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Crystal Aqua Daily

30 Lenses per box

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Crystal Aqua
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Product Info

We feel we know what our customers want in a contact lens, affordability, comfort, reliability, and availability, so we tested a lot of daily contact lenses over the years, before we settled on Crystal Aqua Daily and we can confidently say it is the best of them.
This daily contact lens has Hyaluronic moisturising agent embedded in its core, which acts as powerful wetting agent - giving you great comfort from the moment it is put in, to the time you take it out. Crystal Aqua Daily is superb contact lens for dry eyes and our in house trials often came back with the comment that this is the first contact lens that cannot be felt in the eye.

Designed to be an easy direct replacement contact lens for 'branded' contact lenses for example Focus Dailies Aquacomfort Plus and 1 Day Acuvue Moist, Crystal Aqua Daily contact lenses have all the benefits of a recognised brand, comfort, convenience, reliability but at up to 50% cheaper.

Don't take our word for it check out our customer reviews under the rating and review tab Crystal Aqua Daily scores 4.85 based on 476 customer reviews

The Essentials

Brand: Crystal
Wearing Type: Daily disposable contact lens
Power Range: +6.00 to -12.00
Base Curve(s): 8.7
Diameter(s): 14.2
Lens Material: HA Matrix material 42% (Etafilcon A with Hialuronic Acid)
Water Content: 58%
Oxygen Permeability: 30 Dk/t
Handling Tint: Yes - light blue
UVA/UVB Protection: Yes
Quantity per Box: 30 Lenses
Availability: Yes

Why Choose Crystal Aqua Daily

  • The presence of hyaluronic acid linked to the polimer matrix allows prolonged portability and high quality performance throughout the day
  • Better water retention capacity than all hydrogel materials
  • High comfort and effective action against dry eye syndrome
  • Aspheric optics to give you great, stable vision,
  • Superb handling (reports back that the lens holds it shape very well when inserting - some lenses lose their shape and make it difficult to insert)
  • UV filters (UVA 70% protection & UVB 95% protection)
  • Light blue tint to help with handling
  • Higher Oxygen transmission through the lens, to help your eyes breathe normally
  • Designed to be a direct replacement for 'branded' contact lenses for example Focus Dailies Aquacomfort Plus and 1 Day Acuvue Moist, but at up to 50% cheaper
  • CE 93/42/EEC Directive on Medical Devices, ISO 13485-1, GMP certified for your safety
  • Designed to be slimline and mail box friendly - ideal for online ordering

Other Options

We have designed crystal aqua to have a standard 'uni-fit' design - simply swap your existing daily or monthly lenses. Over 200 brands of contact lenses can be swapped to Crystal Aqua Dailies at savings of more than half the price.

Here are some of the brands that customers have changed from to Crystal Aqua Dailies - saving over 50% every month:

Daily Lenses

Monthly Lenses

You can even swap your monthly lenses for Crystal Aqua and you may find that they are actually cheaper, as you don't need to buy solutions or cases. Look at our comparison chart here comparing Crystal Aqua to various monthly brands.

Here are some of the brands that customers have changed from monthly or two weekly contact lenses to Crystal Aqua Dailies:

Like all contact lenses Crystal Aqua Daily is a regulated medical device and complies with demanding International Standards and provides all the oxygen that your eyes require.

Good to Know 

Can I wear Crystal Aqua Daily Contact lenses?

If you are already a contact lens wearer then there should be no reason why you cannot switch to Crystal Aqua Daily lenses, with a base curve of 8.7 and a diameter of 14.2 they should fit most eyes plus they have a large fitting range from +6.00 to -12.00. with their a high water content of 58%, handling tint, and Hyaluronic moisturising agent they offer comfort all day - from insertion to removal.

What Is The Cheapest Daily Contact Lens?

Crystal Aqua Daily contact lenses are the cheapest daily contact lens, at just £6.99 for a box of 30 lenses that works out at just 46p per day compare that to 1 Day Acuvue Moist at £1.20 per day and you can see why our customer are switching to Crystal Aqua Daily contact lenses.

Is Crystal Aqua Daily A silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens?

No, Crystal Aqua Daily is not a silicone lens, it provides all day moisture due to the Hyaluronic moisturising agent embedded in its core, if you are looking for an affordable silicone hydrogel contact lens then check out Crystal Air daily wear contact lenses, they work out at just 93p per day.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on 476 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Very comfortable lenses.

Very comfortable lenses and doesn't feel you are wearing them. No irritation and the moist level is brilliant, therefore my eyes are not drying and I don't need to apply moist drops in my eyes inbetween. The price for these lenses and quality is amazing!

By from London on 07.03.2020 18:30

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Good price for daily contact lenses

I used to buy FOCUS DAILY AQUACOMFORT PLUS at the start and they were good contact lenses but I felt they were very expensive to purchase regularly. I decided to try CRYSTAL AQUA DAILY as a cheaper alternative and yes, in my opinion, AQUACOMFORT is slightly better but it's not a huge difference. I'm definitely glad that I tried CRYSTAL AQUA DAILY as they are very good and it is cost saving in the long term. It's worth it.

By from Belfast, UK on 07.03.2020 16:56

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Comfortable and a really good price!

I was getting my contact lenses on a direct debit each month through my optician when I saw these online. I was very dubious because of how much cheaper they were, and can get dry eyes if the lenses aren't really good but I have found them just as comfortable as my old lenses and have saved me hundreds of pounds a year. They cost roughly 1/4 what I was paying before, so I'm very happy with them!

By from Milton Keynes, UK on 06.03.2020 16:04

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All Customer Reviews

Showing 341-360 of 476 items.
Great contact lenses.

So far one of the best contact lenses I've tried. The delivery is really fast and for free if your order is at or above 30 pounds and they have great customer services. I highly recommend it to everyone.

By from London UK on 04.03.2020 21:36

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Excellent quality. Super fast delivery

Quality of the product is excellent. Comfortable all day wear. I’ve been ordering off this site for years and order comes next day free of charge. Couldn’t fault it

By from Cumbria on 04.03.2020 21:25

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Very comfortable all-day lenses.

I like these lenses a lot. Great value for money. When they're in my eyes, I can't even feel that I'm wearing them. Unlike some of the other lenses I've tried that seemed to dry out a little or otherwise become slightly uncomfortable on the eye after a few hours, these ones usually remain very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time (i.e. all day). The only issue I sometimes have is that I occasionally find a lens a little difficult to put in, as they don't seem to keep their shape when placed on a fingertip in quite the same way as other lenses. This might just be my technique that needs honing, though.

By from London, UK on 04.03.2020 20:53

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Decent product at at great price

These are good lenses for the price. They are not as supple and comfortable as the higher quality lenses you can get on the market, but in life generally you get what you pay for. That's not to say these are bad though, I have worn worse lenses for similar money and these are very decent. They are comfortable once you get them in, although if I know I'll be wearing lenses for 8 hours or more on a particular day then I would use a more expensive pair that I get from a different manufacturer. However at £6.99 for 30 lenses these are great value and once they're in the quality of vision they give you is fantastic. I do find them start to irritate my eyes sooner than the more expensive lenses I use and as such sometimes its a relief to get them out. But if budget is a concern for you then these lenses are the ones to get. If budget is no object then I would suggest going for a slightly more expensive lens for that extra comfort and long-wearing-ness.

By from London, UK on 04.03.2020 16:52

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Yall are awesome!!

By from Texas on 04.03.2020 16:20

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Comfortable lenses at an amazing price

These are extremely good lenses, which easily compare to more expensive brands. They offer a vastly cheaper alternative to other lenses, but still feel comfortable and moist throughout the day.

By from Hampshire, UK on 04.03.2020 15:09

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Reliable brand

Always delivered on time. Super reasonable prices. Always come back for my purchases!

By from London on 04.03.2020 14:28

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Good quality for the price

Happy with the overall quality given the price. I find these comfortable to wear all day and have often slept in them and not had any issues. A good budget contact lens, especially if you don't suffer from sensitive eyes.

By from Chester, UK on 04.03.2020 14:08

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Great hassle.great service

By from Ellesmere port on 04.03.2020 13:50

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Cheap but comfortable disposables

Can't fault for the price and no issue putting them in.
Couple of contact lenses have been ripped/damaged, but generally very good quality, especially moving from a much more expensive brand

By from Liverpool on 04.03.2020 13:16

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These contact lenses are amazing!

I have been buying these lenses now for over a year. They are so comfortable and don't dry your eyes out. They are affordable too. I don't think I will purchase any other brand.

By from London, UK on 04.03.2020 09:18

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excellent contact lenses

order these contact lenses as spares at least 3 times a year very comfortable cannot tell the difference between the more expensive ones excellent value for money

By from Sheffield on 04.03.2020 08:48

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Excellent service, comfy lenses

Lenses are comfy, a good price and delivered very quickly

By from Cornwall UK on 03.03.2020 22:52

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Cost effective yet perfect

These lenses are the cheapest I've found but are absolutely brilliant. Equally as good as any other brands I've used and for a fraction of the cost. I've been using them every day for years and never had a problem. 10/10 from me

By from Buckinghamshire on 03.03.2020 19:43

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Excellent lenses

I've been wearing this product for several years and find them to be just as good as some of the high profile brands. They are comfortable to wear all day long at an excellent price.

By from Scotland on 03.03.2020 18:27

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

This one is highly recommended!

This is definitely recommended! I’ve been using more than years and I have never got any problem with it. Reasonable and good quality, that’s the best!

By from London,UK on 03.03.2020 14:40

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Aqua Daily

Good contacts for the price, I only wear them for sport or evenings out, and they never usually cause me any bother

By from Manchester on 03.03.2020 13:05

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Good value for an even better item

The price is great and the lenses are comfortable. This is the second time I have ordered these and I will continue to do so.

By from Surrey UK on 03.03.2020 13:04

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Reliable quality and affordable

The Crystal Aqua Daily packaging is well presented, the lens vials in strips of 5 are easy to use, and the lenses themselves are always comfortable to wear all day. Choosing the prescription on the website is very easy and the pricing is quite reasonable. Delivery is always very prompt.

By from Liverpool, UK on 03.03.2020 10:36

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Comfortable lenses for half the price

Comfortable lenses and super cheap - delivery is always very quick and reliable would recommend

By from London on 03.03.2020 10:31

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No