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Crystal Hydro Daily

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Crystal Hydro Daily
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Product Info

Daily soft contact lenses are the most convenient type of contact lens on the market - wear them once and throw them away. However, there has always been a problem with daily lenses - the cost.
We felt that customers should not have to pay a high price for the convenience of daily lenses, so we searched the market to bring you a great daily soft contact lens at low cost, so in 2011 we introduced our Crystal contact lenses brand which was well received by our customers.

We are confident that you will find Crystal Hydro Daily with advanced material Etafilcon A is a great replacement for your existing daily lenses 

Our Crystal contact lenses come in a slimline box, so are letterbox friendly, however we have not compromised on the size of the blister, we retained the full size blisters for easy lens removal.

Crystal Hydro are also a low cost daily option for monthly lens wearers - no more storing lenses every night in expensive solutions, simply wear a pair for a day and throw them away. 

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Why choose Crystal Hydro Daily Contact Lenses

  • Advanced material Etafilcon A
  • UVA & UVB protection 
  • Handling tint
  • All Day Comfort
  • Particularly good for dry eyes - includes moisturising agent
  • Easy to open packaging, in slimline letterbox friendly packaging.
  • Easy direct replacement for existing daily lenses on the market

All the benefits of the Crystal brand , cheap, affordable, well researched high levels of customer satisfaction but now with silicone hydrogel


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Rated 4.7/5 based on 173 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Long lasting 12hrs plus

These are extremely comfortable and are the only lenses where I haven't struggled with dry eyes. I have them in everyday for over 12 hours and sometimes forget they're even in because they are not dry at all.

By from Birmingham on 05.03.2020 20:31

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i currently use biweekly acuvue oasis contacts and i pay high prices for the brand name. i've now switched to CRYSTAL HYDRO DAILY and i could not be more happy for a lower cost than i was paying for biweekys. no more cleaning contacts , maintaining and paying extra for overnight containers. these are as or more comfortable than my old acuvues. i can jump in bed and pull them out right before i turn the lights out.

By from Sunny California on 05.03.2020 22:41

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No compromise on quality

For many years I used Acuvue Dailies which I found comfortable but not always really clear in both eyes. I tried out the Crystal Hydro Dailies after a promotion and I was really pleased with the result. They were comfortable in my eyes after a day or so and now I find they give me better vision than the Acuvues. Much better price too. I’ve been using them now for around 3 years. Really happy. Never had any problems. Plus a great service from!

By from France on 17.03.2020 13:33

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Crystal Hyrdo lenses and site

This site is great, I've been using it for quite some time, the contacts come usually the next day through the letter box so no worries about having to be at home.
The crystal lenses I find really comfortable for around 14 hours, I put them in around 7am and they are usually OK until bed time. The standard crystal ones I find make my eyes gritty after around 12 hours, so I've switched to the hydro which I feel are better (same cost). Excellent disposable lenses and around a third of what my friends are paying for the better known brands.

By from London on 14.12.2016 15:27

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comfortable wear, what a nice surprise for how much they cost here

By from Glasgow on 16.08.2016 22:05

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After wearing lenses for years I had given up and started wearing glasses full time as my eyes are so dry. Now the sunny weather is coming I decided to give lenses a go again and went to order my usual ones which are really expensive in comparison but just happened to spot these and thought I'd give them a go - I'm delighted!! They are very comfortable and my eyes aren't nearly as dry as they usually are. Service was brilliant too, they arrived the next day (I ordered some others to try from a different website and I'm still waiting for them to arrive). Will be re-ordering, so glad I found them!

By from Dorset on 28.04.2016 09:39

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Excellent lenses and service

I have been wearing contact lenses for 38 years now and Crystal Hydro Daily are one of the very best. They are very good quality. I haven't lost one putting one in, which I have with other fiddly ones. They go in the right way round first time. Very comfortable all day - and my eyes are really quite dry. I can't believe the great price, either! How do they do it? There is no need, in my opinion, to spend a lot more money, as you get all you need and want with Crystal. The service is really quick and the lenses are well packaged.

By from Truro, England on 07.04.2016 16:22

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Fantastic lenses, great website!

Tried this website after being recommended by my niece! I've worn lenses for 39 years and paid out a small fortune to high street opticians. I have been wearing Acuvue Moist so thought I'd try as recommended by the site, Crystal Hydro Daily lenses. They were delivered the next day after ordering and I can honestly say they are superb lenses and I'm actually finding them more comfortable than the Acuvue Moist! I will be re-ordering these lenses and highly recommend this site.

By from Essex, UK on 16.03.2016 10:37

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pros and cons

these are remarkably more comfortable to wear than the one other daily I've tried: B&L biotru. However, I think that there is a comprimise in visual accuity through having this softness. headlight flare is slightly worse with these than the biotru. I think I need a higher prescript with these owing to their softness, but this makes the new experience for me of not being able to read up close without lots of blinking and pinging the lense on my eye. they don't move around for me. They do fold in half annoyingly frequently and this may make them less cheap than they appear. eg they fold in half on getting them out no matter how careful I am. I can't wash them out with saline (to remove finger dust) before insertion because this makes them collapse. They are difficult to un-fold. I've thrown some away unworn. I have to use 2-3 fingers to get them to stick on my eye rather than the finger. If I wet the eye with drops first, this can work better. The comfort of these lenses is possibly worth the fiasco.

By from London on 01.02.2016 18:32

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Cheap, but fiddly to use!

I was attracted to these first because they are rated for dryer eyes. The price was astonishingly low too! So, full of enthusiasm I ordered and received them next morning. Well done on delivery, thank you!
The packaging is excellent and very easy for almost anybody to open, but I found the lenses very difficult to transfer onto the eye. They are so thin and floppy they just simply kept falling out on the first blink. In the end I had to push them on with some pressure to 'fix' them to my eye and then carefully close my lid to get them to stay on. I have had to repeat this procedure every time. I am an experienced contacts user but found this frustrating and difficult!
Also, I have found that they tend to lift from the bottom edge when blinking, which is particularly annoying. On 2 occasions in the first 5 days, I have blinked and they actually fell out! So then I am back on glasses again for the rest of the day. I have been disappointed with the results from these lenses and will be choosing a different brand next time.
3 stars for great delivery and easy packaging.

By from Blackpool, UK on 13.09.2015 08:20

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Very Good Quality

First of all - contact lenses are an individual thing, if you know you have sensitive eyes, then switching up your usual routine is bound to cause you some irritation.
I usually used Specsavers Vitrea contact lenses (I think!), and have found I'm running low, as they are the upgraded version and due to the strength of my prescription I have to order them in. This takes a couple days and is generally a pain, so I needed some spares. I bought these and the normal Crystal Dailys.
I've had these in for a few hours now after wearing my normal contact lenses all day. These have been absolutely fine, I can't put my finger on what it is but these do feel "different" to my usual contact lenses - as they're not my usual ones. These are comfortable, I can see just fine and I'm confident that these would be easy to wear all day. I'm notorious for putting my contacts in at 7am, and taking them out at 11pm.
Only reason I haven't given these 5 stars is I've yet to wear them all day to give them 5 stars.
Overall a very good buy and I will definitely buy these again when I inevitably run low next time!

By from Sussex, UK on 10.08.2015 21:35

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Best in my life!

Simply the best lenses I have ever had in my 12 years of contact lense experience. I have dry and sensitive eyes and the material these lenses are made - etafilcon- seems to fit perfectly. Likewise the price fits my budget!

By from London, UK on 02.08.2015 23:17

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Best of all the dailies on the website

I tried pretty much every single brand of Dailies on this website and the Crystal Hydro Daily is by far the best. I suffer a very dry eyes and I have to wear lenses for about 12-14 hours a day and these are the only lenses which I do not struggle to wear them for such a long time. If you have dry eyes and you look for a real comfort - please do yourself a favour get these ones.

By from London on 18.07.2015 20:48

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Extremely Happy Very comfortable

I have been wearing contacts for last 20 yrs so not new to this ! I tried these due to price and moved from aquavue moist and no probs at all. I travel a lot for work so lots of driving and flights and they really don't dry up. Lots of computer screens in my life and really the only time I know I have them in, is actually when I am tired. So very happy no issues would recommend them.

By from Norwich on 10.04.2015 10:04

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Amazing, especially for the price!

Absolutely amazing especially considering the price for these! I now know where I will always turn to for my contact lenses! They came within two days of purchase and feel very comfortable in my eyes. They are however, slightly hard to get in at first due to the flimsy material however I guess that's what makes them feel very comfortable. Extremely satisfied customer over here, thanks!

By from London, UK on 18.01.2015 13:02

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Not great so far

I have had these lenses in since 7 am and its now 12pm. So far the feeling that something is in my eyes hasnt let up. Having paid for the far more expensive Acuvue Moist for years now I was wishing so much that I wouldnt notice the difference. It has eased since I first put them in, but still not great, if manageable. I will give them a few more days, in case my eyers just need to get used to them, but if this picking doesnt let up it will be back to the drawing board ( or the Acuvue!)

By from Jersey, UK on 29.10.2014 11:52

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Amazing cheaper alternative

I bought some cheap contacts as i like to wear them at the gym, but when they're only in for a few hours it can get rather expensive with opticians standard lenses! these cheaper alternatives are the bomb! bit flimsy and floppy to put in. my vision is never amazing with contacts, even expensive ones, and these are no different. defiantly worth it and the service is incredible.

By from Bishops Stortford, UK on 10.09.2014 14:51

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When I saw these lenses for so cheap I didn't know what to expect. When I first put them in on day one I did have a few problems but after two or three times if wearing them they were great :) only thing I can say is that this company need to make the postage boxes able to fit though the letter box.

By from Staffordshire on 04.09.2014 19:08

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Great for dry eyes, not so great for sensitive eyes

These contacts were amazingly clear and my eyes weren`t at all dry by the end of the day. The down side however... within about a minute of wearing them my eyes were bloodshot and stinging like anything. My advice - if you have sensitive eyes don`t buy them. Editors Comment- It sounds as though your eyes are slightly sensitive to the solution Crystal are stored in. Some people find it helpful in these situation to rinse the lens with a proprietary solution such as Renu All In One

By from UK on 02.09.2014 11:57

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very pleased

My dry eyes struggle to wear contact for long periods. Pleased to report that these were very comfortable, and were still comfortable at the end of the day. I'll be ordering them again.

By from London, UK on 14.08.2014 12:02

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good quality

I'm very happy with these lenses, the crystal hydro are much better than the plain crystal lenses. My eyes didn't get dry or cloudy as they did with the cheaper lenses. I'll definitely be buying these from now on

By from Brighton, uk on 15.06.2014 09:41

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Best daily contact lenses I have tried

I have gone from wearing monthly to daily contact lenses recently due to the discomfort I was experiencing during the last couple of weeks of wearing a monthly pair of lenses.
I tried various more expensive brands of daily contact lenses, some of which would split in my eye during the day (not impressed with that!) I tried these crystal hydro lenses as a last resort thinking I had nothing to loose - best contact lense decision of my life. Easy to put in the eye, none have split or blur during the day and I would recommend these lenses.
Also the service from has been second to none. Brilliant - and my expenditure for daily contact lenses has gone from £49 a month to just £18!

By from Kent, UK on 04.06.2014 10:08

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Very satisfied customer

I only really wear lenses now for active holidays and days out so I bought these to try them out as they are so much cheaper than buying in the opticians. With mixed reviews I was a little worried I'd picked the wrong lenses. However, after you get used to them, in my case the second day was much better, they were really comfortable even after over 12 hours of wear. You do feel the occasional movement of the lens every now and then, but to be fair you can get that with any contact lens. You also have to make sure the lens in not inside out before they go in. (you can tell by the curvature of the lens)
Please don't be put off by the bad reviews on here.

By from Ipswich on 26.04.2014 15:45

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