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Crystal Hydro Daily

30 Lenses per box

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Crystal Hydro Daily
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Product Info

Some Crystal Hydro powers are not available at the moment. If your power shows on the drop down list then you can order as normal. We recommend Soflens Dailies Disposable as a suitable replacement if your power is missing.

Daily soft contact lenses are the most convenient type of contact lens on the market - wear them once and throw them away. However, there has always been a problem with daily lenses - the cost.

We felt that customers should not have to pay a high price for the convenience of daily lenses, so we searched the market to bring you a great daily soft contact lens at a low cost, so in 2011 we introduced our Crystal contact lenses brand which was well received by our customers.

We are confident that you will find Crystal Hydro Daily with advanced material Etafilcon A is a great replacement for your existing daily lenses. Etafilcon A is the same material as 1 Day Acuvue Moist - but Crystal Hydro Daily is less than half the price!

Our Crystal contact lenses come in a slimline box, so are letterbox friendly, however, we have not compromised on the size of the blister, we retained the full size blisters for easy lens removal.

Crystal Hydro are also a low cost daily option for monthly lens wearers - no more storing lenses every night in expensive solutions, simply wear a pair for a day and throw them away. 

Why choose Crystal Hydro Daily Contact Lenses

  • Advanced material Etafilcon A
  • UVA & UVB protection 
  • Handling tint
  • All Day Comfort
  • Particularly good for dry eyes - includes moisturising agent
  • Easy to open packaging, in slimline letterbox friendly packaging.
  • Easy direct replacement for existing daily lenses on the market


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Rated 4.7/5 based on 176 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

No compromise on quality

For many years I used Acuvue Dailies which I found comfortable but not always really clear in both eyes. I tried out the Crystal Hydro Dailies after a promotion and I was really pleased with the result. They were comfortable in my eyes after a day or so and now I find they give me better vision than the Acuvues. Much better price too. I’ve been using them now for around 3 years. Really happy. Never had any problems. Plus a great service from!

By from France on 17.03.2020 13:33

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Well worth the extra money

I usually go for the cheapest option however even though these cost slightly more they are well worth the spend, they feel like you have nothing on your eyeball as opposed to the other cheaper option which felt like you always have a hair under your eyelid. Would definitely recommend, I have been using these for over a year and will continue to do so.

By from Manchester on 21.03.2020 20:22

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i currently use biweekly acuvue oasis contacts and i pay high prices for the brand name. i've now switched to CRYSTAL HYDRO DAILY and i could not be more happy for a lower cost than i was paying for biweekys. no more cleaning contacts , maintaining and paying extra for overnight containers. these are as or more comfortable than my old acuvues. i can jump in bed and pull them out right before i turn the lights out.

By from Sunny California on 05.03.2020 22:41

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good quality

I'm very happy with these lenses, the crystal hydro are much better than the plain crystal lenses. My eyes didn't get dry or cloudy as they did with the cheaper lenses. I'll definitely be buying these from now on

By from Brighton, uk on 15.06.2014 09:41

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Best daily contact lenses I have tried

I have gone from wearing monthly to daily contact lenses recently due to the discomfort I was experiencing during the last couple of weeks of wearing a monthly pair of lenses.
I tried various more expensive brands of daily contact lenses, some of which would split in my eye during the day (not impressed with that!) I tried these crystal hydro lenses as a last resort thinking I had nothing to loose - best contact lense decision of my life. Easy to put in the eye, none have split or blur during the day and I would recommend these lenses.
Also the service from has been second to none. Brilliant - and my expenditure for daily contact lenses has gone from £49 a month to just £18!

By from Kent, UK on 04.06.2014 10:08

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Very satisfied customer

I only really wear lenses now for active holidays and days out so I bought these to try them out as they are so much cheaper than buying in the opticians. With mixed reviews I was a little worried I'd picked the wrong lenses. However, after you get used to them, in my case the second day was much better, they were really comfortable even after over 12 hours of wear. You do feel the occasional movement of the lens every now and then, but to be fair you can get that with any contact lens. You also have to make sure the lens in not inside out before they go in. (you can tell by the curvature of the lens)
Please don't be put off by the bad reviews on here.

By from Ipswich on 26.04.2014 15:45

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When i look up

Lenses are not bad for the price but the only thing that annoys me is that they slide down when i look up and it's uncomfortable when they are coming back on their place, I don't have that problem with Acuvue. but beside that they are a good replacement for more expensive ones.

By from Cambs on 07.03.2014 08:04

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I have been wearing Crystal Hydro Daily for over 3 months now and have to say, they are the most comfortable contact lenses I ever had. My eyes tend to be very dry - in particular in the evening or after long hours in front of the monitor. The Hydro factor of these lenses helps to keep them moist.

By from UK on 02.02.2014 00:11

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Not too bad BUT ...

These are not too bad for the price, BUT I have noticed that a significant number of lenses are inside-out in the packaging and must be man-handled to correct it - I've used lenses for many years but never encountered this problem before. Once they are right, they're relatively comfortable to wear (not as good as my specsavers dailies though). However, a number of the lenses supplied to me were torn and could not be worn (this might have been a faulty batch, I don't know).

By from Manchester, UK on 15.01.2014 10:25

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Great deal

Having been wearing contact lenses for almost 10 years I would say I have a lot of experience with the whole process. My eyes are particularly sensitive and prone to dryness. I usually use the Acuvue contacts which are amazing, but at almost £30 for a box of 15 I felt that £60 a month for contacts was burning a hole in my pocket.
The Crystal Hydro daily may take a little getting used to but in terms of value for money they are amazing. When you first put them in you can notice a change compared with higher quality lenses in that for the first few blinks you can feel them in your eye which is a little uncomfortable. I think it's because they don't lay as flat and so need to warm up in your eye first. However after they've molded to your eye they feel very comfortable and just like a higher quality contact, after 8 hours they are not drying and still a pleasure to wear. I'm pleasantly surprised!
Will definitely be re-ordering, thank you

By from London, UK on 19.11.2013 12:16

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Crystal Hydro Daily

I have been purchasing these contact lenses now for around a year as an alternative to the expensive brands and have found them to be of an equal match in quality to any of the other hydration lenses. I have low tear ducts and as such have dry eyes making it hard to wear contact lenses for a long time. I can wear these lenses for at least seven hours without having to use drops or anything else. If I then want to continue wearing them on a night out I simply wash them in solution then pop them back in and I am ready to go for another seven! They can at times have one or two in a pact that are trickier to handle, I have no idea why, it seems to just be luck of the draw. But I have found this with all brands to be honest. I won't be changing back to the super expensive brands anyway, there is simply no need.

By from Edinburgh on 12.11.2013 08:38

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So far so good

Firstly I'm very pleased with the very quick delivery. I ordered my lenses yesterday at 1 o'clock. And they arrived today. Very speedy.
First thought was how the packaging looked very much like acuvuve moist lenses I have been using for the past 2 years, but as every one can agree they are getting very expensive.
They are easyer to tear off too.
I was thinking they would be a floppy flimsy lense. But are very much like acuvuve ones.
So far I'm happy and think they are great value for money!

By from Hampshire on 25.10.2013 13:54

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Fantastic lenses

I saw they are made from the same material as acuvue moist,so I bought this item.They are less than half the price i was paying for acuvue,but the quality seems very similar,and as always they arrived very fast! I'm so happy i tried this

By from Scarborough, UK on 23.10.2013 17:56

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Great balance of cost and comfort

I've previously worn the regular version of Crystal lenses, but my optician had advised more permeable lens material to allow more oxygen through.
I've now worn these for a month and the comfort and reduction in eye redness/dryness was very quick.
There are better lenses out there which would help make putting them in a little easier, but I think these are overall the best value I've tried so far.

By from London, UK on 19.10.2013 10:37

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100% Happy - Very good lens

My eyes have tears which evaporate quickly and my daysoft 58% water daily disposable lens from the optician are ok for the first two hours then become itchy and leave a red ring. Having worn contact lens for over 20 years I found these to be the best I�ve tryed. After putting them on I could not feel them on the eye and they were very comfortable, no blurry vision or feel greasy on the eye and felt comfortable all day. Happy with my choice of lens and would highly recommend them. After careful considering alternative lens it seems price is not a guide to quality. Delivery was quick and was a smooth transaction from contactlenses (Thankyou).

By from Nottingham on 12.10.2013 15:18

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fantastic value

Bought these as a cheaper alternative to acuvue moist. I have been wearing lenses every day for 25 years, so i have a fair amount of experience with different brands. For the price i thought like other reviewers it was worth a gamble, but i am very pleased i did! I was sold on hydro as they are made from the same material as acuvue moist, so thought the couple of extra pounds was worth spending above the standard crystal lenses. I thought they might be thinner, and so more inclined to rip, crumple or flatten, but the quality seems very similar. There is no right way indicator (123), but you can tell from the curvature which is right. Vision seems very clear, and comfort long term is very good. I had a slight issue with one lens, which felt like there was inconsistencies in the quality, but i have this once every few hundred lens with acuvue anyway. They are less than half the price i was paying for acuvue, and as always they arrived REALLY fast! I'm so pleased i tried this :)

By from Sussex on 22.09.2013 09:41

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Fantastic lenses!

I ordered these lenses as a cheap alternative to my current lenses. They came the next day (even though I didn't pay for express post) and I am really happy with them. I have problems with dry eyes and have had issues with many lenses in the past. These ones have been fantastic. Really comfortable even at the end of the day. I would highly recommend this product.
You just need to make sure that the lens is not inside out before you put them on (you can do this by looking at the curvature of the lens when it is on your finger). They are really soft and so it is surprisingly easy to put them on inside out.

By from London, UK on 19.09.2013 16:35

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Great for the price

I have worn these all day at work for the past week with no problems at all (vision is a touch blurry but think this is just me and not reflective of the lenses). Have tried other more expensive brands as I suffer terribly from dry eyes, and this is the best I have found - and cheap too! I almost forget I'm wearing them, and I've been wearing them from 7-7pm most days. A real find!

By from Essex on 03.09.2013 14:30

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Surprisingly good

I suffer badly from dry eyes and only wear contact lenses when doing active sports, so with trepidation I took a flyer on a couple of boxes of these before we go on holiday. I've used 1-day Acuvue TruEye up to now but they are very expensive at £29.50 a box, versus £9.75/box for these. Given the difference in price, my expectations were relatively low, but given it's less than £20 for 2 boxes (versus almost £60 for the Acuvue) I thought it worth a gamble. Well, I am very pleased I took the chance. Received them this morning and wore them in front of the computer for about 5 hours. They were much floppier than the Acuvues and so took several attempts to get them into my eye. I found that letting them dry a little on my finger helped them shape up and firm up enough to get them to transfer onto my eye. Once in though, they are just as comfortable as the Acuvues and vision is great. Recommended. Will post another review once back from holiday if I remember.

By from London, UK on 22.08.2013 16:59

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