By from Belfast, UK on 21.12.2012 20:51

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Best ever!

Can't fault these one bit! 80% of the time I've forgotten I've got these in, and have kept them in way over the 1 month as stated, due to forgetting I had them! Recommend these to anyone who has a habbit of falling asleep with contacts in, rushing in the morning for work/school, and for pure easiness without cleaning constantly.

By from London, UK on 21.12.2012 17:02

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I have been wearing these lenses for a little over 2 years now and have waited this long to write a review on them as I have tried many, many lenses before and wanted to see how they perform.
2 years on and they are still amazing! I have tried other expensive brands such as 1 Day Acuvue Trueye, AirOpxtix Aqua as well as many of the dailies, but have to say, with relief, that Biofinity are the best. My eyes feel very comfortable throughout the day. None of the irritating dryness and itchy sensation. And it's not just the comfort, but they do emphasise the whiteness of the eyes and the colours of the iris. Makes them gorgeous.
The thing to remember is that different contact lenses wearers will react differently to the same kind of lenses. It's a matter of discovering and investigating what sort of lenses best suit your eyes. At the end of the day (sort of this oft quoted annoyance!), for me, comfort is of utmost important and Biofinity has delivered and more.

By from London, UK. on 28.09.2012 02:11

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I was genuinely excited reading all the glowing reviews about these lenses but have found that they definitely don't suit me. They made my eyes itchy in the evenings and I always awoke with very blurred vision for about 5 minutes. To at least get some use from them I now take them out and store in solution every night, defeating the object. I'll be back to dailies!

By from Basingstoke on 16.09.2012 08:22

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Great lenses

Very comfortable lenses. I can wear them for whole day without the annoying dry feel. First time i 'm totally satisfied with contact lenses!

By from Unknown location on 10.09.2012 14:45

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Not great, not bad

These were very comfortable for day wear for a couple of weeks although at no point was I ever able to sleep with them in. They felt comfortable for longer but still had to be removed as eyes became uncomfortable. After a couple of weeks of taking out and putting back in they just became irritating and uncomfortable. All that said, they were far easier to wear initially than dailies.

By from Shrops on 25.08.2012 13:17

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Great Lenses - Just got some new info on the recommended care of them

I just spoke to my optician and she had looked up on Biofinity's documentation.
They, like some other manufacturers, now recommend taking the lenses out every 6 nights and placing them in vials of cleaning solution (not just saline) and putting them back in the next morning. A cleaning solution helps keep the lenses cleaner and fresher and helps give the eyes a night off.
This seems a good idea and I plan to make it easier to remember and take the lenses out every Sunday night and place them into a cleaning solution for the night.

By from Edinburgh on 23.08.2012 16:30

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Fantastic Lenses

I have only used these lenses for the past 2 months and have found them great... so comfortable I forget I have them in and my vision is perfect.

By from Edinburgh on 19.07.2012 07:11

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I had worn glasses to correct my terrible short-sightedness and astigmatism for 15 years before I tried contacts.
At first I chose daily disposables. The optician explained that my astigmatism wasn't too pronounced so I could use normal lenses instead of paying extra for toric. However, I could only wear contacts for around 6 hours before my eyes became horrendously dry and painful.
Before I gave up completely, I decided to give these a go after reading the positive reviews here. They have absolutely changed my life. I use the standard lenses rather than the toric and I don't even realise they are in. I pop them in at the start of the month and completely forget about them. I have never had any discomfort at all, not even towards the end of the month.
They have given me so much freedom. I can see from the second I wake up in the morning. I can actually wear sunglasses. I'm going to Florida next year and I look forward to being able to see what I am doing when swimming and on rollercoasters.
Absolutely the best thing I have ever bought. I can't see myself ever going back to glasses or dailies.

By from Hampshire, UK on 15.07.2012 12:20

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I have been wearing contact lenses for over 12 years mostly daily disposables i changed to continuous wear about 2 years ago (which i got from a well known opticians) i was told about this website and on price i will save £15.00 per 3 month period. The lenses are so comfortable i wish i had changed earlier, i often forget iv'e got them in also they arrived within 3 days of ordering, brilliant, will continue to order my lenses from this company in future.

By from London,uk. on 15.06.2012 06:51

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no good for me

I tried these as my focus dailies that I have been using for years suddenly started drying out much sooner and becoming uncomfortable, I thought iw ould try some that you could wear all teh time and maybe my mistake was not visiting an optician. but i tried these following teh reviews, but they were worse than the focus dailies, and no way I could wear for more than a day, so I had to take them out and buy cleaning fluid, which was a major step backwards for me.

By from London, uk on 31.05.2012 15:45

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