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Crystal Monthly

6 Lenses per box

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Crystal Monthly
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Product Info

The cost of monthly soft contact lenses has been steadily rising in recent years, making it more and more difficult for customers to afford them.
We have listened to our customers and searched the world for a low cost, trouble free monthly contact lens to provide our customers with the convenience of monthly lenses at the lowest possible price.

We have found a lens that has it all - Crystal Monthly.

Crystal monthly contact lenses have been designed to be worn up to 12-16 per day, for up to 30 consecutive days. Crystal Monthly offers a multi back curve design for great stability and handling, a thin edge for all day comfort, an easy to open packet, UVA & UVB protection, CE and ISO approved for maximum safety and an easy direct replacement for existing monthly lenses on the market.

Note: Crystal Monthly lenses are not normally recommended for dry eyes, if you have dry eyes check out Crystal Comfort.

The Essentials

Brand: Crystal
Wearing Type: Monthly
Power Range: +5.00 to -10.00
Base Curve(s): 8.6
Diameter(s): 14.2
Lens Material: Methafilcon A
Water Content: 55%
Oxygen Permeability: 24 Dk/t
Handling Tint: Yes, light blue
UVA/UVB Protection: Yes
Quantity per Box: 6 lenses per box
Availability: Yes, in stock

Why choose Crystal Monthly Contact Lenses

  • Affordable monthly contact lens
  • Handling tint
  • UVA and UVB blocking
  • 12-16 hours wear daily
  • Cheap enough to be used as a 2 weekly replacement lens

Other options

Crystal monthly contact lenses have been designed as a one size fits all replacement daily contact lens, with it mid range 8.6 base curve and 14.2 diameter they a suitable replacement for many monthly and even daily contact lenses. Size wise Crystal monthly is a direct replacement for Soflens 59, Biomedics 55, or Crystal 1 Day among others.

Switch to Crystal Comfort Monthly Hydrogel Silicone lenses and SAVE!

Lens Brand
Annual Cost
(monthly replacement)
Crystal Monthly




Biomedics 55


Good To Know

Can I wear Crystal Monthly Contact Lenses?

Crystal monthly contact lenses are a replacement contact lens, so although not fitted by your Optometrist you are still able to wear Crystal monthly lenses providing they are of their same or similar fit to your regular lenses. If you wear daily lenses and are replacing them with monthly contact lenses you will need to know how to clean and store your lenses. 

Crystal monthly contact lenses are and ideal replacement for

  • Proclear 
  • Biomedics 55
  • Soflens 59

Crystal monthly is a great option if you miss your old or discontinued monthly lenses such as

  • Frequency 55
  • Focus Visitint
  • Acuvue two weekly
  • Surevue
  • Avaira

Does Crystal Monthly Contact Lenses Come In Colours?

Unfortunately at the moment Crystal monthly disposable contact lenses do not come in colours, if you are looking for a coloured contact lens then check out Freshlook Colourblends.

Is Crystal Monthly Contact Lens A Silicone Hydrogel Lens?

Crystal; monthly is not a silicone hydrogel contact lens, if you are looking for an affordable silicone hydrogel contact lens then check out Crystal Comfort monthly disposable contact lenses or Crystal Air, our silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens.

Recommended Cleaning Solution

Have you bought any contact lens solutions for your lenses?

We have a large range of All in One Solutions, Soft Lens Rewetting drops to alleviate dry eyes and convenient Multi Purpose Solution Flight Packs - perfect for your next holiday.

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Rated 4.6/5 based on 163 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Quality contacts

They’re very good contacts I buy them regularly
Doesn’t cause any dry eyes like the others around and can be worn for long periods of time without irritation

By from London on 06.03.2020 19:37

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Crystal monthly contacts

I have bought the Crystal monthly contacts for years now and have found them to be a quality product. My reordering them several times speaks for itself. Contactlensesplus has always gotten me my order quickly and correctly.

By from US on 10.03.2020 23:55

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Simple to use and great vision!

This product is so simple to use, they glide easily onto my eye. My eyes are never dry even when using them all day. Vision is great. I definitely recommend using this product and I always buy the same ones again and again.

By from London, UK on 04.03.2020 10:11

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All Customer Reviews

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Get more for your money!!!

I have been using Acuvue 2 and Advance for 7 years now, and purchased a year supply of these chancing it a couple weeks ago. I have always been one to have problems with my eyes getting dry during normal use or after overnight use. I received these in the mail and put a pair in as soon as I could get my other ones out to see what I had bought! They are very comfortable, stay moist better, and seem to be as well as any other brand I have bought! So 2 or 3 times the contacts for the same price! Makes money makes sense!

By from Fairmont, WV USA on 04.01.2014 10:25

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Good value

Didn't expect much for that price... How wrong I was: very pleased with them! Use to wear Acuvue Oasys and Crystal Monthly are better and cheaper. Definetely will order again.

By from Scotland on 01.01.2014 19:49

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I used to get my lenses from Specsavers for roughly £20 a month but they irritated my eyes so I decided to shop about, these are by far better than the ones I used to wear. My eyes are happier and my purse is too! Would definately recommend.

By from Leeds, UK on 23.12.2013 13:01

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Good value

On a daily basis these lenses are pretty good and I have just ordered another batch. My only real problem with these lenses was when I was on holiday in Florida! They dried out so quickly due to the humidity and I just had to make sure I had eye drops with me and I wore glasses in the evening. I will order my previous brand for going to Florida next year so I don't face this problem again.

By from Scotland on 20.12.2013 14:26

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Well worth the money

Fantastic bargain, just as good as any expensive lens. Really comfortable. Definitely recommend these. Thank you :)

By from County Durham on 24.09.2013 00:23

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Value for Money Lenses

I ordered these lenses, as they cost about 70% cheaper than the usual ones I used to buy (Bausch & Lomb, and other known brands). It totally worth the money, and I had no problem with them so far. The only thing is that they get a bit dry after the 23rd-24th day of use, but this might happens due to the climate (as I live in Greece). I totally sugest to give them a try.

By from Corfu, Greece on 10.09.2013 09:43

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

The BEST by far

These contacts were perfect for me. I absolutely love them! They're comfortable, not itchy, I don't need drops throughout the day to keep them moist, they never blur my vision, and I often forget I even have them in. I even put them to the test in the Windy City of Chicago and not once did they bother me for the 3 days I was walking around there. I've tried a few other pricey contact lenses and they were all okay, but if contactlensesplus can get my prescription back in for these, I'd never order anywhere else.

By from Michigan, United States on 16.07.2013 18:33

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Very uncomfortable

Was expecting good things after reading good comments about these but unfortunately they are very uncomfortable compared to my usual pro clear lenses. These lenses constantly fall out, irritate my eyes, and do not last a month at all.

By from London uk on 14.07.2013 10:34

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problem free

i bought these for the first time and was quite wary as i though that being so cheap they wouldnt be as good as the ones i used to buy from specsavers for more than double the price and for only 3 months. these are brilliant contacts and amazing price as well.i always forget i have contacts in but only can tell because i can see so clearly :)

By from Newcastle,uk on 22.06.2013 21:33

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Not bad but...

They're not bad for the price but I really stuggle to wear them for long periods of time. They constantly feel like they're about to fall out and they do irritate my eyes a lot. They make my eyes water a lot but they provide excellent clarity and vision, so I can't complain in that respect. Unfortunately I won't be buying them again.

By from Cardiff, UK on 22.05.2013 13:40

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No


Hi, I had to write a review for these amazing lenses. We dont even need to mention as if you have ordered from them you will know how fantastic they are with next day delivery!
So i have tried all soft contact lenses and i mean all. Silicone Hydrogels etc. The best ones i could tolerate for a few hours on a night out but not all the time were Acuvue Moist. My optician was giving me these on a daily lens for £35. My friend tried the Crystal and loved them. I tried Crystal monthly it was £8 lost is they didnt work but they are great!
No lenses are totally comfortable for me as I have sebhoaric (or however you spell it) blepharitis so get greasy tears which dont keep the lens moist. These are brilliant. I cant believe the cheapest lenses i have found at under £30 from this website for a whole year are the ones i can wear! There are a couple of people who didnt get on with them but i urge you give them a go, what have you to lose but eight pound!

By from Leicester on 11.05.2013 13:51

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were do i start! amazing value for money, soft, not too thin or thick im been wearing them for 3 days now from 8am through till 8pm at night and i cant even tell i have lenses in! i didn't want to put my glasses on at the end of the day because the vision seemed less clear then what my lenses give, non blur, non sticky, total clear vision and the most important thing to me no dry or irritating, all in all a wonder lens
previously worn expensive lenses and these are truly 100 % better

By from West midlands u.k on 05.05.2013 12:31

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Excellent value for money

I've been wearing contact lenses for over 20 years and these are as good as any I have tried. I was wearing Focus Visitint but with their discontinuation my optician recommended another brand that was twice the price at around £56 for a six month supply.I decided to give these lenses a go based on the price and reviews here and am very glad I did. I find them more comfortable than Visitint (which I have been wearing for several years) and I can easily wear them for 10-12 hours at a stretch with no discomfort or adverse affect to my vision. I never sleep in my lenses anyway, so not sure if these are suitable for leaving in overnight, but otherwise I can confidently recommend Crystal Monthly as being a good quality lens at a really good price.

By from Cardiff, UK on 05.05.2013 10:27

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No


I was looking for a website to buy contacts from that would be fast, easy and wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg when I came across I was tired of going to an eye doctor every time I needed new lenses, Crystal Monthly seemed like my best bet. I was a little wary of the price, I figured nothing that cheap could be that great. I read some of the reviews and figured I'd give them a try and boy was I surprised. Not only was the price incredible, but they arrived so fast. I was expecting to wait a couple of weeks, they got to me in 5 days! I put a pair in immediately and it was like I was wearing nothing at all, they're so comfortable and light. I will never order another brand of lenses again and certainly will remain a customer of this site as long as it's up and running. Thanks a bunch!!

By from Biloxi, MS on 29.04.2013 01:12

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Incredible value for money

I was sceptical of these initially and only ordered one pack to start, since I normally wear lenses all day so was concerned by the comfort. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are, and still long-lasting.
I have been wearing contacts over 10 years and so I CAN feel a difference between these and more expensive brands if I am honest, but the difference is not enough to anywhere near outweigh the savings given I used to spend nearly as much a month as I spend a year on these.
Also there is the fact that accidentally damaging/losing a lens is not such a big deal at this price point.

By from South Wales, UK on 23.04.2013 00:39

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Wasn`t what I was expecting!

When I bought these contacts I was thinkin ok they`re only 10 bucks for a box so I really wasn`t expecting these amazing contacts. I had read some of the other reviews and people had said they had received them in less than 2 days. Me, I got them in 2 weeks. I was a little disappointed that it took that long but once I got them I was thrilled. I put them on immediately and was happy to say that I didn`t have any issues with them the first day. However, after three days they slid around a little or they irritated my eyes. I kept wearing them cuz it wasn`t that much of a difference and for 10 dollar contacts I wasn`t expecting great quality. All in all I`d probably reorder them again just because they`re cheap and I hate wearing my glasses. If my original lenses were as cheap as these ones though I`d def be going back to those. Editors comment: If the lenses felt comfortable initially and only began moving around after a couple of days, it`s worth checking they are not inside out. This may help

By from Las Vegas, NV on 13.04.2013 20:46

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Great Value for Money

I used to use Bausch&Lomb but I found that these lenses are a great alternative at much lower price.

By from Unknown location on 06.04.2013 11:56

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Great for the price

As a first time buyer on this site I was a little sceptical about the cheapness of these lenses and wasn't expecting much. But after years of spending £30 a month for my lenses from my optician I thought I would try these. Absolutely worth every penny! I will be recommending this site to my friends :)

By from Uk on 05.04.2013 12:32

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

Happy to find them!

I read the reviews but was concerned that for the price these couldn't be much, so I'm happy to say they compare equally in comfort to my Focus Monthly lenses. A little hard to see when putting them in because they don't have the blue tint, but the lenses are not flimsy, and once they are in I could hardly feel them. They seem to stay moist and comfortable with 12+ hours of continuous wear, and I couldn't be happier! Contact lenses plus shipped within an hour of placing my order, and I received them in New York very quickly. AAA+++ for the lenses and the seller!

By from US on 27.03.2013 08:43

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No

first time user

decided to order crystal product and as price was so low my expectations were also low. But I am very pleased, they are so comfortable, easy to insert. I have them in for around 10 hours and no problems, and I don't produce much in the way of tears, but have no issue at all and work in air controlled environment. would happily recommend and this is a true review. Cheers.

By from Lancashire on 16.03.2013 18:35

Was this review helpful to you? Yes or No